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Family Policy Network (FPN) has an extensive resume of media appearances addressing cultural and political matters on moral issues, covered by a myriad of media outlets throughout the nation. Links to a sampling of these stories are found on this page.

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ChristianNews.NET: Rick Warren Uncertain Homosexual Behavior is Sinful

FPN Policy Analyst Alex Mason corrects the popular Evangelical pastor from scripture by arguing, “One cannot live in a continual state of unrepentant sexual sin while calling themselves a Christian.” Continue Reading →

The Christian Post: Why Youth Are Leaving the Church: Politics, Postmodernity, or Pure Rebellion?

As the country’s youth continue to leave the Christian Church at a rapid rate, researchers attempt to pin down the reason for the mass exodus, pointing primarily to the relationship between organized religion and conservative politics, the postmodernist movement, and the psychosocial relationship between the youth and the elderly.

A 2007 survey conducted by LifeWay Research found that 70 percent of 23- to 30-year-olds admitted to breaking regular church attendance for at least a year from ages 18 to 22.
Fifty-two percent of these drop-outs attributed their departure to “religious, ethical, or political beliefs.” Continue Reading →

The Christian Post: Politics and Infidelity: Weighing Politicians’ Public Lives and Public Approval

It happens almost without fail: every campaign season a politician vying for the presidency is accused of impropriety. This year is no exception. GOP candidate Herman Cain has been accused of sexual harassment and of carrying on a lengthy extra-marital affair. Newt Gingrich has also been called on to address his past marital misdeeds. But how much does a presidential candidate’s personal life affect the public’s approval?

As history shows, the results vary from politician to politician Continue Reading →

The Christian Post: Politicians’ Affairs Are a Matter of Public Interest

Despite statements from Herman Cain’s lawyer that a person’s sexual life should not be questioned, Christian leaders contend that discerning voters do have an interest in and a right to know whether or not public officials are keeping their marriage vows.

Family Policy Network Policy Analyst Alex Mason said character is what one does when no one is looking. The marriage covenant, Mason explained, is more sacred and important than any public office. A politician who is willing to break that covenant when no one is looking may not have the character for public office. Continue Reading →

OneNewsNow: ‘Unwanted’ children and the glory of God

( 9/12/11) News outlets recently covered the shocking story of a woman who was arrested after throwing her disabled infant son from atop a parking garage. Continue Reading →

OneNewsNow: ‘Bigotry’ claim not surprising

( – 8/26/11) “Well, that’s not surprising,” Mason admits. “Anything that is remotely used by homosexual activists as in opposition to their lifestyle and to the approval of their lifestyle is going to be immediately decried as bigotry.” Continue Reading →

OneNewsNow: Theater curtain masks Calif. politics

( -8/30/11) “Nowadays most of what is referred to as ‘entertainment’ is actually nothing more than a positive portrayal of the rejection of God’s standards on sexual morality,” the analyst laments. “Over the last generation in America, homosexuality has progressed from what would be something that is censored to something that is [now] celebrated ….” Continue Reading →

More Oppose Politicians Taking Bribes Than Having Affairs

[FPN] – An article published by The Christian Post reports that a 2011 poll conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute indicates respondents feel certain kinds of financial misconduct are more serious concerns among elected officials than sexual immorality. In the article, FPN Policy Analyst Alex Mason asserts the opposite is true for Christians because the Bible sets sexual sin apart from all other sins. Continue Reading →

“Twit for tat? Sen. Vitter should quit like Weiner, Christian group says”

USA Today LogoUSA Today Faith & Reason writer Cathy Lynn Grossman addressed Family Policy Network’s call for U.S. Senator David Vitter (R-LA) to resign for moral indiscretions, now that Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY) has left Congress for lesser moral transgressions. Continue Reading →

Lawrence O’Donnell Reports FPN Call for Vitter to Resign

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell tells viewers, “As Anthony Weiner‘s resignation from the House of Representatives became official today, a new call came for Senator David Vitter to follow Weiner‘s lead and resign. Christian conservative group Family Policy Network sent a letter to the Louisiana senator, saying his resignation was long overdue.” O’Donnell then shares a quote from FPN President Joe Glover wherein he decries hypocrisy by others who are defending Vitter’s continued presence in the Senate. Continue Reading →

FPN Policy Analyst Debates Alan Colmes on Call for Vitter to Resign

FoxNews RadioFamily Policy Network Policy Analyst Alex Mason debates FoxNews Radio host Alan Colmes on the reasons why his organization is calling on Sen. David Vitter to follow Anthony Weiner’s lead and resign. Continue Reading →

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FPN calls on Sen. Vitter to follow Weiner’s lead and resign

The[FPN] – The daily newspaper in New Orleans, Louisiana reported on Family Policy Network’s call for U.S. Senator David Vitter (R-LA) to “follow the lead of former Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., and resign rather than leave Republicans and conservatives open to charges of hypocrisy.” According to the article, which appeared on June 20, 2011 in The Times-Picayune, “Until now, calls for Vitter’s resignation have come from liberals.” Continue Reading →

OneNewsNow: ‘PP’ stands for ‘pied piper’ — not Planned Parenthood

( – 5/6/11) – Planned Parenthood likes to cast themselves as “helpful for the community,” but FPN Policy Analyst Alexander Mason says they’re nothing more than a ‘pied piper,’ leading children away from the truth. “…They will lead children away from their parents, away from the hearts of their parents, and away from God’s law and God’s standards on sexuality, on the sanctity of life, and everything in between.” Continue Reading →

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OneNewsNow: Judge wouldn’t pass chance to advance homosexuality

( – 4/28/11) – Proponents of a California law that upholds traditional marriage contend that an openly homosexual judge’s relationship with his partner gives grounds to overturn his rejection of the law. FPN Policy Analyst Alexander Mason says, “The fact that he is a homosexual to begin with is going to cast an extreme amount of bias on the situation, especially for the result that ended up with Prop 8.” Continue Reading →

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NPR – Columbus: FPN’s Mason Discusses State “Gay Tolerance” Rankings

The Daily Beast recently ranked Ohio as one of the least tolerant states on gay rights. On this episode of All Sides with Ann Fisher, the discussion treats how Ohio compares to other states as welcoming or not welcoming to gays (sic), with The Daily Beast reporter Lauren Streib, Outlook Media co-publisher Michael Daniels, Real Living HER founding partner and realtor Terry Penrod, and Family Policy Network policy analyst Alexander Mason. Continue Reading →

USA TODAY: “Mission of Matthew Shepard’s mother: Stop hate crime”

USA Today LogoIn 2008, USA Today twisted the facts surrounding the 1998 death of college student Matthew Shepard, inferring he was killed simply because of his homosexuality. This baseless claim was made by many “gay” activists soon after Shepard’s death in an effort to silence critics who seek to discourage various forms of sexual immorality.

FPN correctly warned the article was a warning sign that pro-homosexual, federal hate crimes language may be reintroduced in Congress very soon thereafter. It was, and it passed both houses of Congress before being signed into law by President Obama. Continue Reading →

SAN FRANCISCO ‘GAY’ WEEKLY: FPN Hope Banner Flies Over Sinful Celebration

The Bay Area Reporter OnlineFamily Policy Network was behind an airplane that circled [the September 30, 2007 Folsom Street Fair] leather festival towing an anti-gay banner. Some fairgoers saw an airplane circling above the South of Market event with a banner “Jesus Christ:” The banner, supported by an anti-gay organization devoted to encouraging gay and lesbian individuals to become “ex-gays,” is linked to the Virginia-based Family Policy Network.

“Homosexuality is nothing to celebrate,” said Joe Glover, president of Family Policy Network. “It has grave consequences, both physical and spiritual … the hope of all who sin, including homosexuals, is the chance to turn from sin and embrace the redemption God makes available through His Son, Jesus Christ.” Continue Reading →

WORLDNETDAILY: FPN Calls Kennedy’s ‘Hate Crime’ Plan “Shockingly Manipulative”

WorldNetDaily.comSen. Edward Kennedy’s “hate crimes” plan – – feared by Christian leaders as a way to censor biblical condemnations of homosexuality – – has been proposed as an amendment to a spending bill needed for the defense of the nation, a maneuver opponents are calling “shameless” and “manipulative.” Joe Glover of the Family Policy Network said the move is “shockingly manipulative.” Continue Reading →

EDUCATION WEEK: FPN Pushes Laws to Initiate Parental Involvement in School Clubs

(EDUCATION WEEK: 3/7/07) – “Legislation awaiting Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.’s signature could make the state the first in the nation to require parental permission for students to participate in school-sponsored clubs and organizations — a measure that opponents say is intended to prevent students from joining gay-straight clubs in schools.”

“Requiring parental permission .. concerns Joe Glover, the president of the Family Policy Network, a Washington-based Christian advocacy organization that opposes gay-straight clubs and has lobbied against them in several states.”

“Though the Family Policy Network last year announced that it would campaign for parental-permission provisions in five states, not including Utah, Mr. Glover said that the group since has rethought its position. He is concerned that requiring parental consent could result in students choosing not to join a variety of school clubs, including religious groups that his organization supports. Continue Reading →

USA TODAY: FPN Fighting for Parents’ Rights in Five States

USA Today Logo(USA TODAY: 2/8/07) – Not everyone applauds the soaring number of school-based gay/straight alliances and adult-led programs for gay teens. “Homosexuality is harmful to society, and young people have no business committing to a sexual identity until they’re adults,” says Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council, a conservative policy group. The council backs a new Georgia law, first in the nation, that requires schools to tell parents about clubs and allows them to forbid their children to participate in gay/straight alliances.

Lobbying is underway to pass similar laws in North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama and Texas, says Joe Glover of the Family Policy Network, a Christian family advocacy group. “Parents shouldn’t have to check their rights at the school room door,” he says. Continue Reading →

WCBM: FPN Policy Analyst Promotes Marriage Defense on Baltimore Station

wcbmJust a few days after the U.S. Senate defeated a proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman, FPN Policy Analyst Alex Mason discussed efforts to protect the family in a live interview on Baltimore, Maryland radio station WCBM. Continue Reading →

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FPN Leader Puts Senate Marriage Defeat in Perspective on CNN

Glover debates pro-homosexual “Log Cabin Republican Club” leader Patrick Guerriero.

FPN President Joe Glover discussed the U.S. Senate’s failure to pass a Marriage Protection Amendment before a live national television audience on June 7, 2006 — just hours after the vote took place. In an interview hosted by CNN National Political Correspondent John Roberts, Glover dispelled the notion that Senate inaction proves support for a marriage amendment is slipping. Continue Reading →

FPN Leader Defends Need for Federal Marriage Amendment on CNN

FPN President Debates Late Marriage Amendment Endorsement in Live CNN Interview

Despite promising to fight to push for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would protect marriage as the exclusive union between one man and one woman during his 2004 re-election bid, President Bush failed to deliver in his second term. The day before the U.S. Senate failed to pass a federal Marriage Protection Amendment in June of 2006, FPN President Joe Glover appeared in a nationally-televised debate on CNN to discuss the amendment and to criticize Bush’s lackluster support for its passage.

Continue Reading →

“Marriage Amendment — Baptists on Sunday, Bush on Monday”

Southern Baptist pastors are being encouraged this weekend to preach about the necessity of a constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriage. The legislative matter is scheduled to come before the U.S. Senate for debate and a vote this week. Meanwhile, President Bush is scheduled to deliver a speech in the nation’s capital on Monday, where he is expected to voice his support for the Marriage Protection Amendment. But Family Policy Network President Joe Glover says waiting until the last hour to promote the measure indicates the administration doesn’t see protecting marriage as a priority.



LA TIMES: FPN and Family Research Council say Bush should have done more

WEEKLY STANDARD: Marriage Protection Amendment “won’t pass” this week

LISTEN to an AFR NEWS story about president’s inaction on MPA

Continue Reading →

L.A. TIMES: FPN Leaders Accept White House Invitation, Predict “A Ruse”

latimes(FPN, 5/06) – Nine days before the U.S. Senate voted down consideration of a Marriage Protection Amendment, FPN President Joe Glover received an invitation from the White House to attend an endorsement speech by the President in Washington, D.C. Upon hearing the president’s speech, Glover and FPN Policy Analyst Alex Mason were pleased, but continued to question the president’s tardiness in fighting to protect marriage. Continue Reading →

FPN President Doubts Senator’s Sincerity on Hate Crimes

A Virginia-based pro-family activist is skeptical about Senator George Allen’s recent announcement that he no longer supports hate crimes legislation that includes “sexual orientation” as a protected status category.

In 2004 Allen voted in favor of a bill that added sexual orientation to the federal Hate Crimes Act, but recently he said he is reversing his previous position and will not support the measure this time. Joe Glover, president of the Family Policy Network, says he welcomes the senator’s announcement but has doubts as to whether the Republican lawmaker is sincere in stating his new position on the inclusion of “sexual orientation” in hate crimes legislation — a position stating opposition to what he once openly favored. Continue Reading →

Guest Editorial by FPN President Questions UNC Book Choice on Islam

USA Today LogoDuring the 2002 controversy over a forced Islamic reading assignment at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the USA Editorial Board contacted FPN President Joe Glover to request an opinion piece on the topic for the paper’s editorial page. In his commentary entitled, “Book fails to tell whole truth,” Glover wrote, “UNC’s chancellor claims his school simply wants students to understand Islam in light of recent events. Yet, the students who read only this book still will not understand the motivation of terrorists to kill more than 3,000 Americans. One has to wonder why university officials are afraid to give their students a complete picture of the world of Islam. What do they have to fear?” Continue Reading →