Accountability – It’s not unusual to see liberal Democrats suffer the scorn of pro-family organizations when those politicians violate conservative principles. What’s rare, though, is to see a conservative group taking Republican candidates to task when they support measures antithetical to their core values. FPN is dedicated to exposing politicians of all partisan stripes whenever they act in a manner that betrays the conservative principles they claim to espouse. Unfortunately, there are several factors that make holding politicians accountable a difficult task. [Read more]


Hope for Homosexuals – According to the first chapter of Romans, people given to homosexual sin are at the far end of a lifestyle of sexual depravity and therefore have more difficulty embracing forgiveness and redemption from God. This deeply engrained mindset of immorality is a trap from which it is often very difficult for homosexuals to imagine themselves escaping. To help, FPN established an informative website at www.hopeforhomosexuals and began a permanent campaign to promote the site to those trapped in this particular life of sin. [Read more]


In God We Trust – Family Policy Network’s “In God We Trust” project is designed to remind citizens of God’s providence by placing the National Motto in as many public buildings as possible. Thousands of high-quality prints containing the motto have been distributed to schools, churches, businesses and other institutions to display for all to see. [Read more]


Marriage Defense – Family Policy Network has been working to defend the institution of marriage in a variety of ways, including reminding citizens of God’s design and promoting the need for state and federal constitutional amendments to properly defend the institution. [Read more]