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Abortion in America: 41 Years After Roe Vs. Wade

January 22 marks the 41st anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision. While abortion advocacy groups will celebrate this wickedness, those of us who embrace Continue Reading →

Obama Celebrates Roe Vs. Wade Slaughter

President Obama today commemorated the 41st anniversary of Roe vs. Wade by issuing a statement praising the court decision that legalized the slaughter of over 55 million Continue Reading →

United States Supreme Court Defies God on Marriage

The United States Supreme Court has, in an immensely tragic decision, struck down as unconstitutional parts of the Defense of Marriage Act, namely the section that provides Continue Reading →

“LIKE MEAT IN A CROCK-POT” — Abortionist Jokes About Aborted Babies

The video you’re about to watch is sickening. In it, infamous late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart counsels a woman about getting an abortion. He jokes about the “toolkit” Continue Reading →

New Poll Reveals 70% of Millennials Support So-Called “Gay Marriage”

Today’s young people have little to no desire to adopt and embrace the faith of their parents. As a result, many of these same young people are Continue Reading →

New Zealand Pro-Family Group Loses Tax-Exempt Status Over Stance Against Homosexual “Marriage”

A pro-family organization in New Zealand has just had its tax-exempt charity status revoked over their stance against homosexual “marriage.” The New Zealand Charities Commission (which oversees Continue Reading →

Obama & FDA Allow 15 Year-Old Girls To Buy Over-the-Counter Abortions

President Obama’s Food and Drug Administration has decided to make the Morning After Pill (MAP), a known abortion-causing drug, available to girls as young as 15 without Continue Reading →

ESPN Analyst Offers Biblical Assessment of Homosexuality on Live Television

Earlier today on ESPN, sports commentator Chris Broussard was explicitly asked how, as a Christian, he reacted to the news of the NBA’s first openly homosexual player. Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood’s New Mantra: “YOUR Body? OUR Choice”

Abortion supporters like to argue the issue of abortion is all about the mother’s right to govern her own body. “MY BODY! MY CHOICE!” is their constant chant. Even the harshest advocates for abortion know once a baby is born, it has a separate life from its mother, which deserves protection under the law. But Planned Parenthood is now on record as supporting death for unwanted children, even after they are born. Continue Reading →

Earth Day: Worship the Creator – Not His Creation

There is increasing pressure on Christians to embrace worldly causes like environmentalism. Some susceptible believers have even renamed the cause “creation care” in order to make the Continue Reading →

Facebook Censors Pro-Life Pictures, Allows Abortion Instructions

The world’s largest social media empire is showing its true colors on the abortion issue. Facebook has begun censoring pro-life images that depict the brutal aftermath of abortion. Yet, in a shocking display of a double-standard, it allows pro-abortion groups to post do-it-yourself instructions to kill a child in the womb.

The image being censored is a version of a popular Internet meme that has exploded throughout the web. If you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably seen friends post photos from the “What I Do” meme, an often light-hearted look at how various people perceive certain occupations. Continue Reading →

Another Pro-Life Betrayal by a “Pro-Life” Governor

Pro-life Virginians are frustrated to learn Governor Bob McDonnell effectively opposes the heart of the ultrasound bill (SB484) many people worked hard to pass. In a statement released from his office today, McDonnell said:

“I believe there is no need to direct by statute that further invasive ultrasound procedures be done. Mandating an invasive procedure in order to give informed consent is not a proper role for the state. No person should be directed to undergo an invasive procedure by the state, without their consent, as a precondition to another medical procedure.” Continue Reading →

Civil Unions Proposal in WV Proves Need for Strong Marriage Amendment

Legislators in West Virginia have been considering an amendment to the state’s constitution (SJR-14) that would define marriage as the union between one man and one woman. The trouble is, that’s the only thing it does. The proposed amendment only protects the eight letters in the word marriage, and does nothing to actually protect the institution itself by also prohibiting civil unions, domestic partnerships, and other counterfeits. Continue Reading →

Washington State Approves “Gay Marriage,” But God Doesn’t

Legislators in Washington State are on the verge of creating a government-endorsed “right” to immorality. News reports indicate that a proposed law instituting so-called “gay marriage” in The Evergreen State is now likely to pass both state houses.

If passed, the proposed law would mean Washington will join New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Iowa and Washington, D.C. in desecrating an institution created and defined by God. It is important to note that each of those seven states (plus Washington, D.C.) will have so-called “gay marriage” as a result of rogue state courts or legislatures. There has not yet been a single state to approve homosexual “marriage” as a result of popular referendum. Continue Reading →

Obama: Abortion Enables “Our Daughters” To “Fulfill Their Dreams”

Sunday, January 22nd was the 39th anniversary of the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision. As other presidents have done, President Obama issued a statement on the anniversary expressing his opinion on abortion. While other presidents (e.g., Clinton) have expressed support for abortion while paying lip service to making them “safe, legal, and rare,” President Obama took a unapologetically pro-abortion approach in his statement. Continue Reading →

Abortion in America: 39 Years After Roe Vs. Wade

January 22 marks the 39th anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision.

While abortion advocacy groups will be celebrating this wickedness, those of us who embrace the truth about abortion will be mourning the loss of countless millions of precious lives. Because of that fateful day, millions of America’s sons and daughters will never see the light of day. Continue Reading →

Obama Administration To Fund Murderous Research

The Obama administration seems bent on destroying the unborn in the name of “science.”

President Obama’s National Institutes of Health (NIH) director has just approved four more human embryonic stem cell lines as eligible for federal research funding. Not only is research on embryonic stem cells (i.e., their destruction) morally wrong, but it is LESS effective than using other types of stem cells. Continue Reading →

In Vitro Fertilization is Often Unethical

Many infertile women turn to in vitro fertilizaton to help them conceive children. In vitro fertilization, or IVF, is the process of fertilizing an egg outside the womb. Once fertilized, the newly-conceived human embryo is placed in a woman’s uterus in the hopes that a successful implantation will occur.

But the chance of success implantation is not increased by implanting numerous embryo in a woman’s womb. New scientific research shows that success rates are basically identical between women who only have two embryos implanted and women who have three or more implanted. Doctors are now urging women to only have one or two embryos implanted.

However, such advice still misses the point.
Continue Reading →

911 Tape Reveals Another Botched Abortion by Planned Parenthood

A newly-released 911 tape shows that Planned Parenthood has botched yet another abortion.

The abortion was performed on a 28 year-old patient at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Virginia Beach, Virginia back in October of 2011. Evidently, the abortionist botched his murder of the child and the woman began to suffer heavy bleeding, causing a clinic employee to call 911 Continue Reading →

40% of Pregnancies in New York City Are Aborted

Shocking new figures show that New York City is the most dangerous place to be an unborn child.

A new study released by the New York City-based Chiaroscuro Foundation shows that 83,000 abortions were performed in the nation’s largest city in 2010. That figure accounts for 40% of all pregnancies in the city that year.

This means New York City has the highest abortion rate in the nation, a rate that is almost double the national average. Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood and Blood Money

Planned Parenthood has had a corrupt and murderous history ever since its founding by infamous racist and eugenicist Margaret Sanger. Despite its mercenary business model of “legally” murdering humans for a price, American taxpayers (including pro-lifers) have been forced to contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to the vile and bloodthirsty organization. Continue Reading →

Abortion Toll Will Rise in 2012 Because of Obama Administration

Many pro-lifers aren’t opposed to barrier methods of contraception, but all pro-lifers should be opposed to chemical birth control methods that interfere with the implantation of a newly-conceived human zygote. Since consistent pro-lifers reason that life begins at conception, they are in opposition not only to birth control methods that rip children from the womb (i.e., surgical abortion), but also to those methods that prevent newly-conceived children from ever getting there (i.e., chemical abortion). Continue Reading →

Being Pro-Life Means Opposing Both Surgical AND Chemical Abortions

Female pro-abortion activists criticize pro-lifers of many things, but one of their favorite accusations is that of sexism. Nevermind that many pro-life activists are women, a fact that logically derails the sexism charge. In an age of political correctness, feminists know just how inflammatory and discrediting an accusation of sexism is, so they use it with gusto. Continue Reading →

The Pro-Life Battle in 2012

As another year draws to a close, it would be wise to assess the current state of the pro-life movement. Perhaps most helpful would be an examination of the pro-life movement’s moral compass: Are we fighting for the right reasons? For that matter, what tools are we using to fight? Solidifying our answers to these questions will best prepare us for any victories on the pro-life front in 2012.

In one sense, pro-lifers are steadily winning the fight as more Americans recognize the evil of abortion. But in another sense, pro-lifers lose the fight each and every time an innocent child is murdered. Continue Reading →

Postmodern Worldview Rampant Among Young “Christians”

The most rapidly growing religious category today is composed of those Americans who say they have no religious affiliation. While middle-aged and older Americans continue to embrace organized religion, rapidly increasing numbers of young people are rejecting it. Continue Reading →

Scientist: Unborn Children Begin Learning in the Womb

In a fascinating new opinion piece on CNN.com, a scientist recounts her study and exploration of a relatively recent discovery regarding child development in the womb. Scientist and author Annie Murphy Paul wrote the article about a new scientific field known as “fetal origins.” Many scientists are coming to the groundbreaking realization that “learning starts much earlier than many of us would have imagined: in the womb.” Continue Reading →

Homosexual Activists Are Popularizing Suicide Among “Gay” Teens

A recent op-ed in a pro-homosexual online magazine shows homosexual activists are aware that their efforts to link bullying with the recent increase in suicides from “gay” teens may actually be contributing to the increase in suicides.

The opinion piece in the “gay” magazine The Advocate was penned by David McFarland, a leader of The Trevor Project, an organization which exists to affirm homosexuality among teenagers. In his piece, McFarland writes positively of the social and cultural benefits homosexual activists receive by “showcasing the health crisis of disproportionate rates of suicide and incidences of bullying that affect LGBT young people.” Yet, he also admits that this showcasing “tactic has also increased suicide risk.” Continue Reading →

“Unwanted” Girls in India Get a Fresh Start

A new article from Yahoo! News recounts a recent ceremony in India where almost 300 Indian girls with the Hindi name “Nakusa” or “Nakushi” were given the opportunity to change their names. The girls, whose Hindi names meant “unwanted,” were all allowed by their government to choose new names.

Such efforts are critical to shaping cultures that value both males and females, but the ceremony was also a poignant earthly picture of a spiritual reality. The scourge of sin has condemned all humans to righteous judgement by a holy and just God. And though the young women described in the article are deserving of being wanted and loved by those around them, all we as humans are totally deserving of being spiritually “unwanted” and “unlovable” because of our treason against God.

But, praise God, that is not the end of their story, and it is not the end of the Christian’s story. Continue Reading →

The Christian Post: Politics and Infidelity: Weighing Politicians’ Public Lives and Public Approval

It happens almost without fail: every campaign season a politician vying for the presidency is accused of impropriety. This year is no exception. GOP candidate Herman Cain has been accused of sexual harassment and of carrying on a lengthy extra-marital affair. Newt Gingrich has also been called on to address his past marital misdeeds. But how much does a presidential candidate’s personal life affect the public’s approval?

As history shows, the results vary from politician to politician Continue Reading →

The Christian Post: Politicians’ Affairs Are a Matter of Public Interest

Despite statements from Herman Cain’s lawyer that a person’s sexual life should not be questioned, Christian leaders contend that discerning voters do have an interest in and a right to know whether or not public officials are keeping their marriage vows.

Family Policy Network Policy Analyst Alex Mason said character is what one does when no one is looking. The marriage covenant, Mason explained, is more sacred and important than any public office. A politician who is willing to break that covenant when no one is looking may not have the character for public office. Continue Reading →

Must-See Video Shows Unborn Child’s Development in the Womb

The video you see here is a 10-minute lecture and presentation by Dr. Alexander Tsiaras, a well-known mathematician, scientist, and author who has authored a book called From Conception to Birth: A Life Unfolds.

The lecture and video presentation from Dr. Tsiaras are absolutely fascinating. He is not a Christian, so the video contains his attempt to grapple with the sheer complexity of the human body without acknowledging God’s amazing role in the entire process. But Dr. Tsiaras struggles to describe the staggering intricacies of the human body using words like “magic” to describe the process of fetal development. He seems so close to recognizing God, and yet so far away. Continue Reading →

Misinformation Campaign Contributed to MS Personhood Defeat

Personhood Mississippi, the organization that sponsored the failed amendment, recently distributed the poll’s findings. Not surprisingly, the poll shows that many of the “No” votes came from those voters who were heavily influenced by the group Mississippians for Health Families (MHF), a front group for abortion giant Planned Parenthood. What was surprising was the small number of voters (only 8%) who opposed the amendment because they see themselves as “pro-choice.” The rest of those who voted against the amendment were voters influenced by MHF’s lies about the amendment’s eventual effects. Continue Reading →

Why Adoption is Pro-Life and Pro-Gospel

Many of us Christians consider ourselves to be 100% pro-life. We affirm that every human possesses the image of God from the moment of conception, a reality that makes abortion unthinkable in any circumstance. However, being 100% pro-life requires more than our opposition to surgical and chemical abortion. Continue Reading →

Down Syndrome and the Immorality of Eugenics

A new article in the New York Post, entitled “The End of Down Syndrome,” details a new type of scientific test that can detect Down Syndrome in unborn children.

However, based on the article’s shocking implications, it would be more aptly titled “The End of Down Syndrome Children.” Though the article’s original title seems to promise a cure to the genetic disorder, the piece instead delivers a look at our culture’s obsession with perfection and our willingness to kill for it. Continue Reading →

Mississippi Personhood Amendment Fails

Polls released the day before the election seemed to indicate the measure would pass, and pro-lifers began to get excited about the prospect of striking a heavy blow to the grave injustice that claims more than 3,000 precious lives each day in America. But, on the night of the election, it soon became clear that the measure once favored to pass by a large margin would instead be defeated handily.

Disappointed pro-lifers immediately began asking how such a drastic reversal could have occurred, especially in a state as conservative as Mississippi. Mississippi has long been seen as part of America’s “Bible Belt,” a characterization which refers to the dominance of evangelical Christianity in the state. Continue Reading →

Pepsi Shareholders Demand Company Stop Profiting from Abortion

In June 2011, Family Policy Network reported the news that PepsiCo was using cells from aborted children in its research to find a better formula for its soft drinks. That revolting information spread quickly, and pro-lifers all over America began complaining to Pepsi, demanding the company sever ties with the biotech company it was using for the gruesome research.

Those demands fell largely on deaf ears as Pepsi ignored the criticism. Pro-lifers who complained received a dismissive form letter from the company that brushed aside the criticism. Shockingly, the soft-drink giant actually argued their barbaric research would result in “great tasting, lower-calorie beverages.” Apparently, PepsiCo has no regard for the fetal corpses exploited by their research, so long as they can make a few extra bucks. Continue Reading →

Even Children Recognize God’s Intention for Marriage

A recent article on CNN.com intends to show liberal parents how they can teach their children to accept homosexual “marriage.” But actually, it serves better to illustrate the ability of children to recognize such a fraud when they see it. The author, Lee Rose Emery, begins her article by recounting a time when the topic of marriage came up during a car ride with her kids. Emery, who has no desire to teach her children God’s intention for marriage, remembers telling her children that the most important thing about marriage is to “pick someone who is kind, and who really loves you.” But after dispensing her “wisdom” to her kids, Emery’s eight year-old daughter remarked, “Boys can’t marry boys.” Continue Reading →

Purple Endorsement of Homosexual Sin Deceives America’s Youth

You may have seen the color purple in a few places you wouldn’t ordinarily see it Thursday, and you may have wondered why.

The reason is because October 20th has been designated as a day to affirm homosexual sin by liberal activists in places like Hollywood and Washington, DC.

To proponents of homosexuality, October 20 is known as “Spirit Day,” when the color purple is supposed to be worn to show “support” for young people involved in homosexuality and some other forms of sexual sin. According to organizers, the goal of “Spirit Day” is for these young people to be “celebrated and accepted for who they are.” And since purple is the color used on the homosexual rainbow flag to represent “spirit,” it is the color pro-homosexual activists are wearing on “Spirit Day.” Continue Reading →

Chris Christie: A Pro-Choice Politician Who Claims to Be Pro-Life

Many pro-lifers often cite New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as a reliable advocate for the unborn.

Yet, various statements and actions from Gov. Christie over the past two years cast his alleged pro-life credentials into serious doubt. Continue Reading →

Politicians Who Enable Planned Parenthood Are Participants in Murder

Congressional Democrats are objecting to a proposed investigation of Planned Parenthood over its alleged criminal activity.

Representative Cliff Stearns, the Florida congressman who is the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Investigations, recently wrote to Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards. In the letter, Rep. Stearns asked Richards to release information related to Planned Parenthood’s operating procedures when dealing with underage girls who are victims of statutory rape, as well as extensive documentation regarding the abortion giant’s use of taxpayer dollars. Continue Reading →

ACTION ALERT: Virginia May Force Homosexual Adoption on All State Agencies

The Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) is now considering changing their regulations in order to pave the way for homosexuals to adopt children.

In April of 2011, the VDSS adopted regulations that prohibit private adoption agencies in the commonwealth from denying or delaying adoption or foster care on the basis of race, color, or national origin. Continue Reading →

Most Planned Parenthood Clinics Located in Minority Communities

A new survey by the pro-life group Life Dynamics shows most of the Planned Parenthood clinics in the United States are located in minority communities.

Using data from Planned Parenthood’s website and the 2000 U.S. Census, the Life Dynamics team broke down by zip code each Planned Parenthood clinic and found them disproportionately located in minority neighborhoods. Continue Reading →

North Carolina Voters Will Finally Be Able to Vote on Marriage Amendment

North Carolina is the only state in the South without an amendment defining marriage the way God does: The union between one man and one woman.

In the past, efforts to pass an amendment failed largely because of the Democrat-dominated state legislature. However, after the 2010 election cycle, the both the state house and senate are now controlled by Republicans, who have been working to pass a marriage amendment. On September 12, the North Carolina House of Representatives passed a measure that will put a marriage amendment on a ballot to be approved by the voters of the state. Continue Reading →

DADT Repeal Won’t Satisfy Homosexual Activists

Those Americans who thought granting legitimacy to homosexual and bisexual service in the military would satisfy homosexual activists were gravely mistaken.

With the official end of the U.S. military’s ban only two weeks away, homosexual activists are already pressing for more than just the right to serve openly. An underground group of homosexual personnel says it has won permission from at least two military branches to let it distribute its homosexual magazine, Outserve, on bases. Continue Reading →

God Often Displays His Glory In Human Physical Defects

Sadly, children born with physical defects make some people uncomfortable. Even more heartbreaking is the reality that this discomfort often turns to disgust and drives people to abort/murder their innocent children on account of physical problems.

However, the idea that some people are lesser because they have physical deformities is a lie refuted by Jesus Christ himself. Continue Reading →

Response to Infant’s Murder Reveals Society’s Double Standard

On Tuesday, August 30, FPN’s Policy Blog published a story about the murder of a disabled newborn child, Noe Medina. The tragedy of Noe’s death reminds us of the thousands of childless couples who would’ve been happy to adopt him, regardless of any birth defects he had.

But the societal response to Noe’s death reveals something darker about American culture. Continue Reading →

Mother Throws Disabled Child to His Death From Building

News outlets are reporting the shocking story of a woman who was arrested after throwing her disabled infant son from atop a parking garage.

On August 23, Sonia Hermosillo was arrested by California authorities for throwing her 7-week old son from the fourth story of a parking garage located at Children’s Hospital of Orange County. The infant boy, named Noe Medina Jr., had been receiving treatment at the hospital for various birth defects. Continue Reading →

Sexualizing Children is Just Another Way Society Rejects God

A French company has come out with a line of lacy, frilly, silky, possibly even seductive undergarments for girls as young as four.

The repugnant ad campaign from the company, Jours Après Lunes, shows young girls dressed in suggestive clothing in even more suggestive poses. The shocking photos amount to little more than child pornography.

Sadly, this risqué ad campaign is not an uncommon phenomenon in our sex-crazed culture. Retailers often make headlines for their efforts to include younger children in their sexually-suggestive ad campaigns (e.g., Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle). Even certain television shows seem to glorify the objectification and sexualization of young girls (e.g., TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras). Continue Reading →

Homosexual Rainbow Flag Reminds Why God Sent a Flood

A fair in Antelope Valley, California is under fire for removing rainbow-colored flags from the fairgrounds.

After hearing complaints from fairgoers about the pro-homosexual symbolism of rainbow flags, fair organizers took them down, saying they were unaware of the symbolism and citing their desire to avoid taking a position on the issue. Continue Reading →

Virginia County Officials Will Fight to Pray in Jesus’ Name

The ACLU has targeted a Virginia county over the prayers used to open meetings at the county’s board of supervisors meetings. According to the ACLU, the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors begins its meetings with prayers that “are consistently Christian in nature; that is, they explicitly refer to Jesus Christ.” Continue Reading →

American Media Used by Homosexual Activists to Normalize Sin

Over the last generation, homosexuality in American culture has quickly progressed from censured to celebrated. The astonishing pace at which this change has occurred is due largely to the influence of media over the minds and hearts of Americans. Continue Reading →

AIDS at Epidemic Proportions Among Homosexual Men

A new study released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) indicates that almost 20% of homosexual men have the AIDS virus. An even more shocking aspect of the new study shows that nearly half of those men are unaware of their infected status.

While the new findings correspond to older research on the topic, this new study is the largest study ever conducted regarding AIDS infections among homosexual men. Continue Reading →

President Obama Wants to Stop Genocide Everywhere Except America

The Obama administration has announced it will be strengthening the United States’ efforts to stop genocide around the world. But President Obama’s simultaneous apathy toward the plight of the unborn in America only serves to create a stark distinction in the administration’s priorities. America will now be proactive in its response to the murder of innocents in other countries, but the daily slaughter of America’s own children will continue unabated. Continue Reading →

UN Group Pushes for Children’s “Rights” to Abortion, Prostitution, Homosexuality

Y-PEER, a youth initiative of the United Nations Population Fund, wants to make access to abortion and contraception an international human “right” for children as young as ten years old. Continue Reading →

President Obama Greenlights Sexual Depravity in US Military

Science shows homosexuality to be deadly – this is important not just because it seems to confirm common sense, but because it shows that God has created humans to function at their best when in conformity with the laws and guidelines laid out in His Word. That’s why Obama’s effort is a direct assault on Biblical sexual morality. Continue Reading →

Rejecting Biblical Marriage is a Steep Slippery Slope

Now that homosexual activists have gathered to themselves six states to permit homosexual “couples” to obtain marriage contracts, the figurative barn door is wide open for any kind of “marriage” that the mind can conceive. Continue Reading →

CA Law Will Require Schools to Teach “Gay” History; Other States Will Be Affected

A new bill signed into law by California Governor Jerry Brown on July 14th will require public schoolchildren to be taught about the “historical contributions” of homosexuals, bisexuals, and so-called “transgender” people. The bill forbids any school to use textbooks that do not wholly approve of and speak kindly of these practices.

While the move is a blatant rejection of God’s standards and parental rights in the state of California, it was designed to have an effect on the entire nation’s school system. Continue Reading →

God’s Politics: The Biblical Purpose for Government, Part 2

In light of the testimony of Scripture, Christians should seek to elect politicians who would support the Biblical purposes of government. Voting is a very serious responsibility and should be exercised with great caution.

If we are to give an account one day even for the idle words we mumble (Matthew 12:36), how much more will we be held accountable for the votes we cast? Continue Reading →

God’s Politics: The Biblical Purpose for Government

Romans 13 is very important because the Apostle Paul answers two major questions: What is the purpose of government and why should Christians obey authorities?

While the passage shows that all authority is from God, it also gives the primary functions of a civil government that does not usurp the authority of God. Every government is to restrict evil and promote righteousness. Continue Reading →

The Gay Agenda Unveiled

Homosexual activists are attempting to force others to accept that their unbiblical sexual behavior is worthy of respect and sensitivity. In fact, homosexuals do not only wish to have widespread tolerance of their behavior; they wish to redefine what is “right” and what is “wrong” in society through a variety of cultural and governmental means. Continue Reading →

Genocide, Then and Now: Human Life and the Power of Imagery

Adolph Hitler had no idea that the Third Reich’s murderous actions were leaving behind the very imagery that compels modern society to repudiate Nazism. Granted, even if no photographic evidence of the Holocaust existed, Hitler’s crimes would still be unspeakably evil. But would any of us be able to summon the same grief and outrage if not for the deep emotional connection afforded by such heartbreaking images of death and destruction? Continue Reading →

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Family Policy Network exists to inform Christians and confront the culture on the important moral issues of the day. Did you know we seek to accomplish this mission through a variety of Internet venues, including Facebook and Twitter? Continue Reading →

Governments Should Reward Biblical Marriage

Among Christians in America there is great interest in the subject of marriage. This interest has been greatly increased because of the cultural battle to legitimize so-called “gay marriage.” As a result, many Christians can easily describe what a marriage is not (e.g., homosexual unions, polygamist unions, etc.), but can they describe what marriage is from a Biblical perspective? The unbiblical idea pushed by homosexual activists that a family consists merely of two people who “love” each other could be the tool that God is using to guide His church into a cogent and clear position on what marriage actually should be.
Continue Reading →

Human Life Begins at Conception

The question of when life begins is simple. In our modern scientific age, no one can deny that the human zygote resulting from the union of a sperm and an egg is fully human and deserving of protection as a person. Continue Reading →

New York Approves “Gay Marriage,” But God Doesn’t

The State of New York, in an immensely tragic move, has passed a law creating a “right” to so-called “gay marriage.” The new law means New York has joined Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Iowa and Washington, D.C. in desecrating an institution created and defined by God. As a result, nearly 40 million Americans now live in a state that legitimizes and rewards that which God has called an abomination. Continue Reading →

Senator Vitter Must Resign His Post, Too

The ever-widening scandal surrounding Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner provided Republicans with plenty of ammunition in their quest to rid themselves of one of the nation’s most liberal politicians. Weiner’s repeated lies and efforts to cover up his actions, not to mention the actions themselves, were indicative of a man unfit to serve in his position. Resignation was the right thing to do.

Now that Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner has resigned, Republican Senator David Vitter should resign, too. In fact, Vitter’s resignation is long overdue. Continue Reading →

Target Chooses Neutrality on Homosexual “Marriage,” But Don’t Get Excited

Now news reports show Target intends to remain “neutral” on the marriage amendment. But pro-family shoppers shouldn’t flock to Target just yet. Target has long been pro-homosexual with their company donations, workplace policies, and public statements. Just because they’re skittish about taking a position on the state’s marriage amendment (which is dangerously weak, anyway) doesn’t mean they’ve had a change of heart about the sinfulness of homosexuality. Their continued support of various pro-homosexual policies suggests otherwise. Continue Reading →

Christians Must Fight Wherever the Battle Rages

Family Policy Network encounters fierce hostility from homosexual activists over our opposition to the legitimization of homosexual behavior in society. This opposition is to be expected (John 15:18), but is hardly worthy of being called persecution when compared to the physical sufferings of Christians in other parts of the world.

The opposition we experience often comes in the form of hateful emails from individuals criticizing our efforts to call out sin in the public square using a Biblical perspective. These critics of our methodology often point out our supposed “hypocrisy” for not addressing other sins like gluttony or jealousy. Continue Reading →

Abortion and Godly Sorrow

In a shocking video posted on YouTube, a woman claims to be having an abortion “right now.”

She explains that she has just taken the RU-486 abortion pill, and that the pill is working in her body while she is recording the video. Continue Reading →

Weak Marriage Amendments Not Worth the Paper on Which They’re Printed

This year, the Minnesota state legislature approved a marriage amendment that will be placed on statewide ballots in order to be decided by the North Star State’s voters in 2012.

Many Minnesotans believe the proposed marriage amendment will be an adequate bulwark against the growing push to legitimize homosexual marriage in the United States. Sadly, they’re wrong. The marriage amendment they’re backing isn’t much stronger than the paper on which it’s printed. Continue Reading →

Homosexual Activists Get Federal Grant to Indoctrinate Schoolchildren

According to the Windy City Times, the United States federal government has just granted $285,000 in taxpayer money to the Gay-Straight Alliance Network (GSA Network) to initiate their so-called “Safe & Healthy LGBT Youth Project” in schools across the country.

Young minds are best exploited by only one point of view, which is why homosexual activists desperately try to start pro-homosexual clubs and programs in America’s public schools. Luring kids into these GSA clubs preys upon their emotional frailties and subjects them to the false notion that the source and solution for their angst is their “sexual orientation.” Continue Reading →

Pepsi Using Cells from Aborted Babies in Soft Drink Formula Research

You’ve heard the argument for using the cells of aborted children (i.e., embryonic stem cells) to cure all sorts of life threatening diseases and helping the disabled walk. More and more people realize those arguments are no longer scientifically credible, but here’s one use of those cells you probably haven’t heard about.

Pepsi is using the fetal cells from aborted babies in its research to come up with a tastier soft drink. Continue Reading →

“Clobber” Verses Against Sin Show People Their Need for the Gospel

It’s quite popular among homosexuals and their sympathizers to undermine the Bible verses that condemn homosexual activity. For several decades, they have done so by calling into question the true meaning of passages that the Church has, for two thousand years, understood as prohibiting homosexuality. They now decry such passages as “clobber verses” intended to belittle and dehumanize homosexuals. If Christians could move on beyond these “clobber verses,” they say, homosexuals could feel welcome and whole in churches.

But, in reality, Scripture points out the sin of all people, and it’s not supposed to feel good. Continue Reading →

Obama Endorses Sexual Abominations Again

President Obama has, for the third year in a row, defied God by issuing a presidential proclamation declaring June as “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.”

Governments are to punish evil (Romans 13), not declare month-long celebrations in honor of it! In the proclamation, President Obama boasts of all that he has done and will do for homosexual activists. Continue Reading →

Homosexual Behavior Is a Serious Sin

Many people ask, “Is homosexuality really that different from other sins?”

Scripture teaches that there are some people that God blinds to their sin, giving them over to “shameful lusts.” These people have “exchanged the truth of God for a lie” and will “receive in themselves the due penalty for their perversion” (Romans 1). The passage specifically speaks of homosexuals (as well as gossips, slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful people) as those who will be given over to their sin. Continue Reading →

The Rejection of Male and Female Genders Rejects the Image of God

The web is abuzz with the story about two parents who are keeping their newborn child’s gender a secret. Although the baby is definitely either male or female, these parents are refusing to tell anyone, instead opting to name the baby “Storm” and clothe the baby in non-descript outfits.

The parents have defended their bizarre decision in an email sent to family and friends: “We’ve decided not to share Storm’s sex for now — a tribute to freedom and choice in place of limitation, a stand up to what the world could become in Storm’s lifetime (a more progressive place? …).”

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Tennessee Governor Signs Bill Blocking Pro-Homosexual City Ordinances

In what is considered the first-in-the-nation type of law, Governor Bill Haslam has signed legislation revoking a Nashville ordinance that protects employees based on their homosexuality or transgender status.

The Tennessee House and Senate passed the legislation that prevents local governments from enacting nondiscrimination ordinances that go beyond existing state and federal law. It also repeals a measure already adopted by the Nashville Metro Council. Continue Reading →

The Inherent Harm of So-Called “Gay Marriage”

The question is often asked of Christians who oppose the cultural advancement of so-called “gay marriage:” “How would homosexual couples being allowed to file taxes together, adopt, and visit each other in the hospital harm heterosexual couples?”

Read on to learn why so-called “gay marriage” is harmful to the culture. Continue Reading →

Christian Colleges Should Offer Healing to Students Desiring Repentance from Sin

Lately, several news stories have detailed efforts by homosexual students to hijack their school’s moral stance on homosexuality at Christian colleges across the nation. Not all Christian schools are rolling over to their demands, however.

Oral Roberts University has recently released what it calls an “Amnesty and Restoration Policy,” which affirms the school’s Biblical stance on the immorality of homosexuality while simultaneously offering Biblical counsel to students who struggle with unwanted homosexual feelings. Continue Reading →

US Department of State Encourages and Promotes Sin Worldwide

The United States Department of State, led by Secretary Hillary Clinton, has issued an official statement pledging the United States government’s unfailing support of homosexuals and “transgender” people.

Secretary Clinton, who claims to speak on behalf of all people of the United States, uses her official statement to condemn anyone who supports “laws that criminalize love and promote hate.” Continue Reading →

Claiming to Want Abortions ‘Rare’ Admits to Supporting Murder

Pro-abortion advocates often talk about making abortion “legal, safe, and rare.” But why rare? Why should they want to reduce abortions? It’s because, deep down, abortion advocates know abortion is murder. Their language about finding common ground and making abortions “rare” only belies their own knowledge of the immorality of murder and abortion. Continue Reading →

Homosexual Activists No Longer Satisfied With Anything LESS Than “Marriage”

The Rhode Island legislature is currently debating a bill that would create homosexual “civil unions” in that state. However, as this article notes, the recent public hearing on the bill revealed that neither homosexual activists or pro-family activists support the bill.

It’s obvious why pro-family activists oppose the bill. These Biblical marriage supporters understand that a civil unions bill would only be the first step in the process to redefine God’s institution of marriage in the Ocean State. But surprisingly, homosexual activists are very opposed to the bill as well. Continue Reading →

Racism Is Prideful and Unbiblical

A recently-released poll, if accurate, reveals a shocking amount of racism still prevalent in some areas of the country. The poll, conducted by the Democrat-affiliated group Public Policy Polling, found that almost half of Mississippi Republicans think interracial marriage should be banned. Continue Reading →

Democrat Verbally Attacked by Other Democrats for Voting Pro-Life

‎”The Ultrasound Bill came up for debate and a vote on the floor of the House Chamber on April 21. Campbell, a wife and mother of five children—who just so happens to work as a nurse—rose in passionate support for the pro-life bill that requires ultrasounds before abortions. She quoted from the book of Ezekiel and admonished members with the commandment “Thou shalt not kill.” Continue Reading →

Proposed Minnesota Marriage Amendment Is Weak

A Minnesota Senate committee today approved a state marriage amendment which is widely expected to be approved by the entire legislature next month. The amendment will then be put on the 2012 ballot for approval by the state’s voters.

There’s just one problem, and it’s a big one: the proposed amendment will be useless. Why? It has no effect on the various marriage counterfeit arrangements for which homosexuals advocate, like civil unions and domestic partnerships. Continue Reading →

Top Republican Avoids Outspoken Defense of Marriage

Politico’s new article on Republican House Speaker John Boehner’s anemic defense of the Defense of Marriage Act. His lack of impassioned public activism in defense of DOMA has many social conservatives wondering why he and many other Republicans seem to avoid the issue. Continue Reading →

Abortion-Causing “Morning-After” Pill Use Doubles

A new study reveals that in the years after the “morning-after” pill was made available for over-the-counter purchase, its use has more than doubled. This is sad news. The “morning-after” pill is an abortifacient drug, meaning it can cause chemical abortions in the women who use it. Untold numbers of unborn children have died as a result. Continue Reading →

Reproductive Technologies that Destroy Human Life Should Be Opposed

A new article on a health and technology website details the efforts in  Canada to initiate a one-embryo limit on in vitro fertilization (IVF). This would mean the IVF procedure would involve the fertilization and implantation of only one embryo, rather than the currently common IVF practice of implanting several fertilized eggs in the woman’s womb, most of which will die. Continue Reading →

Homosexual Students Battling to Legitimize Sin at Christian Colleges

FPN’s Policy Blog recently explored the disappointing trend among younger evangelicals to be more “accepting” of sins like homosexuality. These younger evangelicals claim to believe the Bible is authoritative, but they’re reluctant to share what it says about homosexuality with their gay peers.

Certainly, this apathy toward God’s standard of sexuality is a growing problem among the next generation of Christians, but it’s only part of the issue. Believe it or not, it’s becoming more common for students at Christian colleges to engage in homosexual behavior while claiming to be Christians. Continue Reading →

Earth Day/Good Friday 2011: Worship the Creator – Not His Creation

It is not a little ironic that this year Earth Day falls on Good Friday, the day reserved by Christians to remember the substitutionary death of the Lord Jesus Christ in payment for our sin. Such a coincidence appropriately highlights the stark contrast between a worship of creation and the worship of the One through whom all things were created.

Choose this day what or Whom you will serve: creation or the Creator. Continue Reading →

Another Poll Reveals Growing Support for So-called “Gay Marriage”

A new CNN poll reveals that a slim majority of Americans think homosexual “marriage” should be legalized.

The poll, which was conducted among less than 1000 Americans, found that 51% support the legalization of so-called “gay marriage,” while 47% still support Biblical marriage. Even though the majority is within the margin of error, it is another in a series of polls over the past year that have indicated American support for God’s definition of marriage is faltering. Continue Reading →

The Goal of Christian Activism is Not Moral Lives, But Gospel-Changed Lives

The purpose of Scripture is not to make people “better” or allow them to live “their best life now.” Likewise, the end goal of Christian opposition to homosexuality should not be to make people more “moral” or to stop homosexual “marriage.” The purpose of Scripture and the end goal of Christian opposition to sin is to bring people to Jesus Christ. Continue Reading →

United Nations Proposal Would Grant “Nature” Same Rights as Humans

A new UN proposal seeks to give nature the same rights as humans. According to the document, “Mother Earth has the right to exist, to persist and to continue the vital cycles, structures, functions and processes that sustain all human beings.”

This ideology is borne out of idolatry of the Earth. Paul spoke directly of this in Romans 1, when he spoke of those who reject God by worshiping nature: “Professing to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man—and birds and four-footed animals and creeping things Continue Reading →

Christians Must Preach the Gospel to Homosexuals

Paul wrote that all unbelievers (homosexual and heterosexual alike) have the same revelation from God made plain to them, leaving no excuse for their rejection of Him (Rom. 1). Quoting the Bible doesn’t work with some activist homosexuals, mainly because of the erroneous postmodern notion that “truth” can be different for everyone. Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood Funds Politicians Who Fund Planned Parenthood (With Your Money)

Follow the money: Planned Parenthood, the abortion giant who received many millions of taxpayer dollars last year, spent over a million dollars to elect pro-abortion politicians in the last election cycle.

Now that Planned Parenthood’s public funding is on the chopping block, those same pro-abortion politicians are now rushing to its defense, all while making threats and wild accusations against pro-lifers. Continue Reading →

Delaware Passes Homosexual “Civil Unions” Bill

Yet another state has fallen to the relentless homosexual “marriage” agenda. Delaware is now the eighth state to allow marriage benefits to homosexuals without calling it “marriage.”

These marriage-like legal unions are notoriously popular among homosexual activists who know they offer most, if not all, the benefits of regular marriage. According to one popular homosexual activist: “Properly crafted civil-unions legislation could grant ALL of the legal incidents of marriage (albeit under a different name).” Continue Reading →

Schumer’s Actions Make Him Just As Guilty As Abortionists

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) vowed recently at a pro-abortion rally on Capitol Hill that the cuts made to Planned Parenthood by the House would “never, never, never” pass the Senate.

This man, who has spent his political career fighting to ensure that women have the ability to murder their unborn children, is no less a participant in the bloodguilt of America’s abortion industry than those evil men and women who actually perform abortions. Continue Reading →

Homosexual Activists Use Facebook to Promote Lifestyle

The youth-oriented Gay-Straight Alliance page on Facebook is no more than a gateway to pornography and homosexual “hookup” websites.

While it poses as a page promoting the pro-homosexual “Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network,” children who visit and look at the page’s photos will be confronted with homosexual soft-core pornography and links to websites created for the sole purpose of facilitating anonymous sex between homosexuals. Continue Reading →

Biblical Love For Homosexuals Requires Telling the Truth About Sin

If you saw someone who was doing something to hurt himself or others, wouldn’t you urge him to stop? Would you be surprised if he then called you intolerant or bigoted for asking him to stop doing those harmful things? Such is the response many Christians (including FPN) receive for their Biblical opposition to homosexuality. Continue Reading →

A Lifetime of Homosexuality Brings More Pain and Suffering

A new article in The New York Times details a recent study in California that found that older homosexuals are far more likely than their heterosexual counterparts to have serious mental and physical problems.

It is well-established that homosexual behavior brings great turmoil, both physical and mental, to one’s life. One study performed by the University of Oxford found that a person who begins practicing homosexuality by the age of 17 has just about a 50% chance of ever reaching age 65. Continue Reading →

Just Because Surgical Abortions Are Decreasing Doesn’t Mean All Abortions Are

A new study indicates that the recent increase in state pro-life laws is contributing to a decrease in surgical abortions. The twenty-year study is being hailed by many pro-lifers as a generational victory, evidence that the incremental strategy of making abortions difficult to obtain is working.

But we shouldn’t jump to that conclusion just yet. Continue Reading →

Bad Apple: Computer Giant Shows Pro-Homosexual Double Standard


Apple, one the world’s largest computer and software companies, has pulled an application from its “App Store” following increased pressure from homosexual activists over its so-called “anti-gay” content. This isn’t the first time Apple has bowed to pressure from homosexuals, either. Continue Reading →

US Military’s Pro-Homosexual Indoctrination Has Started

A new article in The Washington Times details the pro-homosexual training materials now being distributed to military officers regarding the repeal of the military ban on open homosexuality, which was known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT).

Though the legislative repeal of DADT was signed by President Obama only three months ago, homosexual activists are not happy with the pace at which our military is careening toward sexual oblivion. The Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN), an organization whose sole purpose is to normalize sexual perversion in the United States military, has already issued a statement expressing displeasure over how slowly they perceive the military is implementing the DADT repeal. Continue Reading →

So-Called “Evangelical” Young People More Accepting of Homosexuality

A new article in the left-leaning publication The Christian Century chronicles the move by many “evangelical” Christian colleges to accept homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle. The article cites the growing number of younger Christians who “have little taste or patience for the political battles of their parents’ generation.”

Make no mistake, any so-called “evangelical” Christian college that rejects the authority of Scripture on sexual morality can no longer be seen as faithfully Christian, much less evangelical. Continue Reading →

Liberals Launch Offensive Against Defense of Marriage Act

Congressional liberals, armed with a new homosexual lobbying group’s poll on the Defense of Marriage Act, are going to introduce bills to repeal DOMA. If their efforts succeed, both the federal government and states WITH marriage amendments could eventually be forced to recognize homosexual “marriages” performed in states like Massachusetts. Continue Reading →

Congressional Liberals Want to Defund Abstinence Education

Congressional liberals are still fuming over pro-life efforts to defund abortion giant Planned Parenthood. Now they’re acting like vindictive children, introducing a bill to defund abstinence education in schools. Continue Reading →

So-called “Gender Neutral” University Housing Will Only Bring More Trouble

Last fall, a New Jersey college student named Tyler Clementi committed suicide by jumping off the George Washington bridge to his death. Tyler’s suicide was revealed to be the result of shame and harassment he felt over his homosexuality. Now the college Tyler attended thinks they can avoid further similar incidents by going “gender-neutral.” They couldn’t be more wrong. Continue Reading →

“Gay Christian” Is a Loaded Term

Ever heard someone use the term “gay Christian”? It’s a loaded term. Homosexual activists’ use of the term implies an ability to reconcile persistent, unrepentant homosexual conduct with an active and true Christian faith.

Scripture shows such an existence to be impossible. Continue Reading →

New Gov’t Website Encourages Taking Pride in Sin

A new government website aims to encourage homosexuality among young people. Sadly, President Obama’s pro-homosexual agenda doesn’t just stop at his refusal to defend DOMA or at his eagerness to hire open and avowed homosexuals into his administration. No, it includes the indoctrination of our nation’s children. Continue Reading →

Homosexual “Marriage” Avoided in Maryland (For Now)

Thankfully, the Maryland House of Delegates has avoided voting on a homosexual “marriage” bill this session. The bill was passed earlier this session by the state senate, but today’s development in the House likely means the bill is dead. Continue Reading →

Obama Continues Pursuit of Homosexual Agenda

Just a day after his administration announced it would no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act, Obama appointed an avowed homosexual activist as the White House Social Secretary.

Obama’s single-minded determination to legitimize homosexuality in America is taking him down this road at breakneck speeds. Ten years, ago, or even two years ago, it would have been unthinkable for a sitting president to announce his unwillingness to defend a United States statute such as DOMA in court. Continue Reading →

North Carolina Marriage Amendment Poll Riddled with Bias

Now that both houses of the North Carolina state legislature are controlled by Republicans, pro-family advocates around the state are optimistic about the chances for passage of a state marriage amendment in 2012.

An article from The Raleigh News & Observer chronicles the often-losing battle pro-family legislators have waged over the past decade for passage of a marriage amendment. Each year, the proposals inevitably fail at the hands of state liberals who work to kill any marriage amendment efforts. Continue Reading →

Group Makes Faulty Argument Against Male Opposition to Abortion

One of the most common fallacies used by pro-abortion activists is that of misdirection. In an attempt to divert attention from the primary issue of abortion, they point out irrelevant facts and then twist them in order to reach a false conclusion. Continue Reading →

California Bill Would Require Schools to Portray Sexual Sin in “Positive Light”

A new bill proposed by an openly-homosexual California state senator would require any state textbooks to add sections on figures and events in homosexual history and portray Continue Reading →

Preservation of Life and Family Will Always Be More Important than a Good Economy

Apparently, a new poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal indicates that a majority of Republican primary voters agree with Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels’ repeated insistence on a nationwide political “truce” on social issues like abortion and homosexual “marriage.” Continue Reading →

NYC Billboard Makes Pro-Aborts Livid (Because It’s True)

A massive new billboard in Manhattan is causing great distress for pro-abortion New Yorkers. The billboard features a picture of a young African-American girl with a caption that reads: “The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb.” Regardless of the protests, the statement is true. Continue Reading →

Obama Decision May Force ‘Gay’ Marriage on All 50 States

Today, the Obama administration revealed it would no longer defend as constitutional the Defense of Marriage Act, which was passed in 1996 in order to allow states to determine their own policies on homosexual “marriage.” Since President Clinton signed DOMA into law, 30 states have passed versions of marriage amendments. But now all of them are in jeopardy.

DOMA made clear that no state needed to accept the definition of marriage imposed by any other state. In other words, Mississippi doesn’t have to recognize homosexual “marriage” just because Massachusetts does. Continue Reading →

FDA May Make Abortifacient Drug Available to Young Girls

The company that makes a version of the Morning After Pill, known as Plan B, is seeking easier access to their drug for underage girls. The company is trying to convince the FDA to allow the abortifacient drug to be sold without a prescription to girls younger than 17. Obviously, this is a bad thing. Continue Reading →

US House Defunds Planned Parenthood

Praise God! The US House of Representatives has voted to defund Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. The debate over the issue in the House was often tense and inflammatory, with several pro-abortion Democrats claiming the vote was a “war on women.” That couldn’t be more untrue. Continue Reading →

Media Piles on to Defend Planned Parenthood

A new article on Yahoo! News discusses the recent circumstances regarding Planned Parenthood and the undercover sting that revealed their willingness to overlook and enable sex trafficking and child abuse. But the “article” is little more than a pro-abortion puff piece disguised as news. Continue Reading →

Treasures of Wickedness Profit Nothing

A new post on the New York Times’ economics blog wonders whether homosexual marriage can help struggling state economies. The author argues that recognizing homosexual marriage in cash-strapped states may help close the budget gap that many states are experiencing in the current economy. Continue Reading →

More Evidence of the Morning After Pill’s Societal Destruction

A recent study serves to further confirm long-held suspicions about the effect of birth control on promiscuity and sexually-transmitted diseases. The study, which was conducted in the UK, studied the impact greater government promotion of “emergency birth control” has on conception rates and increases in STIs. Continue Reading →

Nancy Pelosi Vows to Fight for “Right” to Kill Unborn

New congressional minority leader Nancy Pelosi is vowing to fight every pro-life initiative the Republican-controlled Congress has proposed. Of course, Mrs. Pelosi uses tired, old fallacies to paint pro-lifers in a negative light. Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood’s Corruption Busted Wide Open

Earlier this week, the pro-life group Live Action released video showing a New Jersey Planned Parenthood clinic manager gleefully advising two people who she thought were a pimp and a prostitute on how to break federal and state law in order to keep their underage sex trafficking business a secret.

As a result, Planned Parenthood is in a state of meltdown. Pro-lifers are exposing Planned Parenthood’s lawlessness and the nation’s largest abortion empire is beginning to crumble under the weight of renewed scrutiny. Planned Parenthood executives are panicked, flailing in the dark for any believable explanation for the shocking revelations coming to light. But they won’t find any. Continue Reading →

Hawaii Takes Another Step Toward Rejecting Biblical Marriage

On January 28th, the Hawaii State Senate passed a bill granting civil unions to homosexuals in the state. The development should be added to the long list of reasons why weak state marriage amendments accomplish nothing in the long-term. Continue Reading →

Sexual Sin Is Unlike Other Sins

One of the commonly-asked questions of FPN is why the organization seems to focus on opposition to sexual sin more than other sins like gluttony or greed. Continue Reading →

Abortion Harms Women, Too

A recent study performed in Denmark challenged the notion that women who undergo an abortion experience serious mental health problems later in life. Pro-abortion advocates have been making much of the story, since it seems to contradict numerous other studies showing a link between abortion and mental health issues. But one post-abortive woman is taking issue with the validity of the study. Continue Reading →

The GOP May Soon Be Abandoning Social Conservatives

The GOP is steadily moving leftward in pursuit of approval (and votes) from homosexual activists. Even the GOP’s response to Obama’s State of the Union address was devoid of any rebuttal to his promotion of homosexual special “rights” in the military. If the GOP continues its pursuit of the homosexual voting bloc, it only stands to lose the larger portion of its base still committed to God’s idea of sexual morality. Continue Reading →

Obama’s State of the Union Address Uses Pro-Gay Fallacy

Unsurprisingly, President Obama’s State of the Union speech contained pro-homosexual rhetoric: “Our troops come from every corner of this country -– they’re black, white, Latino, Asian, Native Continue Reading →

Obama’s Roe V. Wade Anniversary Statement Shows His True Beliefs

Last Saturday was the 38th anniversary of the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision. As other presidents have done, President Obama issued a statement on the anniversary expressing his opinion on abortion. While other presidents (e.g., Clinton) have expressed support for abortion while paying lip service to making them “safe, legal, and rare,” President Obama took a unapologetically pro-abortion approach in his statement. Continue Reading →

Christian Opposition to Sin Should Be Built on Biblical Humility

Biblical Christians are sometimes questioned by other Christians for their impassioned stance on the sinfulness of homosexual conduct. Critics sometimes decry a Biblical Christian’s determination to proclaim to our culture God’s truth on matters of sexual morality.

But this faithful opposition to sinful behavior in the culture is borne out of a realization of the Biblical Christian’s own sinful nature. While faithfully and boldly opposing the unbiblical homosexual lifestyle, Biblical Christians are acutely aware of the depravity out of which Christ saved them. Continue Reading →

Children Should Be Taught Evils of Abortion

Liberals are reacting negatively to recent pro-life comments from Representative Steve King (R-Iowa). The Huffington Post, a liberal news aggregate website, is reporting on an interview that Rep. King had with a reporter from CNSnews.com. In the interview, King stated that he routinely talks to young children about the abortion issue.
Continue Reading →

Lesbian “Reverend” Knows Her Behavior Isn’t Biblical

Candace Chellew-Hodges, a lesbian “reverend,” has written an article wherein she argues that homosexuals should drop their efforts to prove Scripture justifies homosexuality. It’s an interesting article, if only for the ground she cedes on the issue. Continue Reading →

Strip Taxpayer Funding from Planned Parenthood Now!

Congressman Mike Pence (Indiana) has introduced a bill in the US House of Representatives that would strip abortion giant Planned Parenthood of all federal funding it currently receives. Continue Reading →

Obama Hinting To Future Support of Homosexual “Marriage”

The Obama administration has recently signaled a willingness to fully support homosexual “marriage” sometime in the near future.

President Obama has been making efforts to walk back his 2008 campaign statements against homosexual “marriage.” While Obama has long been a vocal advocate for homosexual “strong civil unions” that have the same benefits and privileges as marriage (in itself an illogical position), it seems he is now moving toward full acceptance of homosexual “marriage.” Continue Reading →

Repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Already Bringing Consequences

A new website is aiming to become the “Facebook” for homosexuals in the U.S. military. A cursory glance at the website reveals that it will probably be little more than a vehicle for sexual hookups. Conservatives warned repealing the military’s policy against open homosexuality would come with a price. Should we be surprised? Continue Reading →

Time for a Marriage Amendment in NC

North Carolina Democrat Governor Bev Perdue doesn’t think her state needs a constitutional marriage amendment. She’s convinced the state statute is sufficient. Of course she is. Continue Reading →

Kill People to Save the Earth?

Ted Turner, the founder of CNN, is hardly a stranger to controversy. His history of offensive statements and shocking beliefs is well-documented. Click here to read about his latest idea. Continue Reading →

Ron Paul Supports Homosexuality in the Military

64A repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which will force open homosexuality onto the military, easily passed the House of Representatives on Wednesday. Two-hundred fifty members voted to repeal the longstanding policy, including fifteen Republicans. Continue Reading →

Is Gay “Marriage” Coming Soon in Maryland?

All was not rosy for social conservatives on Election Day this year. Democrats in Maryland defied national trends and actually gained seats in the state senate. After the Maryland General Assembly convenes in January, a majority of senators will be supportive of homosexual “marriage.” Continue Reading →

Homosexual “Civil Unions” Legal in Illinois in 2011

Illinois will become the latest state in America to legalize homosexual “civil unions.” Continue Reading →

Abortion Toll Must Include Abortions Caused by Birth Control

A recent study shows that 53 million abortions have been performed in America since 1973. However, that figure does NOT include the countless millions of unborn lives that have been extinguished as a result of chemical abortions occurring due to the birth control pill or the morning-after pill. Continue Reading →

Popular Breast Cancer Cure Foundation Donates to Planned Parenthood

Part of the money you donate to the Susan G. Komen fund goes to fund Planned Parenthood. That’s right. An organization supposedly devoted to prolonging life is funding an organization whose main business is to slaughter life. Continue Reading →

Will the North Carolina Legislature Allow a Vote on a Marriage Amendment?

Since that time, pro-family lawmakers and citizens have amended most state constitutions in order to preserve the centuries-old definition of marriage between one man and one woman. Some of those states adopted amendments that define the term “marriage” AND ban counterfeits like civil unions and domestic partnerships. Continue Reading →

Women Boast of their Abortions on Twitter

In an audacious display of disdain for life, many women on Twitter took their pro-abortion activism to a new level last week by tweeting about their abortion(s). The effort caused the hashtag #ihadanabortion to become a trending topic on Twitter for a time. Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood Wants to Kill Children, Surgically AND Chemically

Cecile Richards, the CEO of abortion mega-business Planned Parenthood, recently appeared on the Bill Press Radio Show. During her interview, she advocated population control so as to save the government money. Continue Reading →

Children of ‘Gay’ Parents More Likely to Choose Homosexuality

Dr. Walter Schumm is about to find out first-hand how his fellow scientists treat those who question the status quo. He’s about to publish research indicating that homosexual parents are more likely to raise homosexual children. There is an intense amount of scrutiny and skepticism from the academic community against anyone who questions the “goodness” of homosexuality. Continue Reading →

Facebook May Begin Censoring Biblical Viewpoints

It may not be long until Facebook begins censoring FPN’s page for “anti-gay” posts, according to a recent news story. Homosexual activist groups have started…. Continue Reading →

Same-Sex Sodomy No More Christ-Like than Bullying

The recent news stories regarding “bullying” against homosexuals are being promoted by homosexuals in order to rally sympathy to their agenda. Openly-homosexual Congressman Barney Frank recently remarked that these recent stories will galvanize “straights” to support the homosexual agenda in much the same way that the pictures of police dogs attacking black civil rights protesters helped solidify white support of the civil rights movement in the 1960s. Continue Reading →

The Image of God and In Vitro Fertilization

From the moment of conception, these zygotes are humans, and should be treated as such. They are uniquely human, with a particular human DNA structure never to be replicated ever again. Creating countless tiny humans with no intention to allow them to… Continue Reading →

Obama’s Slick-Talk on Abortion

President Obama is once again showing his propensity for doublespeak regarding abortion. The man who once declared the question of when life begins as above his pay grade recently held an economic townhall-style meeting where the issue of abortion was raised by a participant. Continue Reading →

Should New Jersey’s GOP Gov. Really be Considered Pro-Life?

By now you may have heard of NJ Gov. Christie’s veto that shut down a Planned Parenthood clinic in the state. At first glance, the news looks promising for Christie’s pro-life credentials.

However, further examination reveals that Gov. Christie’s actions are not as pro-life as some claim. Continue Reading →

Will a Republican-led Congress Really Fight for Conservatives?

A recent article details a former congressman promising that a Republican majority would take up issues like abortion after victory in November. But don’t get your hopes up. Republicans have a long history of breaking their (election) promises to stop the murder of children in our culture. Continue Reading →

Top Republican Urges Silence on Social Issues

Possible 2012 presidential contender Haley Barbour is telling fellow Republicans that social issues are a losing cause in this election cycle. Barbour advised Republicans seeking office to concentrate on economic issues rather than social issues like abortion, because that issue “ain’t gonna change anybody’s vote.” Continue Reading →

UPDATED: Television Network Plans to Glamorize Polygamy

TV programs will begin glamorizing polygamy this Fall. This New York Post article details two new programs scheduled to debut later this month that will no doubt start legitimizing polygamy in some American minds.
Continue Reading →

California Court Won’t Make Gov. Keep His Oath

Calif. court refuses to force Schwarzenegger to uphold his oath to defend state’s constitution, which includes an amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Continue Reading →

Study Shows Most Parents Supportive of Abstinence Ideals

The Obama administration has been stonewalling against the release of a government study on abstinence education and its perception among American parents. The results of the study, which was done by the Department of Health and Human Services and paid for with your tax dollars, were so contrary to the pro-sex education mentality of this administration that the Obama HHS refused to release the study publicly. Continue Reading →

When Science Becomes “Science”

Researchers are now aware that adult stem cells provide more scientific promise than embryonic stem cells. Not only is research on embryonic stem cells (i.e., their destruction) morally wrong, but it is LESS effective than using other types of stem cells. Indeed, the only thing scientific about embryonic stem cell destruction is that proponents call it “science.” Continue Reading →

Newsweek Article Rejects God’s Design for Men and Women

Newsweek rejects God's imageThe specter of a “genderless future” has been raised by a heavily biased magazine editorial that masquerades as an objective news story. The article, which appeared in the August 16, 2010 edition of Newsweek magazine, uses fawning language to describe the current worldwide battle to force government recognition of people who prefer not to be “bound” by the constraints of “gender.” Continue Reading →

Chemical Abortions Lure More Women

ABC News has (unwittingly) provided another example of our culture’s sick perspective on abortion. In an article on the wide use of chemical drugs to induce abortion, the writers quote a radical pro-abort as saying, “Having a medical or surgical abortion has fewer risks and lower mortality rates than a pregnancy.” Continue Reading →

Will Target Reverse Their Pro-Homosexual Trend?

For the first time in a long time, the homosexual jackboots have failed in their efforts to bludgeon a private corporation into funding their activism. After Target came under fire for donating to Republican causes, homosexual activists demanded they make similar donations to pro-homosexual groups. Continue Reading →

Glenn Beck Dismisses Significance of Battle Over Biblical Marriage

Glenn Beck’s supposed conservatism is really a man-centered libertarianism. Beck recently told Bill O’Reilly that he does not believe homosexual “marriage” is a big deal, and that conservatives should be fighting other things. According to Beck, “the country is burning down,” and arguing about homosexual “marriage” and abortion should be lesser concerns. Continue Reading →

Schwarzenegger’s Opposition to Biblical Marriage is Nothing New

Recent news stories have focused on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s efforts to reinstate homosexual “marriage” in California, even though it was approved by more than 7 million of his constituents Continue Reading →

Popular ‘Conservative’ Columnist to Speak at Pro-homosexual Convention

Ann Coulter will soon be headlining a gathering of homosexuals organized by GOProud, a homosexual organization that touts itself as politically conservative. Continue Reading →

Senate Considers Paying for Abortions at U.S. Military Bases

An editorial in the Christian Science Monitor details the battle over an amendment to the 2011 National Defense Authorization Act that will turn U.S. military bases into abortion providers.

Though the author claims to oppose the bill… Continue Reading →

New Study Sheds Light on Homosexual ‘Relationships’

Homosexuality isn’t the harmless lifestyle our culture would have you believe it to be. Over the years, studies have shown it to be dangerous physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Continue Reading →

Federal HIV “Prevention” Strategy Will Encourage Behaviors that Cause It

The Obama administration’s Office of National AIDS Policy recently published a strategy report detailing plans to try to reduce the rate of new HIV infections. The report Continue Reading →

Priority of Saving Gulf Sea Turtles a Sign of Cultural Decadence

A recent media report fretted over the fate of sea turtles who may be killed by the effects of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
Here’s the irony: The sea turtles at issue are still in their eggs; they’re UNBORN. Continue Reading →

Rush Limbaugh Scorns God’s Truth on Homosexuality

Rush Limbaugh recently hired open homosexual singer Elton John to perform at his (fourth) wedding. Limbaugh scorns the Word of God with his friendly association with an unrepentant homosexual who is hostile to the Lord Jesus (e.g., Elton John has stated that Jesus was a homosexual). Rush Limbaugh is also scornful of God’s intention for sexuality and marriage — he supports homosexual “civil unions”. Continue Reading →

Study Suggesting Lesbians Make Better Parents is Hogwash

According to MSNBC, new research suggests that children of lesbian “parents” are better psychologically developed than children with a mother and a father. However, the study is racked with bias. Continue Reading →

National Association of Evangelicals Is Wrong to Recommend Contraceptives

I’m angry to see the National Association of Evangelicals is recommending contraceptives in an effort to stem surgical abortions in America. Here’s an excerpt from their new resolution on abortion: “The Church is understandably reluctant to recommend contraception for unmarried sexual partners, given that it cannot condone extramarital sex. However, it is even more tragic when unmarried individuals compound one sin by conceiving and then destroying the precious gift of life.” Continue Reading →

Speaker Pelosi Says Her Agenda “in keeping with the values” of Jesus Christ

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently told a group on Capitol Hill that she is pursuing policies “in keeping with the values” of Jesus Christ. However, even a cursory reading of Scripture shows Speaker Pelosi’s radical support for the homosexual agenda and so-called “abortion rights” are not “in keeping with the values” of Jesus Christ. Continue Reading →

President Obama ‘Celebrates’ Sexual Deviancy

President Obama has, for the second year in a row, defied God by issuing a presidential proclamation declaring June as “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.” Continue Reading →

Poll Shows Majority of Americans Now Approve of Homosexual Sin

2001-2010 Trend: Perceived Moral Acceptability of Gay/Lesbian RelationsA Gallup poll shows more than 50% of Americans approve of homosexual behavior for the first time in polling history. At the same time, fewer Americans believe that homosexuality is “morally wrong.” Continue Reading →

The Weight of Smut

Here’s an interesting article you don’t want to miss. http://www.firstthings.com/article/2010/05/the-weight-of-smut According to the article: “Young people who have been exposed to pornography are more likely to have Continue Reading →

More of Your Tax Dollars to Subsidize Sexual Sin

The Congressional Budget Office is estimating that a bill providing health insurance benefits to the “partners” of homosexual federal employees would cost $310 million. President Obama has Continue Reading →

Now a Majority of Americans Believe Homosexuality is OK

Another poll by Gallup shows that, for the first time in polling history, more than 50% of Americans approve of homosexual behavior. At the same time, fewer Continue Reading →

American Support for Biblical Marriage is Declining

Gallup’s latest “Values and Beliefs” poll shows that while a majority of Americans still oppose legal recognition of homosexual “marriage,” the percentage has fallen slightly. In fact, Continue Reading →

Nation’s Largest Abortion Mill Opens

Fanfare and celebration abounds at the opening of Planned Parenthood’s largest abortuary in the country. Among the facility’s touted features is the massive “surgical suite,” which is Continue Reading →

Younger Americans Increasingly Pro-Life

“I just thought, my gosh, they are so young…there are so many of them, and they are so young.” ~Nancy Keenan, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America, recently Continue Reading →

Painting Homosexuals as “Victims” Is a Ploy to Silence Christians

The “hate crimes” protections for immoral “sexual orientation” and so-called “gender identities” that were signed into law by President Obama in 2009 are part of a 20 year-old plan designed to normalize all kinds of sexual immorality. A book written by homosexual activists in 1989 called After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90’s is considered by many to be the “gay manifesto” for normalizing same-sex perversion in America. Authors Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen set forth this 383-page plan to legitimize homosexuality by portraying “gays as victims” and “gay victimizers as bad.” Continue Reading →

Obama Signs Bill Adding ‘Sexual Orientation’ to Federal ‘Hate Crimes’ Law

U.S. Capitol[FPN] – President Obama has delivered on a campaign promise to homosexuals by signing legislation that will extend special ‘hate crimes’ protections to some people on the basis of their private sexual misconduct. Family Policy Network (FPN) opposed adding ‘sexual orientation’ to ‘hate crimes’ categories, primarily because it is a move designed to elevate immoral lifestyles to civil rights status. Moreover, it poses a serious threat to religious liberties. Two amendments designed to protect free speech were added to the proposed hate crimes language, but FPN maintains its opposition for five important reasons. Continue Reading →

Will Judge Sotomayor Interpret Law or Make Law?

FPN Policy Analyst Alexander Mason is participating in an effort to ensure every United States Senator is reminded of the true duty of the US judicial branch, Continue Reading →

Healthcare “Reform” = Taxpayer-Funded Abortion?

When White House Budget Director Peter Orzag was asked on 7/19/09 whether the nationalized healthcare bill would include taxpayer-funded abortions, he deflected by saying he was “not Continue Reading →

Act Now to Oppose Universal Abortion Coverage in Health Care Reform

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Barack Obama and his pro-abortion allies may soon crush the pro-life movement and roll back every pro-life advancement made since Roe vs. Wade.

Planned Parenthood’s dream of universal, taxpayer-funded abortions is on the verge of becoming reality – – unless your congressman and senators hear from you immediately. Pro-abortion forces have succeeded in getting Democrats to propose that ALL abortions will be covered in the health care “reform” bill currently speeding through Congress.

CLICK HERE to Rally Congress NOW with your petition to stop universal, taxpayer-funded abortion on demand. Then rally your pro-life friends to join this critical fight before it’s too late. Continue Reading →

FLASHBACK: Hate Crimes Bill Passes House (4/29/09)

The U.S. House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote during the week of April 20th on a bill that adds “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the federal hate crimes statutes. Known officially as The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Act of 2009 (H.R. 1913), this measure will add special legal protections for homosexuals and cross-dressing sexual deviants. While hate crimes protections have typically been reserved for inherent characteristics (e.g., skin color, sex, disability, or ethnicity), the proposed legislation will give increased protection for those who willfully choose to engage in immoral behavior. Continue Reading →

15 Pro-Life Talking Points

John Piper, the well-known Christian author and pastor from Minnesota, has written a compelling list of talking points for pro-life apologists: 1. Existing fetal homicide laws make Continue Reading →

Obama Forces US Taxpayers to Fund Child Murder Overseas

Barack Obama promised during the presidential campaign that he wanted to reduce abortions and said as much in a statement yesterday in association with the anniversary of Roe. Today, however, he betrayed that promise by forcing taxpayers to fund groups promoting and performing abortions overseas. Continue Reading →

SUBWAY Demands Neutrality, But Forces Homosexual Agenda on Chain


The world’s largest “sub” sandwich restaurant chain is recruiting sexually-depraved employees to appease an angry homosexual who complained when one store’s owner supported the California marriage amendment. Continue Reading →

Schwarzenegger Violates Oath By Opposing Proposition 8 After Election

On November 4th, 2008, nearly six million California citizens rejected radical homosexual activism by writing the Biblical definition of marriage into their state’s constitution. They did so Continue Reading →

CA Governor Hopeful Disparages Blacks for Supporting Marriage

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s latest comments on overwhelming black support for California’s marriage amendment may hurt his chances of being governor. Continue Reading →

Election ’08: The Good

Voters in Arizona, California, Florida Protect One-Man, One-Woman Marriage in their State Constitutions Continue Reading →

Election ’08: The Bad

Policy-makers only offered voters weak marriage amendments to adopt on election day Continue Reading →

Election ’08: The Ugly

The election of Barack Obama jeopardizes all the advancements conservatives have made on both the marriage and abortion fronts in the culture war. Continue Reading →