Planned Parenthood Wants to Kill Children, Surgically AND Chemically

Cecile Richards, the CEO of abortion mega-business Planned Parenthood, recently appeared on the Bill Press Radio Show. During her interview, she advocated population control so as to “save” the government money.

Indeed, Richards hopes that the US government will provide more money to abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood so they can distribute chemical birth control.

Cecile Richards knows that with every passing year, more Americans are becoming pro-life. She knows defending surgical abortion is a losing battle in light of all the recent scientific advancements that show the humanity of the unborn.

She also knows that most Americans have no idea of the abortifacient nature of many chemical birth control methods. As such, her goal is to reroute Planned Parenthood’s surgical abortion business into a government-funded chemical abortion business.

Richards and her ilk are counting on the fact that most pro-lifers won’t object to greater distribution of birth control. After all, many of them don’t know it can cause abortion.

Even so, many of the pro-lifers who do know the abortive effects of chemical birth control may not protest as loudly simply because the silent death of a zygote is not as “visible” as the painful wrenching of a 6-month fetus undergoing surgical abortion.

If Richards succeeds in convincing the American government to fund birth control in order to “save money,” then the long-standing goal of pro-abortionists is still accomplished.


Planned Parenthood President: Fewer People Saves Government Money
Life News

Presumably, Richards believes the more people who are born the more people will need the support of government programs and services — ignoring the contribution people make to society.

Job 1:21

And he said:
“ Naked I came from my mother’s womb,
And naked shall I return there.
The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away;
Blessed be the name of the LORD.”