Indiana Town Threatened by Atheists over Cross

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Americans United for the Separation of Church and State is telling the small town of Duggar, Indiana to take down a 26-foot tall cross emboldened with the words “Jesus Saves” in red capital letters. A 72-year-old retired welder named Louie Bonham created it.

Two years ago, with the blessing of the Town Council, the cross was erected on the piece of land owned by the town, just a few feet from the Welcome to Duggar sign.

Americans United, a group based in Washington, DC, sent a letter arguing that “by displaying a cross on public land, the Town unlawfully endorses and promotes Christianity.” The group is also concerned that the cross can be seen by students at the high school. City leaders are considering two options; move the cross to private property, or sell the plot of land to a church, making it private property.