Here is a sampling of the issues Family Policy Network confronted in 2007:

FPN Flies Hope Over “Gay Pride” Events from California to Florida in 2007

Family Policy Network (FPN) spearheaded a campaign called “Project Hope Days,” wherein it flew airplane banners over pro-homosexual events throughout the nation that read, “JESUS CHRIST: WWW. HOPE FOR HOMOSEXUALS .COM.” The banners were flown over so-called “gay pride” parades and other events that were designed to celebrate sexual sin in several major cities, including Atlanta, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Orlando, Sandusky (OH) and San Francisco. Continue Reading →

Christian Activist Questions President’s Remarks About Jesus Christ

Forest, VA –A Christian pro-family activist is taking President Bush to task for comments he made recently, rejecting the exclusive deity of the God of the Bible. Continue Reading →

TAKE ACTION: PA House May Require All Hospitals to Offer Abortion-Inducing Drug

Lawmakers in the state House of Representatives are bracing for a fight over a bill that would require hospitals to provide victims of sexual assault with access to [Plan B] emergency contraception. It is possible that Plan B could prevent fertilization of an egg released from the ovary, or attachment of the fertilized egg in the uterus.

The House’s full membership is scheduled to consider the bill on second reading, which means it could be amended on the floor. A final vote could come as early as [the week of October 8, 2007].
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SAN FRANCISCO ‘GAY’ WEEKLY: FPN Hope Banner Flies Over Sinful Celebration

The Bay Area Reporter OnlineFamily Policy Network was behind an airplane that circled [the September 30, 2007 Folsom Street Fair] leather festival towing an anti-gay banner. Some fairgoers saw an airplane circling above the South of Market event with a banner “Jesus Christ: www.Hopeforhomosexuals.com.” The banner, supported by an anti-gay organization devoted to encouraging gay and lesbian individuals to become “ex-gays,” is linked to the Virginia-based Family Policy Network.

“Homosexuality is nothing to celebrate,” said Joe Glover, president of Family Policy Network. “It has grave consequences, both physical and spiritual … the hope of all who sin, including homosexuals, is the chance to turn from sin and embrace the redemption God makes available through His Son, Jesus Christ.” Continue Reading →

FPN Flies ‘Hope for Homosexuals’ Over Debauchery at Folsom Street Fair

Family Policy Network (FPN) contracted an aerial advertising company to fly an airplane banner over a city-wide celebration of sin in San Fransisco on 9/30/2007. The message on the banner read, “JESUS CHRIST: WWW.HOPE FOR HOMOSEXUALS.COM.” The banner is one of several that FPN has contracted to fly over pro-homosexual events throughout the nation in 2007. Continue Reading →

Head of Ohio Right-to-Life Group Undermines Pro-Life Bill

[FPN] – The head of a million-dollar-a-year Ohio pro-life group exploited an interview with the daily newspaper in the state’s capital city to publicly undermine a proposed abortion ban, just days after it was introduced in the state legislature. In an article that appeared in the July 12, 2007 Columbus Dispatch, Ohio Right to Life Executive Director Denise Mackura effectively undercut a legislative proposal offered by Representative Tom Brinkman (R-Cincinnati) that would ban all abortions except those designed to save the life of the mother, saying she doesn’t believe the proposal will pass with Democrat Governor Ted Strickland in office. Mackura’s comments seem to indicate she prefers avoiding a principled defeat, unlike the abortion ban bill’s sponsor, who recognizes the value of forcing legislators to prove or disprove their pro-life credentials before the voters back home. Continue Reading →

FPN to Fly ‘Hope for Homosexuals’ Over San Diego “Gay Pride” Parade Saturday

Forest, VA –Two Christian pro-family organizations are working together to form an evangelistic outreach in California this weekend, designed to confront “gay pride” parade attendees with the Continue Reading →

WORLDNETDAILY: FPN Calls Kennedy’s ‘Hate Crime’ Plan “Shockingly Manipulative”

WorldNetDaily.comSen. Edward Kennedy’s “hate crimes” plan – – feared by Christian leaders as a way to censor biblical condemnations of homosexuality – – has been proposed as an amendment to a spending bill needed for the defense of the nation, a maneuver opponents are calling “shameless” and “manipulative.” Joe Glover of the Family Policy Network said the move is “shockingly manipulative.” Continue Reading →

OneNewsNow.com: FPN Says Greatest Danger to Homosexuals is Other Homosexuals

OneNewsNow.com is reporting on FPN’s opposition to Senator Ted Kennedy’s underhanded plan to promote the homosexual agenda by inserting “hate crimes for homosexuals” language into a crucial defense spending bill. In the interview for this story, FPN President Joe Glover said the real goal of adding “sexual orientation” to “hate crimes” categories is to silence Biblical opposition to homosexuality. However, Glover asserts that in their efforts to silence Christians, homosexual activists are “ignoring the true threat to a homosexual’s safety: other homosexuals.” Continue Reading →

President Bush Vows to Veto “Hate Crimes” Bill – – Or Does He?

The White House released a statement of opposition to the “hate crimes” bill known as H.R. 1592 on the same day the proposal was approved by the House of Representatives (May 3rd). Some have interpreted the statement as a promise to veto the bill coming from the President himself. However, that assessment may be premature, since neither the President nor any of his spokesmen have said what he will do if the “hate crimes” bill reaches his desk. Continue Reading →

Senator’s Use of Defense Funding Bill to Pass “Hate Crimes” Proposal Called “Reckless”

Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA)The president of Family Policy Network (FPN) is accusing a U.S. Senator of jeopardizing the welfare of American soldiers in an underhanded attempt to have “sexual orientation” added to the list of federally-protected hate crimes categories.

FPN President Joe Glover described Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy’s decision to add a controversial “hate crimes proposal to a military spending bill as “reckless” and “possibly treasonous” in an email to FPN supporters in all 50 states.

CLICK HERE to tell your Senators and the President to OPPOSE
“Hate Crimes” protection on the basis of “sexual orientation.”

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FPN Pushes for Obscenity Prosecution vs. Charlottesville Area Video Retailer

[FPN – May 18, 2007] – A national video retail company distributing hard core pornographic materials from the back room of a store just north of Charlottesville may soon face prosecution if a Virginia pro-family activist gets her way. Family Policy Network of Virginia Director Marnie Deaton says efforts to convince a local prosecutor to take legal action against the store for the alleged violations have thus far been unsuccessful, and the time has come to let citizens throughout the county voice their opinion. Continue Reading →

U.S. House Passes Pro-Homosexual “Hate Crimes” Bill

ROLL CALL: 25 Repubs join 212 Dems to Add “Sexual Orientation” to “Hate Crimes” Categories

Conservatives only see an “outside chance” to derail bill in the Senate…

[FPN – 5/3/07] – The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to extend special protections to homosexuals, cross-dressers and other people involved in sexual perversions by passing the “Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act” (a.k.a. H.R. 1592). If proposal becomes law, the term “sexual orientation†will be added to the list of federally protected “hate crimes†categories, making it more of a crime to harm some people on the basis of their sexually-deviant behavior. Continue Reading →

New York Liberal Links “Gay Marriage,” Destruction of Family Unit

A recent column in a conservative publication shows just how broad the political support base is for protecting one-man, one-woman marriage. Readers may not be surprised to learn the head of an organization promoting “American values” penned a commentary in The Weekly Standard — making a strong case for the relationship between the adoption of “gay marriage” and the erosion of traditional values (i.e., higher rates of divorce, unwed childbearing, nonmarital cohabitation, etc.). The surprise comes when readers learn the author is a self-described liberal Democrat from New York who does NOT otherwise oppose homosexual behavior. Continue Reading →

FPN MODEL LEGISLATION: School Club Notification Bill

The following language is Family Policy Network’s model legislation to regulate school-based clubs (including so-called ‘gay-straight alliances’ and wiccan clubs) in order to create accountability and safeguard parents’ rights where some of the more controversial school-based clubs exist: Continue Reading →

FPN Promotes State-Based School Club Restrictions in AL, NC, TN, TX and VA

[FPN] – In August of 2006, Family Policy Network (FPN) announced a campaign to promote a state-based approach to protecting children from homosexual activists in public schools. Efforts are underway (in various stages) to promote FPN’s school-based clubs proposal in Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. Similar bills have become law already in Georgia and Utah. Another similar proposal has been promoted in Massachusetts. Continue Reading →

POLICY PAPER: FPN’s School Clubs Legislation

Student-led, non-academic clubs have long been an important part of the public school experience. From the Kiwanis-sponsored “Key Clubs,†to MADD-sponsored “Students Against Drunk Driving,†and the Christian-based “Fellowship of Christian Athletes,†scores of public school children have learned important values and engaged in meaningful community service as a result of their participation in school-based clubs.

The number and scope of school clubs has increased dramatically in recent years. Currently, clubs promoting astrology, atheism, feminism, homosexuality and even witchcraft are common in public schools, and have often alarmed parents, teachers and administrators in school districts throughout the nation. Continue Reading →

ACTION ALERT: Military Leader Criticized for Calling Homosexuality Immoral

(Washington, DC) – A respected, God-fearing Marine general is under fire from homosexual activists and liberal politicians for stating his belief that homosexuality is “immoral.” Family Policy Network has launched an ONLINE PETITION for citizens to automatically express their support for this God-fearing military leader to President Bush and a liberal Republican who asked the General to apologize. Continue Reading →

EDUCATION WEEK: FPN Pushes Laws to Initiate Parental Involvement in School Clubs

(EDUCATION WEEK: 3/7/07) – “Legislation awaiting Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.’s signature could make the state the first in the nation to require parental permission for students to participate in school-sponsored clubs and organizations — a measure that opponents say is intended to prevent students from joining gay-straight clubs in schools.”

“Requiring parental permission .. concerns Joe Glover, the president of the Family Policy Network, a Washington-based Christian advocacy organization that opposes gay-straight clubs and has lobbied against them in several states.”

“Though the Family Policy Network last year announced that it would campaign for parental-permission provisions in five states, not including Utah, Mr. Glover said that the group since has rethought its position. He is concerned that requiring parental consent could result in students choosing not to join a variety of school clubs, including religious groups that his organization supports. Continue Reading →

USA TODAY: FPN Fighting for Parents’ Rights in Five States

USA Today Logo(USA TODAY: 2/8/07) – Not everyone applauds the soaring number of school-based gay/straight alliances and adult-led programs for gay teens. “Homosexuality is harmful to society, and young people have no business committing to a sexual identity until they’re adults,” says Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council, a conservative policy group. The council backs a new Georgia law, first in the nation, that requires schools to tell parents about clubs and allows them to forbid their children to participate in gay/straight alliances.

Lobbying is underway to pass similar laws in North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama and Texas, says Joe Glover of the Family Policy Network, a Christian family advocacy group. “Parents shouldn’t have to check their rights at the school room door,” he says. Continue Reading →