Court Upholds Pro-Life Teacher’s Refusal of Dues to Pro-Abortion Union

Excerpts from “Ohio Teacher Doesn’t Have to Pay Union Dues Over Abortion Stance”
By by Steven Ertelt, – June 25, 2007

Columbus, OH — An Ohio teacher is delighted following a federal district court ruling that requiring her to pay dues to the National Education Association is a violation of her First Amendment Rights. She sued to stop being forced to fund the organization because her money would be used to promote abortion.

Katter, a mathematics and language arts instructor in the St. Mary’s district, had requested and exemption after learning her dues would promote abortion.

“I know where NEA money goes, and I knew I never wanted to be part of that,” she told CNS News at the time.

The National Right to Work Foundation helped Katter with her lawsuit and Stefan Gleason, the NRWF’s vice president, praised the judge’s ruling as “a victory for employee rights and the freedom of conscience.”

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