Court Declares Homosexual “Marriages” Performed in Canada as Valid in New York

Just how long will it take homosexual “marriage” to come to the Empire State? It may come sooner than you think, thanks to an August ruling from the New York Supreme Court. During the week of August 6, 2007, the court ruled that any homosexual “marriages” performed in Canada will be recognized as legal in the state of New York. Homosexual “couples” are now able to travel across the Canadian border to get “married”, and then come back to New York with all the legal rights and benefits intended for one-man, one-woman married couples.

Sadly, the court’s decision pushes New York even closer to fully legalizing ALL homosexual “marriages”. Pro-family groups will be fighting to overturn the pro-homosexual ruling, but if the court’s ruling is upheld on appeal, it won’t take long for activist judges to declare any homosexual “marriage” performed within the state as legal.

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Excerpts from “NY recognizes Canadian same-sex marriages”
By Kelly Patterson, Ottawa Citizen – August 18, 2007

In a landmark case, an American court has ruled that gay couples who tie the knot in Canada can be treated as legally married in the state of New York.

Justice Joan Lefkowitz of the New York Supreme Court ruled last week that same-sex marriages performed outside the country are valid, even though gay New Yorkers cannot be legally married in their home state.

If the ruling holds up on appeal, “it will mean for all practical purposes, same-sex marriage is legal in the state of New York,” because people can easily cross the border to get married, said [Northwestern University law professor Andrew] Koppelman.

The case centred on a 2006 order by Westchester County Executive Andrew Spano that county officials must recognize same-sex marriages from other jurisdictions.

A conservative Arizona-based group called the Alliance Defense Fund took Spano to court, arguing his order violated the state’s constitution and municipal laws.

Last summer, the New York Court of Appeal upheld the state’s century-old definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

But Lefkowitz found that ruling did not address the issue of marriages performed outside the state.

“We’re very disappointed in the ruling,” says Brian Raum, a lawyer for the Alliance Defense Fund. He plans to appeal.

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It’s not hard to prove the statistical link between “gay marriage” and destruction of families. Click here to read FPN’s commentary on statistics proving why societies that adopt “gay marriage” simultaneously weaken the traditional family.

The state of New York does not have a marriage amendment that protects one-man, one-woman marriage. Pro-family New Yorkers should work to pass a state marriage amendment before rogue judges force “gay marriage” on them. However, marriage amendments that merely define the term “marriage” without also banning counterfeits should be opposed. Click here to read why merely protecting the “m”-word is not enough.

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