Study Answers Why Planned Parenthood Pushes Programs to Kids

According to research compiled by the Family Research Council the younger a girl is when she first has sex, the more likely she is to have an Continue Reading →

More New Health Benefits for Same Sex Couples that Tax Dollars Will Pay For

The Obama administration is giving a new health benefit to same-sex partners of federal employees — and it’s built on one of the most popular provisions of “Obamacare” — allowing children to stay on their parents’ health plans until age 26. The rule would extend eligibility in the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program to the… Read More »

Boy Scouts Praised for Upholding Membership Policy

Retired General William “Jerry” Boykin, the newly installed executive vice president of the Family Research Council, praised the Boy Scouts of America for “standing up for traditional values” by reaffirming the Scout policy barring homosexual scoutmasters and scouts. Last week, the Boy Scouts national office announced that “after a nearly two-year-long examination” by an 11-member… Read More »

Indiana Town Threatened by Atheists over Cross

Americans United for the Separation of Church and State is telling the small town of Duggar, Indiana to take down a 26-foot tall cross emboldened with the words “Jesus Saves” in red capital letters. A 72-year-old retired welder named Louie Bonham created it. Two years ago, with the blessing of the Town Council, the cross… Read More »

Supreme Court Asked to Rule on DOMA

An ailing 83-year-old lesbian asked the Supreme Court on Monday to hear her legal challenge against a federal law that defines marriage as a union between a man and woman, attempting to place her case on a fast-track to the top court. The suit, filed by Edith Schlain Windsor in 2010, targets the Defense of… Read More »