Bush Administration Promotes “Global Homosexual Activism”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 28, 2001
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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The leader of a pro-family organization based in Virginia says George W. Bush “betrayed American values” by sending two homosexuals to the American embassy in Bucharest, Romania. Joe Glover, President of Family Policy Network, made his remarks after learning that Bush had dispatched a homosexual to be U.S. Ambassador to Romania, and was sending his “partner” to go with him.

Just one week after terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, Secretary of State Colin Powell administered the oath of office to homosexual Michael E. Guest to be the second open homosexual ever to represent America as a national ambassador. The first, James Hormel, was appointed ambassador to Luxembourg by Bill Clinton after seven years of opposition from conservative Republicans in the Senate. Clinton had to use an executive privilege to give Hormel an “emergency” appointment while the Senate was not in session. Guest was confirmed on a voice vote by the Senate without any debate.

Guest’s smooth confirmation process is due at least in part to manipulative tactics on the part of the Bush Administration. According to an article published in the WASHINGTON BLADE on September 22, homosexual activist Kevin Ivers worked in concert with White House officials to hide Guest’s immoral lifestyle. The homosexual newspaper reports, “Ivers said Bush Administration officials knew Guest was gay, and his sexual orientation was widely known at the State Department, where he had been a member of [a gay employee group called Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies].” According to the BLADE, “Nothing was said about Guest’s sexual orientation during his July 1 confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and the White House did not mention that Guest is gay in its own announcement of his nomination on June 19.”

Glover questioned the integrity of the Bush Administration for keeping Guest’s homosexuality a secret until after his confirmation was certain. He said, “It’s very disconcerting to see a President who calls himself a Christian hiding grossly immoral conduct of a nominee, so Senate members aren’t able to ‘advise and consent’ with full knowledge.”

According to the BLADE, Secretary of State Colin Powell “recognized Guest’s domestic partner” during a State Department ceremony. WASHINGTON POST writer Lloyd Grove reported that Powell “publicly acknowledged Guest’s partner of six years, teacher Alex Nevarez, who was onstage [during the ceremony] with the ambassador’s parents and plans to join Guest in Bucharest.”

Grove called Powell’s recognition of Guest’s homosexual partner a “sign of the times.” Glover disagreed, saying, “If it were truly a sign of the times, the Bush Administration wouldn’t have hidden his perverse lifestyle to get him confirmed.” He added, “It’s really a sign to pro-family advocates that the Bush Administration can’t be trusted.”

Before his inauguration, many conservatives believed Bush’s arrival in Washington would mean the end of the homosexual activism promoted by his presidential predecessor. “Not so,” said Glover, “It took seven years for Bill Clinton to appoint a homosexual ambassador. Now George Bush has done it in just over seven months.”

Guest’s appointment appears to be a timely act of global pro-homosexual activism, as Romania is currently embroiled in a national debate over homosexuality. Concerned Women for America’s Culture and Family Institute recently reported that pro-homosexual organizations such as Amnesty International are pressuring Romania to eradicate all laws banning homosexual behavior, and its public expression.

Glover expressed frustration over the activist nature of Guest’s appointment, saying, “Apparently it’s not enough for George Bush to establish a pro-homosexual administration here in America. It seems he’s determined to spread his endorsement of that perversion to the rest of the world.”


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