CA Legislature Seeks to Give Marriage Benefits to Unmarried Couples, Including Homosexuals

Excerpts from “California handing out marriage privileges” – June 27, 2007

California lawmakers, under two proposals that have advanced in the state legislature, are trying to hand out the rights that historically have belonged to married couples to any duo, married or not, including same-sex partners.

Senate Bill 11, authored by state Sen. Carole Migden of San Francisco, has been approved by a state Assembly committee, and would give all the rights of marriage to unmarried men and women.

And Assembly Bill 43, which also has been endorsed, would require every community in the state to endorse same-sex marriages.

State law already awards all the rights of marriage to homosexuals who register as “domestic partners,” simply creating same-sex marriage by another name, opponents of the legislation said.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has not taken a public position on SB 11, and the first-of-its-kind bill awarding marriage rights to the unmarried has already passed the Democrat-controlled state Senate.

Officials said in addition to the legislative attacks on marriage in California, the judicial attacks also are increasing. Officials expect by early next year the state Supreme Court will have ordered the creation of “same-sex” marriages.

Schwarzenegger has indicated he would veto AB 43 if it reaches his desk.

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