Taxpayer-Funded State University “Committed” to Create a “Gay Center” for Students

Excerpts from “LGBT Center yet to be finalized”
By Josh Harrell, N.C. State University Technician – June 21, 2007

After holding town hall style meetings and discussions during the school year concerning a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Center in Talley Student Center, plans for such a place have not been cleared.

According to Tom Stafford, vice chancellor for student affairs, he along with Jose Picart, the vice provost for diversity and African American affairs, and Provost Larry Nielsen are in talks about how to fund the center.

“We’re all totally committed to put it in place,” Stafford said of the center.

The target date for getting the center finalized is sometime in July, according to Stafford, but it could be as late as August.

The issue of establishing such a center was a hot one during the school year. Student Government held a town hall style meeting in December where members of the community joined students and University administrators to discuss the creation of the center.

Despite some initial opposition, [graduate assistant homosexual advisor Sam] Morris said people have warmed to the idea and that once the center is put in place, students will see the benefits of it.

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