• Mission Statement – FPN’s non-profit mission is “to inform Christians and confront the culture on the important moral issues of the day.” Its organization objectives and strategic priorities are designed to ensure Bible-believing Christians are knowledgeable about matters of morality and righteousness, and that the unbelieving world hears a clear call to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.
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    • Principles – FPN operates according to a set of principles that have their basis in the pages of the Bible. For instance, FPN’s opposition to immorality is aimed at behavior. It should not be misconstrued as opposition toward the people who may engage in it. Ultimately, FPN seeks to be faithful more than it seeks to be victorious. FPN works with the confidence that the one, true, sovereign God of the Bible will ultimately fulfill His purposes, in His own time.
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    • Contact Information – Family Policy Network may be contacted through a variety of social media websites, by email, and via telephone in multiple areas. Each of these resources provides a way to contact FPN, make a contribution, or learn more about the organization’s non-profit mission..
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