Hope for Homosexuals

FPN’s “Hope for Homosexuals” Project

Help FPN confront attendees at so-called “gay day” celebrations and “gay pride” parades with the truth that Jesus Christ can set them free from homosexuality through the “Hope for Homosexuals” project.

In 2001, FPN established an outreach website at “hopeforhomosexuals.com” to encourage practicing homosexuals to “come out” of that destructive lifestyle, and to “come home” to the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.   Since that time, many thousands of visitors have seen the site and about the redemption and healing God makes available through the atoning death of His Son.

Promoting the hopeforhomosexuals.com is difficult for a couple of reasons. First, pro-homosexual advertising venues are closed to ministries that oppose sexual sin. Second, FPN is reluctant to give money to pro-homosexual institutions in exchange for advertising. Therefore, marketing hopeforhomosexuals.com requires some innovative methods.

FPN has partnered with supporters and like-minded ministries to hire pilots who airplane banners over large, pro-homosexual events that read:  “JESUS CHRIST: WWW.HOPE FOR HOMOSEXUALS.COM.”  While the homosexuals celebrate their perversions, they are confronted with the truth that there is hope for deliverance in Jesus Christ.  The banners have been flown over major pro-homosexual events in cities like Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Orlando, Philadelphia, Provincetown, Richmond, San Diego, and San Francisco.


Join FPN’s “Hope Days” project in one or more of the following ways:

  • Pray for those choosing the homosexual lifestyle.  Pray that they would find the hope and forgiveness in Jesus and repent.
  • Promote hopeforhomosexuals.com site and the “Hope Days” project on your website, blog or Facebook profile. (click here for details and instructions)
  • Contribute to FPN to help with this and other projects designed to inform Christians and confront the culture on the important moral issues of the day.

“Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners…” (I Timothy 1:15).   Homosexuals can be freed from their lifestyle of sin and experience the freedom that come through faith, repentance and forgiveness.


FPN’s Principles for Opposing Homosexuality

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Ann Paulk

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Stephen Bennett

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Ministering to Homosexuals

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Discover God’s Offer of Forgiveness and Healing.

God’s love is not reserved for people who have always had “everything straight.” Instead, God desires to have a relationship with those who have gone astray. And while there is a great price to be paid for our sin; God has already paid it in full. Hope can be yours today if you will open your heart to Him. Find the hope and fulfillment that only He can give. Continue Reading →

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Christian Group Flies Hope Over “Gay Days” in Orlando

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FPN Establishes Web Outreach to Homosexuals

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Darryl Foster

The night was falling fast in Columbus, Georgia and I was sinking deeper in the quicksand of sin, sinking to rise no more. Somehow in my heart I knew I was going down for the last time and there would be no recovery. Years and years as a homosexual man had burned away all of my sensitivities. The thoughts of suicide had seeded themselves and were maturing quickly. I hated my life and what I had become. I saw no way out except that my life would and should end. Death seemed to be a good thing, because I no longer wanted to look at myself go through the motions of life with no hope for change. Continue Reading →

God’s Offer of Forgiveness and Healing

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Hope for Homosexuals . com

God’s love is not reserved for people who have always had everything “straight.” Instead, God desires to have a relationship with those who have gone astray. And while there is a great price to be paid for our sin; God has already paid it in full. Hope can be yours today if you will open your heart to Him.

Discover God’s plan of salvation through forgiveness and healing. Find the hope and fulfillment that only He can give.

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