1997 – 2001

Here is a sampling of the issues Family Policy Network confronted from 1997 to 2001:

Bush Administration Promotes “Global Homosexual Activism”

White House hid ambassador’s homosexuality until after his confirmation

The leader of a pro-family organization based in Virginia says George W. Bush “betrayed American values” by sending two homosexuals to the American embassy in Bucharest, Romania. Joe Glover, President of Family Policy Network, made his remarks after learning that Bush had dispatched a homosexual to be U.S. Ambassador to Romania, and was sending his “partner” to go with him. Continue Reading →

Homosexuals Celebrate Perversion While the Nation Mourns

A Virginia-based pro-family organization is expressing outrage at the arrogance of homosexual activists who, until today, continued celebrating “gay pride” events in Richmond despite the tragic terrorist attacks that killed thousands of Americans in New York and Virginia. Family Policy Network President Joe Glover said, “The so-called ‘Pride Coalition’ demonstrated blatant disrespect for a grieving nation by continuing to celebrate their perversion in Virginia’s capital city. Continue Reading →

Pro-Family Group Questions Aims of “Gay Health Summit”

The leader of a pro-family organization that opposes the homosexual agenda today questioned the aims of a southeastern regional “gay men’s health summit” being held this week at a resort on Jekyll Island, Georgia. Continue Reading →

FPN Establishes Web Outreach to Homosexuals

Family group flies banner over ‘Gay Days’ at Disney June 8, 2001 – by Anthony Gunde, CNS News As homosexuals celebrated ‘Gay Days’ June 3 in Orlando, Continue Reading →

Christian Group Flies Hope Over “Gay Days” in Orlando

A pro-family organization based in Forest, Virginia confronted homosexuals visiting Orlando theme parks during “Gay Days” yesterday with the truth that Christ can set them free. With the help of supporters throughout the country, Family Policy Network flew an airplane banner over both Disney World and Universal Studios theme parks that read, “JESUS CHRIST: HOPE FOR HOMOSEXUALS.COM” Continue Reading →

Failed Attempt to Legalize Sodomy Was “Ill Conceived”

The Courts of Justice Committee of the House of Delegates once again has handily defeated a measure that would have legalized sodomy in Virginia. A leader of a Virginia-based pro-family organization said that the proposed change was “ill conceived,” as it would have had a devastating impact on public health. Continue Reading →

FPN President Applauds Warner for Removal of “Hate Crimes” Language from Defense Bill

The leader of a pro-family organization opposed to the homosexual agenda yesterday praised U.S. Senator John Warner (R-VA) for working to defeat a pro-homosexual measure in Congress to add “sexual orientation” to the federal hate crimes law. Continue Reading →

FPN President Condemns Murder of Roanoke Man Shot at Homosexual Bar

The leader of a pro-family organization opposed to the homosexual agenda today condemned the weekend murder of a Roanoke man who was shot at a gay bar there. Joe Glover, President of the Virginia-based Family Policy Network said, “Murder must never be tolerated, regardless of the motive. Danny Overstreet’s killer should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.” Continue Reading →

Homosexuals Demand Acceptance of Sex with Strangers in Public Parks

A three-judge panel of the Virginia Court of Appeals today heard arguments from attorneys on behalf of ten men who were arrested for violating the state law against sodomy. The ten plaintiffs each attempted to solicit sex from undercover police officers in Roanoke’s Wasena Park. Continue Reading →

Federal Judge Strikes Law Protecting Virginia Children

Decision Leaves Door Open to Destroy Young Lives

Despite a national movement to restrict access of children to pornographic materials online, a U.S. district judge in Charlottesville last week barred the state of Virginia from enforcing a law aimed at protecting children from harmful material on the Internet. Continue Reading →

Charlottesville School Board Approves Pro-Homosexual Measures

Pro-Homosexual Activist Displays Hypocrisy About Harassment at Meeting

In a 4 to 1 vote Thursday night, the Charlottesville, Virginia School Board approved two controversial measures intended to protect people from discrimination and harassment on the basis of their sexual orientation.

Two representatives from the state affiliate for the American Family Association testified before the panel, warning the new policies would legitimize destructive behavior at a cost too high for the city and its people. Continue Reading →

Groups Says Charlottesville School Board Gives Credibility to Illegal Sexual Behavior

A statewide pro-family group today condemned the Charlottesville School Board’s decision to outlaw so-called “harassment” of students based on “sexual orientation.” A spokesman for Family Policy Network (FPN) questioned the motive behind the proposal, saying its real purpose was to deny free speech rights to people who care about fellow teachers and students involved in destructive sexual behavior. Continue Reading →

U.S. Senate Candidate Betrays Virginia Conservatives

For the first time in the history of Virginia’s Republican Party, a statewide candidate has met with an organization formed to promote special rights for homosexuals. Senatorial candidate George Allen met with the so-called “Log Cabin Republicans” in a meeting that spanned 90 minutes and covered a wide range of topics. Continue Reading →

Fans Witness Rebuke of Race Sponsor in Skies Above Daytona 500

Two national pro-family organizations joined forces here to educate race fans about a race sponsor’s ongoing promotion of homosexuality throughout North America. “Budweiser no doubt ‘felt the heat’ on their day in the sun yesterday as a national sponsor of the Daytona 500,” said Joe Glover, President of Family Policy Network. Continue Reading →

Beer Drinkers Oppose Anheuser-Busch for Promoting Homosexuality

Family Policy Network recently launched a new campaign called “Race for the Family” at a national stock car race in Martinsville, Virginia. The purpose of the campaign is to educate Anheuser-Busch customers on the company’s strategy to promote homosexuality for profit.

Joe Glover, President of the Virginia-based Family Policy Network quipped, “Of course, you’ll never see pro-homosexual beer advertisements in any mainstream publications. That’s because the marketing experts at Anheuser-Busch know most of their existing customers would object to the ploy, and many would stop purchasing their products or attending their amusement parks.” Glover says, “They don’t want their left hand to know what their right hand is doing.” Continue Reading →

Pro-Family Activists Confront Anheuser-Busch for Promoting Homosexuality

Three pro-family activists, including representatives of two national pro-family organizations, held a press conference here last night as part of a new campaign to inform beer drinkers on Anheuser-Busch’s attempts to promote homosexuality. Continue Reading →