Alex Mason, Policy Analyst – As a policy analyst for Family Policy Network, Alex Mason has conducted extensive research on a variety of high-profile issues in public policy, drafting timely position papers and defending the core tenets of Christian morality before media outlets across the country. Mason’s policy paper exposing the abortifacient nature of the so-called “Morning-After pill” has been widely distributed by a variety of pro-life organizations, including Pharmacists for Life International and Liberty Counsel. His point-by-point analysis of proposals to add “sexual orientation” to so-called “hate crimes” laws provides several cogent arguments against defining legal protections based on… [Read more]


Joe Glover, President – After working as a paid consultant for a number of local, state and federal campaigns, Joe founded Family Policy Network (FPN) in 1997 to inform Christians and confront the culture on the important moral issues of the day. The group has board members, supporters and volunteers in several states. Thousands of pastors and activists have read Glover’s public policy newsletters and updates. Many more have learned about his efforts to promote traditional values through publications like the AFA Journal, Citizen Magazine, Human Events, The Economist and Time Magazine. His comments on a variety of subjects… [Read more]


Karen Hurd, Outreach & Development Director – Karen Hurd is the “face” of Family Policy Network (FPN) to its partners and participants. She works to build and maintain relationships with Christians to help them to be more effective witnesses of the gospel and Biblical righteousness in the culture. Her background in politics and marketing compliment her ability to help accomplish FPN’s non-profit mission of informing Christians and confronting the culture on the important moral issues of the day. Karen has been quoted… [Read more]


Ron Shank, IT Director – Ron Shank began his career as a radio broadcaster and production talent in Mississippi and Arkansas. Shortly after becoming a Christian, he began working for American Family Radio and the American Family Association (AFA). While there, Shank’s computer expertise and knowledge of the Internet led to his transition to webmaster for AFA and the eventual move to provide design and technical support for American Family Online and AFA Filter. In 2001, Shank started an Internet development and consulting company boasting clients in all 50 states and internationally from Hawaii to Ireland. His company has helped countless ministries and non-profit organizations to promote activities and build support. His work for… [Read more]


Terry Moffitt, Chairman – After twelve years of teaching Government, Understanding the Times, Economics, World and American History, and Physics to high school students, Terry Moffitt served for eight years as the principal of Wesleyan Christian Academy in High Point, North Carolina. During that time, the school became the largest Wesleyan school in the world. In 1989, Moffitt was elected to the High Point City Council. During his three year tenure on Council, he drafted and passed North Carolina’s first Adult Entertainment Ordinance containing licensing provisions. Since that time the ordinance has been used in more than 80 cities across the country to control sexually oriented businesses. In 1993, Moffitt traveled to Eastern Europe to teach Russian teachers and administrators how to establish courses in… [Read more]


National Advisors – Gary Glenn, Peter Labarbera, Scott Smith… [Read more]