VA School District Allows Pro-Family Ex-Gay Group to Distribute Fliers to Students

Excerpts from “About face: VA school district says it won’t snub ex-’gay’ group”
By Jim Brown, – August 13, 2007

A Northern Virginia school district has reversed course and will now allow an ex-”gay” group to distribute flyers informing students that homosexuality is a choice.

The group Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX) had sued Arlington County Public Schools for refusing to distribute its fliers to high school students. In the lawsuit, PFOX accused the district of violating its free-speech and due-process rights and engaging in viewpoint discrimination. Now a settlement has been reached in the case.

PFOX’s attorney, Tim Tracey with the Christian Legal Society (CLS), says the district has agreed to treat the group “even-handedly.”

“The law is clear,” the attorney explains. “The First Amendment law on the issue of what public schools have to do with community groups’ fliers is absolutely clear. They’re going to treat them like any other community group.”

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