Alex Mason – Policy Analyst

Alex Mason, M.A., M.Div. – FPN Policy Analyst
Email: [email protected] – Telephone: 202-656-5084

As a policy analyst for Family Policy Network, Alex Mason has conducted extensive research on a variety of high-profile issues in public policy, drafting timely position papers and defending the core tenets of Christian morality before media outlets across the country. He also manages FPN’s Policy Blog, Facebook page, and Twitter, which are regularly updated with the Biblical viewpoint on a variety of cultural topics.

Mason’s policy paper exposing the abortifacient nature of the so-called “Morning-After pill” has been widely distributed by a variety of pro-life organizations, including Pharmacists for Life International and Liberty Counsel. His point-by-point analysis of proposals to add “sexual orientation” to so-called “hate crimes” laws provides several cogent arguments against defining legal protections based on immoral behavior. His comments on abortion, marriage, and Biblical sexual morality have appeared in publications like USA Today, The Christian Post, The New Orleans Times-Picayune, The Christian Century, the AFA Journal, and on websites like,,, and He has also participated as an invited guest on various radio programs throughout the nation, including NPR and The Alan Colmes Show on FOX News Radio.

Mason has worked in a variety of government, political, and non-profit settings. In one of his earliest political endeavors, he hosted a talk radio program in college. The weekly, two-hour program featured a number of elected officials and community leaders as guests, routinely covering some of the more controversial political issues of the day. While working in radio, he began to work for Family Policy Network – – first as a volunteer, then as a full-time intern, and ultimately as a part of the organization’s paid staff.

Alex is a graduate with honors from the Helms School of Government at Liberty University, where he earned the first Ronald S. Godwin Award for Political Activism. He earned a Master of Arts in Christian Ethics from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina and a Master of Divinity degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.

Examples of Alex Mason’s writings and media appearances:

ChristianNews.NET: Rick Warren Uncertain Homosexual Behavior is Sinful

ChristianNews.NET: Rick Warren Uncertain Homosexual Behavior is Sinful

FPN Policy Analyst Alex Mason corrects the popular Evangelical pastor from scripture by arguing, “One cannot live in a continual state of unrepentant sexual sin while calling themselves a Christian.” Continue Reading →

Being Pro-Life Means Opposing Both Surgical AND Chemical Abortions

Female pro-abortion activists criticize pro-lifers of many things, but one of their favorite accusations is that of sexism. Nevermind that many pro-life activists are women, a fact that logically derails the sexism charge. In an age of political correctness, feminists know just how inflammatory and discrediting an accusation of sexism is, so they use it with gusto. Continue Reading →

The Pro-Life Battle in 2012

As another year draws to a close, it would be wise to assess the current state of the pro-life movement. Perhaps most helpful would be an examination of the pro-life movement’s moral compass: Are we fighting for the right reasons? For that matter, what tools are we using to fight? Solidifying our answers to these questions will best prepare us for any victories on the pro-life front in 2012.

In one sense, pro-lifers are steadily winning the fight as more Americans recognize the evil of abortion. But in another sense, pro-lifers lose the fight each and every time an innocent child is murdered. Continue Reading →

Postmodern Worldview Rampant Among Young “Christians”

The most rapidly growing religious category today is composed of those Americans who say they have no religious affiliation. While middle-aged and older Americans continue to embrace organized religion, rapidly increasing numbers of young people are rejecting it. Continue Reading →

The Christian Post: Politics and Infidelity: Weighing Politicians’ Public Lives and Public Approval

It happens almost without fail: every campaign season a politician vying for the presidency is accused of impropriety. This year is no exception. GOP candidate Herman Cain has been accused of sexual harassment and of carrying on a lengthy extra-marital affair. Newt Gingrich has also been called on to address his past marital misdeeds. But how much does a presidential candidate’s personal life affect the public’s approval?

As history shows, the results vary from politician to politician Continue Reading →

The Christian Post: Politicians’ Affairs Are a Matter of Public Interest

Despite statements from Herman Cain’s lawyer that a person’s sexual life should not be questioned, Christian leaders contend that discerning voters do have an interest in and a right to know whether or not public officials are keeping their marriage vows.

Family Policy Network Policy Analyst Alex Mason said character is what one does when no one is looking. The marriage covenant, Mason explained, is more sacred and important than any public office. A politician who is willing to break that covenant when no one is looking may not have the character for public office. Continue Reading →

Mississippi Personhood Amendment Fails

Polls released the day before the election seemed to indicate the measure would pass, and pro-lifers began to get excited about the prospect of striking a heavy blow to the grave injustice that claims more than 3,000 precious lives each day in America. But, on the night of the election, it soon became clear that the measure once favored to pass by a large margin would instead be defeated handily.

Disappointed pro-lifers immediately began asking how such a drastic reversal could have occurred, especially in a state as conservative as Mississippi. Mississippi has long been seen as part of America’s “Bible Belt,” a characterization which refers to the dominance of evangelical Christianity in the state. Continue Reading →

Purple Endorsement of Homosexual Sin Deceives America’s Youth

You may have seen the color purple in a few places you wouldn’t ordinarily see it Thursday, and you may have wondered why.

The reason is because October 20th has been designated as a day to affirm homosexual sin by liberal activists in places like Hollywood and Washington, DC.

To proponents of homosexuality, October 20 is known as “Spirit Day,” when the color purple is supposed to be worn to show “support” for young people involved in homosexuality and some other forms of sexual sin. According to organizers, the goal of “Spirit Day” is for these young people to be “celebrated and accepted for who they are.” And since purple is the color used on the homosexual rainbow flag to represent “spirit,” it is the color pro-homosexual activists are wearing on “Spirit Day.” Continue Reading →

10/6/11: Is Gov. Christie Pro-Life?

Is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie a reliable advocate for the unborn? Alex Mason of FPN says Christie’s statements and actions over the past two years cast Continue Reading →

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OneNewsNow: ‘Unwanted’ children and the glory of God

(– 9/12/11) News outlets recently covered the shocking story of a woman who was arrested after throwing her disabled infant son from atop a parking garage. Continue Reading →

OneNewsNow: ‘Bigotry’ claim not surprising

( – 8/26/11) “Well, that’s not surprising,” Mason admits. “Anything that is remotely used by homosexual activists as in opposition to their lifestyle and to the approval of their lifestyle is going to be immediately decried as bigotry.” Continue Reading →

OneNewsNow: Theater curtain masks Calif. politics

( -8/30/11) “Nowadays most of what is referred to as ‘entertainment’ is actually nothing more than a positive portrayal of the rejection of God’s standards on sexual morality,” the analyst laments. “Over the last generation in America, homosexuality has progressed from what would be something that is censored to something that is [now] celebrated ….” Continue Reading →

More Oppose Politicians Taking Bribes Than Having Affairs

[FPN] – An article published by The Christian Post reports that a 2011 poll conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute indicates respondents feel certain kinds of financial misconduct are more serious concerns among elected officials than sexual immorality. In the article, FPN Policy Analyst Alex Mason asserts the opposite is true for Christians because the Bible sets sexual sin apart from all other sins. Continue Reading →

6/23/11: FPN Policy Analyst Calls GOP “Hypocritical”

FPN calls for consistency in treatment of Weiner and Vitter Continue Reading →

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GOP leaders demonstrate hypocrisy by treating Vitter/Weiner differently

Forest, VA – A policy analyst working for a Virginia-based pro-family organization is charging GOP leaders in Washington with hypocrisy for treating lawmakers caught in scandals differently, depending on their party affiliations. Family Policy Network (FPN) Policy Analyst Alex Mason released an opinion piece critical of Republican leaders who overlooked the immoral actions of Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) while decrying those of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY). Continue Reading →

Senator Vitter Must Resign His Post, Too

The ever-widening scandal surrounding Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner provided Republicans with plenty of ammunition in their quest to rid themselves of one of the nation’s most liberal politicians. Weiner’s repeated lies and efforts to cover up his actions, not to mention the actions themselves, were indicative of a man unfit to serve in his position. Resignation was the right thing to do.

Now that Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner has resigned, Republican Senator David Vitter should resign, too. In fact, Vitter’s resignation is long overdue. Continue Reading →

FPN Policy Analyst Debates Alan Colmes on Call for Vitter to Resign

FoxNews RadioFamily Policy Network Policy Analyst Alex Mason debates FoxNews Radio host Alan Colmes on the reasons why his organization is calling on Sen. David Vitter to follow Anthony Weiner’s lead and resign. Continue Reading →

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Christians Must Fight Wherever the Battle Rages

Family Policy Network encounters fierce hostility from homosexual activists over our opposition to the legitimization of homosexual behavior in society. This opposition is to be expected (John 15:18), but is hardly worthy of being called persecution when compared to the physical sufferings of Christians in other parts of the world.

The opposition we experience often comes in the form of hateful emails from individuals criticizing our efforts to call out sin in the public square using a Biblical perspective. These critics of our methodology often point out our supposed “hypocrisy” for not addressing other sins like gluttony or jealousy. Continue Reading →

Abortion and Godly Sorrow

In a shocking video posted on YouTube, a woman claims to be having an abortion “right now.”

She explains that she has just taken the RU-486 abortion pill, and that the pill is working in her body while she is recording the video. Continue Reading →

Weak Marriage Amendments Not Worth the Paper on Which They’re Printed



This year, the Minnesota state legislature approved a marriage amendment that will be placed on statewide ballots in order to be decided by the North Star State’s voters in 2012.

Many Minnesotans believe the proposed marriage amendment will be an adequate bulwark against the growing push to legitimize homosexual marriage in the United States. Sadly, they’re wrong. The marriage amendment they’re backing isn’t much stronger than the paper on which it’s printed. Continue Reading →

“Clobber” Verses Against Sin Show People Their Need for the Gospel







It’s quite popular among homosexuals and their sympathizers to undermine the Bible verses that condemn homosexual activity. For several decades, they have done so by calling into question the true meaning of passages that the Church has, for two thousand years, understood as prohibiting homosexuality. They now decry such passages as “clobber verses” intended to belittle and dehumanize homosexuals. If Christians could move on beyond these “clobber verses,” they say, homosexuals could feel welcome and whole in churches.

But, in reality, Scripture points out the sin of all people, and it’s not supposed to feel good. Continue Reading →

The Rejection of Male and Female Genders Rejects the Image of God

The web is abuzz with the story about two parents who are keeping their newborn child’s gender a secret. Although the baby is definitely either male or female, these parents are refusing to tell anyone, instead opting to name the baby “Storm” and clothe the baby in non-descript outfits.

The parents have defended their bizarre decision in an email sent to family and friends: “We’ve decided not to share Storm’s sex for now — a tribute to freedom and choice in place of limitation, a stand up to what the world could become in Storm’s lifetime (a more progressive place? …).”

Continue Reading →

OneNewsNow: ‘PP’ stands for ‘pied piper’ — not Planned Parenthood

( – 5/6/11) – Planned Parenthood likes to cast themselves as “helpful for the community,” but FPN Policy Analyst Alexander Mason says they’re nothing more than a ‘pied piper,’ leading children away from the truth. “…They will lead children away from their parents, away from the hearts of their parents, and away from God’s law and God’s standards on sexuality, on the sanctity of life, and everything in between.” Continue Reading →

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Earth Day/Good Friday 2011: Worship the Creator – Not His Creation

It is not a little ironic that this year Earth Day falls on Good Friday, the day reserved by Christians to remember the substitutionary death of the Lord Jesus Christ in payment for our sin. Such a coincidence appropriately highlights the stark contrast between a worship of creation and the worship of the One through whom all things were created.

Choose this day what or Whom you will serve: creation or the Creator. Continue Reading →

The Goal of Christian Activism is Not Moral Lives, But Gospel-Changed Lives

The purpose of Scripture is not to make people “better” or allow them to live “their best life now.” Likewise, the end goal of Christian opposition to homosexuality should not be to make people more “moral” or to stop homosexual “marriage.” The purpose of Scripture and the end goal of Christian opposition to sin is to bring people to Jesus Christ. Continue Reading →

NPR – Columbus: FPN’s Mason Discusses State “Gay Tolerance” Rankings

The Daily Beast recently ranked Ohio as one of the least tolerant states on gay rights. On this episode of All Sides with Ann Fisher, the discussion treats how Ohio compares to other states as welcoming or not welcoming to gays (sic), with The Daily Beast reporter Lauren Streib, Outlook Media co-publisher Michael Daniels, Real Living HER founding partner and realtor Terry Penrod, and Family Policy Network policy analyst Alexander Mason. Continue Reading →

Same-Sex Sodomy No More Christ-Like than Bullying

The recent news stories regarding “bullying” against homosexuals are being promoted by homosexuals in order to rally sympathy to their agenda. Openly-homosexual Congressman Barney Frank recently remarked that these recent stories will galvanize “straights” to support the homosexual agenda in much the same way that the pictures of police dogs attacking black civil rights protesters helped solidify white support of the civil rights movement in the 1960s. Continue Reading →

Newsweek Article Rejects God’s Design for Men and Women

Newsweek Article Rejects God’s Design for Men and Women

Newsweek rejects God's image

The specter of a “genderless future” has been raised by a heavily biased magazine editorial that masquerades as an objective news story. The article, which appeared in the August 16, 2010 edition of Newsweek magazine, uses fawning language to describe the current worldwide battle to force government recognition of people who prefer not to be “bound” by the constraints of “gender.” Continue Reading →

Priority of Saving Gulf Sea Turtles a Sign of Cultural Decadence

A recent media report fretted over the fate of sea turtles who may be killed by the effects of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
Here’s the irony: The sea turtles at issue are still in their eggs; they’re UNBORN. Continue Reading →

POLICY PAPER: Reasons Why FPN Opposes Adding “Sexual Orientation” to Hate Crimes Laws

Family Policy Network (FPN) opposes and and all efforts to add the phrase: “sexual orientation” to governmental lists of so-called ‘hate crimes’ categories at the local, state or federal level. State legislatures often consider such proposals and some have been passed and signed into law. This policy paper explains the reasons why FPN is opposed to all such proposals. Continue Reading →

POLICY PAPER: “Morning-After” Abortion Pills Should be Opposed

The Morning-after Abortion Pill (MAP), which is often referred to by pro-abortion activists as “emergency contraception,†consists of a quadruple-dose of hormones ordinarily found in physician-prescribed “birth control†pills. According to documentation from manufacturers of the MAP, the substance must be administered within 72 hours after sexual intercourse to prevent ovulation and subsequent fertilization from occurring. However, if ovulation has already occurred, the MAP is designed prevent the implantation of the fertilized egg AFTER conception, thereby destroying tiny young human lives. This policy paper presents the reasons for Family Policy Network’s (FPN) opposition to the Morning-after Abortion Pill.

Federal Government Makes “Morning-After†Pill Available Over-the-Counter
Pro-Lifers Upset with Bush Over Support for Morning-after Abortion Pill Continue Reading → FPN Says Greatest Danger to Homosexuals is Other Homosexuals is reporting on FPN’s opposition to Senator Ted Kennedy’s underhanded plan to promote the homosexual agenda by inserting “hate crimes for homosexuals” language into a crucial defense spending bill. In the interview for this story, FPN President Joe Glover said the real goal of adding “sexual orientation” to “hate crimes” categories is to silence Biblical opposition to homosexuality. However, Glover asserts that in their efforts to silence Christians, homosexual activists are “ignoring the true threat to a homosexual’s safety: other homosexuals.” Continue Reading →

WCBM: FPN Policy Analyst Promotes Marriage Defense on Baltimore Station

wcbmJust a few days after the U.S. Senate defeated a proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman, FPN Policy Analyst Alex Mason discussed efforts to protect the family in a live interview on Baltimore, Maryland radio station WCBM. Continue Reading →

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