Here is a sampling of the issues Family Policy Network confronted in 2011:

Scientist: Unborn Children Begin Learning in the Womb

In a fascinating new opinion piece on CNN.com, a scientist recounts her study and exploration of a relatively recent discovery regarding child development in the womb. Scientist and author Annie Murphy Paul wrote the article about a new scientific field known as “fetal origins.” Many scientists are coming to the groundbreaking realization that “learning starts much earlier than many of us would have imagined: in the womb.” Continue Reading →

Homosexual Activists Are Popularizing Suicide Among “Gay” Teens

A recent op-ed in a pro-homosexual online magazine shows homosexual activists are aware that their efforts to link bullying with the recent increase in suicides from “gay” teens may actually be contributing to the increase in suicides.

The opinion piece in the “gay” magazine The Advocate was penned by David McFarland, a leader of The Trevor Project, an organization which exists to affirm homosexuality among teenagers. In his piece, McFarland writes positively of the social and cultural benefits homosexual activists receive by “showcasing the health crisis of disproportionate rates of suicide and incidences of bullying that affect LGBT young people.” Yet, he also admits that this showcasing “tactic has also increased suicide risk.” Continue Reading →

12/8/11: Obama Administration Charged with Religious Bias

House Republicans sharply criticized the Department of Health and Human Services last week for “politicizing” federal grants that benefit victims of human trafficking. Why was the most Continue Reading →

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12/7/11: Macy’s Protects Cross-Dressing but Not Religious Freedom

A young woman was fired from a Macy’s department store for refusing to permit a man dressed as a woman from entering the women’s dressing room. Natalie Continue Reading →

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The Christian Post: Politics and Infidelity: Weighing Politicians’ Public Lives and Public Approval

It happens almost without fail: every campaign season a politician vying for the presidency is accused of impropriety. This year is no exception. GOP candidate Herman Cain has been accused of sexual harassment and of carrying on a lengthy extra-marital affair. Newt Gingrich has also been called on to address his past marital misdeeds. But how much does a presidential candidate’s personal life affect the public’s approval?

As history shows, the results vary from politician to politician Continue Reading →

The Character Question and Herman Cain

Despite statements from Herman Cain’s lawyer that a person’s sexual life should not be questioned, Christian leaders contend that discerning voters do have an interest in and Continue Reading →

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12/1/11: More Evidence of Breast Cancer – Abortion Link

Another study is out showing a relationship between abortion and breast cancer. This one out of Armenia finds a nearly three-fold increased breast cancer risk for women Continue Reading →

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The Christian Post: Politicians’ Affairs Are a Matter of Public Interest

Despite statements from Herman Cain’s lawyer that a person’s sexual life should not be questioned, Christian leaders contend that discerning voters do have an interest in and a right to know whether or not public officials are keeping their marriage vows.

Family Policy Network Policy Analyst Alex Mason said character is what one does when no one is looking. The marriage covenant, Mason explained, is more sacred and important than any public office. A politician who is willing to break that covenant when no one is looking may not have the character for public office. Continue Reading →

11/29/11: OK Pastor and Church Receive Death Threats

Last week, a pastor in Oklahoma received multiple death threats after he spoke for two minutes at a city council meeting in Oklahoma City, arguing against adding Continue Reading →

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11/25/11: Media Distorting FBI Stats on Hate Crimes

Matt Barber, vice president of Liberty Counsel Action, says the FBI’s hate crimes statistics for 2010 seem to differ significantly from what is commonly reported by the Continue Reading →

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Why Adoption is Pro-Life and Pro-Gospel

Many of us Christians consider ourselves to be 100% pro-life. We affirm that every human possesses the image of God from the moment of conception, a reality that makes abortion unthinkable in any circumstance. However, being 100% pro-life requires more than our opposition to surgical and chemical abortion. Continue Reading →

Down Syndrome and the Immorality of Eugenics

A new article in the New York Post, entitled “The End of Down Syndrome,” details a new type of scientific test that can detect Down Syndrome in unborn children.

However, based on the article’s shocking implications, it would be more aptly titled “The End of Down Syndrome Children.” Though the article’s original title seems to promise a cure to the genetic disorder, the piece instead delivers a look at our culture’s obsession with perfection and our willingness to kill for it. Continue Reading →

11/11/11: Senate Dems Try Repeal of DOMA

Senate Democrats who back gay marriage want to repeal a federal law defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman. While the Democrats may Continue Reading →

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11/9/11: Poll Shows Faith and Politics Mix

Two-thirds of Americans believe it is important for a presidential candidate to have strong religious beliefs, even if those beliefs are different than their own, according to Continue Reading →

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11/4/11: House Re-affirms “In God We Trust” as National Motto

The US House this week passed a non-binding resolution reaffirming “In God We Trust” as the national motto. The measure sponsored by Representative Randy Forbes of Virginia, Continue Reading →

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11/3/11: Abortion Clinic Workers Plead Guilty

Two employees of a late-term abortion clinic in Philadelphia have plead guilty to crimes involving the murder of preborn children. The two women were employees at the Continue Reading →

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11/2/11: FCC Wants Closed Captions around God

If a church broadcasts the word of God on TV without closed captions, it risks incurring the wrath of the FCC. Some 300 small- to medium-sized churches Continue Reading →

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Pepsi Shareholders Demand Company Stop Profiting from Abortion

In June 2011, Family Policy Network reported the news that PepsiCo was using cells from aborted children in its research to find a better formula for its soft drinks. That revolting information spread quickly, and pro-lifers all over America began complaining to Pepsi, demanding the company sever ties with the biotech company it was using for the gruesome research.

Those demands fell largely on deaf ears as Pepsi ignored the criticism. Pro-lifers who complained received a dismissive form letter from the company that brushed aside the criticism. Shockingly, the soft-drink giant actually argued their barbaric research would result in “great tasting, lower-calorie beverages.” Apparently, PepsiCo has no regard for the fetal corpses exploited by their research, so long as they can make a few extra bucks. Continue Reading →

Even Children Recognize God’s Intention for Marriage

A recent article on CNN.com intends to show liberal parents how they can teach their children to accept homosexual “marriage.” But actually, it serves better to illustrate the ability of children to recognize such a fraud when they see it. The author, Lee Rose Emery, begins her article by recounting a time when the topic of marriage came up during a car ride with her kids. Emery, who has no desire to teach her children God’s intention for marriage, remembers telling her children that the most important thing about marriage is to “pick someone who is kind, and who really loves you.” But after dispensing her “wisdom” to her kids, Emery’s eight year-old daughter remarked, “Boys can’t marry boys.” Continue Reading →

Purple Endorsement of Homosexual Sin Deceives America’s Youth

You may have seen the color purple in a few places you wouldn’t ordinarily see it Thursday, and you may have wondered why.

The reason is because October 20th has been designated as a day to affirm homosexual sin by liberal activists in places like Hollywood and Washington, DC.

To proponents of homosexuality, October 20 is known as “Spirit Day,” when the color purple is supposed to be worn to show “support” for young people involved in homosexuality and some other forms of sexual sin. According to organizers, the goal of “Spirit Day” is for these young people to be “celebrated and accepted for who they are.” And since purple is the color used on the homosexual rainbow flag to represent “spirit,” it is the color pro-homosexual activists are wearing on “Spirit Day.” Continue Reading →

10/20/11: Couple Fined for Hosting Bible Study in Home

The Pacific Justice Institute is going to court on behalf of a California couple that was fined by local officials for hosting a Bible Study in their Continue Reading →

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10/18/11: Abortion Restriction Passes House

By a bipartisan vote of 251-172, the U.S. House of Representatives last week approved the Protect Life Act, a bill to nullify the multiple abortion-expanding provisions of Continue Reading →

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10/7/11: Congress Investigates Planned Parenthood

A federal Congressional committee has initiated an investigation into the business practices of the Planned Parenthood of America. Congressman Cliff Stearns of Florida, the chairman of the Continue Reading →

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Chris Christie: A Pro-Choice Politician Who Claims to Be Pro-Life

Many pro-lifers often cite New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as a reliable advocate for the unborn.

Yet, various statements and actions from Gov. Christie over the past two years cast his alleged pro-life credentials into serious doubt. Continue Reading →

Politicians Who Enable Planned Parenthood Are Participants in Murder

Congressional Democrats are objecting to a proposed investigation of Planned Parenthood over its alleged criminal activity.

Representative Cliff Stearns, the Florida congressman who is the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Investigations, recently wrote to Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards. In the letter, Rep. Stearns asked Richards to release information related to Planned Parenthood’s operating procedures when dealing with underage girls who are victims of statutory rape, as well as extensive documentation regarding the abortion giant’s use of taxpayer dollars. Continue Reading →

Most Planned Parenthood Clinics Located in Minority Communities

A new survey by the pro-life group Life Dynamics shows most of the Planned Parenthood clinics in the United States are located in minority communities.

Using data from Planned Parenthood’s website and the 2000 U.S. Census, the Life Dynamics team broke down by zip code each Planned Parenthood clinic and found them disproportionately located in minority neighborhoods. Continue Reading →

OneNewsNow: ‘Unwanted’ children and the glory of God

(OneNewsNow.com– 9/12/11) News outlets recently covered the shocking story of a woman who was arrested after throwing her disabled infant son from atop a parking garage. Continue Reading →

9/2/11: Bloomberg Bans Clergy from 9/11 Ceremony

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will not reconsider his decision to exclude clergy from the ceremony marking 10 years since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on Continue Reading →

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Response to Infant’s Murder Reveals Society’s Double Standard

On Tuesday, August 30, FPN’s Policy Blog published a story about the murder of a disabled newborn child, Noe Medina. The tragedy of Noe’s death reminds us of the thousands of childless couples who would’ve been happy to adopt him, regardless of any birth defects he had.

But the societal response to Noe’s death reveals something darker about American culture. Continue Reading →

Sexualizing Children is Just Another Way Society Rejects God

A French company has come out with a line of lacy, frilly, silky, possibly even seductive undergarments for girls as young as four.

The repugnant ad campaign from the company, Jours Après Lunes, shows young girls dressed in suggestive clothing in even more suggestive poses. The shocking photos amount to little more than child pornography.

Sadly, this risqué ad campaign is not an uncommon phenomenon in our sex-crazed culture. Retailers often make headlines for their efforts to include younger children in their sexually-suggestive ad campaigns (e.g., Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle). Even certain television shows seem to glorify the objectification and sexualization of young girls (e.g., TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras). Continue Reading →

President Obama Wants to Stop Genocide Everywhere Except America

The Obama administration has announced it will be strengthening the United States’ efforts to stop genocide around the world. But President Obama’s simultaneous apathy toward the plight of the unborn in America only serves to create a stark distinction in the administration’s priorities. America will now be proactive in its response to the murder of innocents in other countries, but the daily slaughter of America’s own children will continue unabated. Continue Reading →

7/22/11: Obama Administration Turns on Traditional Marriage

The Obama administration will support a congressional effort to repeal a federal law that defines marriage as a legal union between a man and woman. The news Continue Reading →

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Rejecting Biblical Marriage is a Steep Slippery Slope

Now that homosexual activists have gathered to themselves six states to permit homosexual “couples” to obtain marriage contracts, the figurative barn door is wide open for any kind of “marriage” that the mind can conceive. Continue Reading →

God’s Politics: The Biblical Purpose for Government, Part 2

In light of the testimony of Scripture, Christians should seek to elect politicians who would support the Biblical purposes of government. Voting is a very serious responsibility and should be exercised with great caution.

If we are to give an account one day even for the idle words we mumble (Matthew 12:36), how much more will we be held accountable for the votes we cast? Continue Reading →

God’s Politics: The Biblical Purpose for Government, Part 1

Romans 13 is very important because the Apostle Paul answers two major questions: What is the purpose of government and why should Christians obey authorities?

While the passage shows that all authority is from God, it also gives the primary functions of a civil government that does not usurp the authority of God. Every government is to restrict evil and promote righteousness. Continue Reading →

Human Life Begins at Conception

The question of when life begins is simple. In our modern scientific age, no one can deny that the human zygote resulting from the union of a sperm and an egg is fully human and deserving of protection as a person. Continue Reading →

Senator Vitter Must Resign His Post, Too

The ever-widening scandal surrounding Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner provided Republicans with plenty of ammunition in their quest to rid themselves of one of the nation’s most liberal politicians. Weiner’s repeated lies and efforts to cover up his actions, not to mention the actions themselves, were indicative of a man unfit to serve in his position. Resignation was the right thing to do.

Now that Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner has resigned, Republican Senator David Vitter should resign, too. In fact, Vitter’s resignation is long overdue. Continue Reading →

6/21/11: FPN Calls on Senator Vitter to Resign

FPN Says GOP Leadership is Inconsistent with Weiner/Vitter Reactions Continue Reading →

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FPN calls on Sen. Vitter to follow Weiner’s lead and resign

The[FPN] – The daily newspaper in New Orleans, Louisiana reported on Family Policy Network’s call for U.S. Senator David Vitter (R-LA) to “follow the lead of former Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., and resign rather than leave Republicans and conservatives open to charges of hypocrisy.” According to the article, which appeared on June 20, 2011 in The Times-Picayune, “Until now, calls for Vitter’s resignation have come from liberals.” Continue Reading →

6/13/11: President Obama Honors Homosexuality

President Barack Obama has, for the third year in a row, defied God by issuing a presidential proclamation declaring June as “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.” Continue Reading →

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6/10/11: Hillary Clinton Endorses Homosexuality Abroad for U.S.

The US State Department issues official statement pledging support for homosexuals and “transgender” people. Continue Reading →

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Pepsi Using Cells from Aborted Babies in Soft Drink Formula Research

You’ve heard the argument for using the cells of aborted children (i.e., embryonic stem cells) to cure all sorts of life threatening diseases and helping the disabled walk. More and more people realize those arguments are no longer scientifically credible, but here’s one use of those cells you probably haven’t heard about.

Pepsi is using the fetal cells from aborted babies in its research to come up with a tastier soft drink. Continue Reading →

“Clobber” Verses Against Sin Show People Their Need for the Gospel

It’s quite popular among homosexuals and their sympathizers to undermine the Bible verses that condemn homosexual activity. For several decades, they have done so by calling into question the true meaning of passages that the Church has, for two thousand years, understood as prohibiting homosexuality. They now decry such passages as “clobber verses” intended to belittle and dehumanize homosexuals. If Christians could move on beyond these “clobber verses,” they say, homosexuals could feel welcome and whole in churches.

But, in reality, Scripture points out the sin of all people, and it’s not supposed to feel good. Continue Reading →

OneNewsNow: ‘PP’ stands for ‘pied piper’ — not Planned Parenthood

(OneNewsNow.com – 5/6/11) – Planned Parenthood likes to cast themselves as “helpful for the community,” but FPN Policy Analyst Alexander Mason says they’re nothing more than a ‘pied piper,’ leading children away from the truth. “…They will lead children away from their parents, away from the hearts of their parents, and away from God’s law and God’s standards on sexuality, on the sanctity of life, and everything in between.” Continue Reading →

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Abortion-Causing “Morning-After” Pill Use Doubles

A new study reveals that in the years after the “morning-after” pill was made available for over-the-counter purchase, its use has more than doubled. This is sad news. The “morning-after” pill is an abortifacient drug, meaning it can cause chemical abortions in the women who use it. Untold numbers of unborn children have died as a result. Continue Reading →

US Military’s Pro-Homosexual Indoctrination Has Started

A new article in The Washington Times details the pro-homosexual training materials now being distributed to military officers regarding the repeal of the military ban on open homosexuality, which was known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT).

Though the legislative repeal of DADT was signed by President Obama only three months ago, homosexual activists are not happy with the pace at which our military is careening toward sexual oblivion. The Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN), an organization whose sole purpose is to normalize sexual perversion in the United States military, has already issued a statement expressing displeasure over how slowly they perceive the military is implementing the DADT repeal. Continue Reading →