Homosexual Student Seeks Taxpayer-Funded Bathrooms for Cross-Dressing Sex Deviants

IMG_9988It seems that homosexual activists will do anything to force society to accept their deviant “lifestyle.” The Raleigh News and Observer is reporting that a so-called “transgender” N.C. State student wants to use taxpayer dollars to install several unisex restrooms on campus for other sex deviants. The school administration is said to be interested in adopting the idea.

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Excerpts from “Students rally for gender-neutral johns”
By Josh Shaffer, The Raleigh News and Observer – August 31, 2007

In the past, an activist might picket City Hall, burn a draft card or occupy a segregated lunch counter. Now there’s a new cause: public restrooms.

[An N.C. State University student has] proposed installing lockable, unisex restrooms in all new campus buildings as a convenience for transgender students, the disabled, nursing mothers and single parents with children of the opposite sex.

“There’s been a real push to support diversity on campus,” said Madeline Goss, a senior and male-to-female transgender student. “I go to the bathroom and I don’t get a second look. But there was a time when people walked out when they saw me in the bathroom.”

Goss settled on the restroom idea in a summer technical writing class. The assignment: find something on campus you’d like to change and draw up a report to make it happen. When she began becoming a woman in the spring, she met confused faces and dirty looks when she used a men’s room.

Vice Provost Jose Picart said the students’ ideas for adding to the 111 unisex bathrooms make sense. He promised to pass the idea up the administrative chain.

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