Here is a sampling of the issues Family Policy Network confronted in 2008:

Declining, Liberal Churches Oppose Biblical Definition of Marriage

A group of liberal churches are petitioning the California Supreme Court to overturn the recently voter-approved Proposition 8, which defines marriage as the union of man and woman. The referendum overturns a California Supreme Court decision that temporarily mandated same-sex unions. An official from the Institute on Religion and Democracy points to declining membership in these congregations by saying they “increasingly represent an elite and effete minority.” He adds, “Their emptying pews prevent almost any kind of significance.” Continue Reading →

Michigan House passes dangerous pro-homosexual ‘hate crimes’ bill…

LANSING, MI — A dangerous, pro-homosexual ‘hate crimes’ proposal called “House Bill 6341″ (HB6341) has passed the Michigan House of Representatives, and it may soon pass the Michigan Senate unless you get involved. The bill’s supporters claim the proposal would only impact the perpetrators of violent crimes against people on the basis of their so-called “sexual orientation,” but innocent Christians have been maligned and even jailed in other states and countries under very similar laws.


POLICY PAPER: “Morning-After” Abortion Pills Should be Opposed

The Morning-after Abortion Pill (MAP), which is often referred to by pro-abortion activists as “emergency contraception,†consists of a quadruple-dose of hormones ordinarily found in physician-prescribed “birth control†pills. According to documentation from manufacturers of the MAP, the substance must be administered within 72 hours after sexual intercourse to prevent ovulation and subsequent fertilization from occurring. However, if ovulation has already occurred, the MAP is designed prevent the implantation of the fertilized egg AFTER conception, thereby destroying tiny young human lives. This policy paper presents the reasons for Family Policy Network’s (FPN) opposition to the Morning-after Abortion Pill.

Federal Government Makes “Morning-After†Pill Available Over-the-Counter
Pro-Lifers Upset with Bush Over Support for Morning-after Abortion Pill Continue Reading →

Ft Worth Episcopalians Leaving Denomination Over Its Support for Homosexuality

The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth is expected to vote during its diocesan convention to end its affiliation with the national denomination. An overwhelming number of the diocese’s 56 parishes and missions have expressed support for the vote, which requires support from two-thirds of the convention to be adopted. The diocese has expressed an intention to align itself with another province in the Anglican Communion, the Argentina-based Province of the Southern Cone. Continue Reading →

“Tolerant and Diverse” Homosexuals Attack Grandmother, Stomp Cross

Shocking video reveals hatred and rage from homosexuals protesting the voters’ decision to make California the 30th state in the nation to enshrine traditional marriage into their state constitution. In the video, homosexual activists surround an older lady who wants to defend the Biblical definition of marriage. They then strip a cross out of her hands and stomp it on the ground and chant “go home” and “shame on you.”

A television news crew captured the footage. Subsequently, homosexuals shouted down an attempt by the crew to interview the woman. Continue Reading →

Schwarzenegger Violates Oath By Opposing Proposition 8 After Election

On November 4th, 2008, nearly six million California citizens rejected radical homosexual activism by writing the Biblical definition of marriage into their state’s constitution. They did so Continue Reading →

CA Governor Hopeful Disparages Blacks for Supporting Marriage

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s latest comments on overwhelming black support for California’s marriage amendment may hurt his chances of being governor. Continue Reading →

Election ’08: The Good

Voters in Arizona, California, Florida Protect One-Man, One-Woman Marriage in their State Constitutions Continue Reading →

Election ’08: The Bad

Policy-makers only offered voters weak marriage amendments to adopt on election day Continue Reading →

Election ’08: The Ugly

The election of Barack Obama jeopardizes all the advancements conservatives have made on both the marriage and abortion fronts in the culture war. Continue Reading →

Read What Americans Are Saying About Hallmark’s “same-sex couple” Cards

[FPN] – – Many citizens throughout America have joined a boycott against Hallmark Incorporated in response to that company’s introduction of so-called “same-sex couple” greeting cards. (See a sampling of petition-signers’ comments from all 50 states by clicking on the story title above.) The boycott, which was announced in August by Family Policy Network (FPN), has attracted committed participants in cities and towns throughout the nation.

FPN is hosting an online petition to gather endorsements from individuals and like-minded organizations at BoycottHallmark.COM. Continue Reading →

US Senate Considers Granting Marriage Benefits to Homosexuals

[FPN] – The United States Senate is considering a bill that would grant marriage benefits to homosexual federal employees and their “partners.” The Senate will hold a Continue Reading →

CA Christians Called to Oppose Ballot Measure that Would Decriminalize Prostitution

Opposition is growing to a proposal on San Francisco’s November ballot that would, in effect, decriminalize prostitution. The proposal, Proposition K, would halt use of funds to enforce laws against prostitution, including the state ban.

Tony Nassif of Cedars Cultural and Educational Foundation understands how the issue ended up on the ballot. “We have a sexualization of society where standards of right and wrong are disintegrating, and moral paradigms are disintegrating as well,” Nassif contends. Continue Reading →

2008 “Hate Crimes” Article Reveals USA TODAY’s Liberal Bias

[FPN] – Members of the media have long twisted the facts surrounding the 1998 death of college student Matthew Shepard, inferring he was killed simply because of his homosexuality. This baseless claim was made by many “gay” activists soon after Shepard’s death in an effort to silence critics who seek to discourage various forms of sexual immorality.

An article in the 3/10/08 USA Today preceeded the 2008 introduction of legislation in Congress that would give special protections to some victims of violent crimes, based on their private, sexual conduct. USA Today’s article is just another example of left-wing radicals masquerading as objective journalists. Continue Reading →

PA Supreme Court Rules ‘Hate Crimes’ Law Was Passed Illegally

Pro-family attorneys applaud the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for its ruling in Marcavage v. Rendell affirming that the state legislature violated the Pennsylvania Constitution when it added “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to Pennsylvania’s “ethnic intimidation” law in 2002. Continue Reading →

FPN Lobbying Effort Derails ‘Anti-Family’ Legislation in Virginia

The Commerce and Labor Committee in Virginia’s House of Delegates has rejected a bill that would have authorized local governments to give away one of the cherished benefits of marriage to unwed partners including homosexuals and unmarried cohabitants. Conservatives had been shocked to see the bill known as SB51 pass the House Commerce and Labor subcommittee #1 on Tuesday, February 19th – – especially since five Republicans who usually support pro-family legislation voted with the majority to do so. Continue Reading →

William & Mary President Fired After Porn Controversy

Gene Nichol, the president of the historic College of William & Mary who ordered a cross removed from the campus chapel and approved presentation of a sex show, has quit after being told his contract would not be renewed this summer.

A report in the Virginian-Pilot said Nichol abandoned any responsibilities he would have had during the remaining few months of his contract when the rector of the Williamsburg, Va., college’s governing Board of Visitors told him his contract would not be renewed on its expiration in June. Continue Reading →