Kroger Pulls Homosexual Newspaper from its Stores

Excerpts from “Gay Paper Pulled From Grocery Stores”
by Kristin M. Hall, Associated Press Writer – 6/12/07

[AP] – A regional gay and lesbian newspaper has been pulled from racks at Nashville-area Kroger grocery stores; the newspaper’s publisher calls the action discriminatory.

A Kroger Co. spokeswoman said the Cincinnati-based company has a policy against displaying publications that promote “political, religious or other specific agendas” and cited the need to remain neutral.

But newspaper supporters say Kroger enforces the policy inconsistently, noting that Kroger allows the display of gay newspapers at its stores in other markets, such as Atlanta, and alternative weekly newspapers with political columns and ads for strip clubs in the Nashville area.

But Kroger allows The Southern Voice, an Atlanta-based gay and lesbian newspaper, to be distributed on its stands in Atlanta-area stores. The grocery chain also advertises in the paper.

The Nashville Scene, an alternative weekly, is offered for free at Kroger stores in Nashville, and it regularly publishes political columns, along with advertisements for strip clubs and dating phone lines.

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