FPN’s “Hope Days” Project

Family Policy Network Turns “Gay Days” into “Hope Days” Again in 2010


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Every year about this time, Christians and pro-family organizations express their angst over so-called ‘pride parades’ and ‘gay day’ celebrations in cities and theme parks across the country. In some cases, there is frustration over companies like Disney that embrace celebrations of immorality with their blessing and assistance. In other cases, the offense occurs when theme parks and/or city streets are overrun with acts of perversion — despite the objections of park operators and local officials. Regardless, Bible-believing Christians are often discouraged to see these celebrations of sin, and to consider the devastating effects of homosexual behavior it brings upon many who engage in it.

This summer, Family Policy Network (FPN) is once again spearheading an outreach designed to turn “Gay Days” into “Hope Days” by confronting attendees at such events with the truth that Jesus Christ can set them free from the sin of homosexuality. With the help of supporters and pro-family organiztions across the country, FPN has contracted pilots to fly airplanes towing banners over a number of pro-homosexuals events, beginning early in the so-called “gay pride month” of June that read, “JESUS CHRIST: WWW.HOPE FOR HOMOSEXUALS.COM.”

FPN established the “Hope for Homosexuals” web site ( to encourage practicing homosexuals to “come out” of that destructive lifestyle, and to come home to the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. The website includes stirring testimonies from former homosexuals, a presentation of God’s plan of salvation, articles that warn of the destructive nature of homosexual behavior, and contact information for groups that assist recovering homosexuals to find hope and healing for their broken lives.

For more information on “Project Hope Days,” see the links at the end of this page or contact Family Policy Network.


Q: “Is this a protest?”

A: “No. It is merely an attempt to share the same hope and joy we have found in the forgiveness and love of Jesus Christ. While FPN supports and promotes protests and boycotts of companies and entities that promote immoral and/or unwholesome activities, “Project Hope Days” is simply not that kind of activity.”

Q: “Is ‘Project Hope Days’ an attempt to ‘proselytize’?”

A: “No. The primary goal of ‘Project Hope Days’ is to ‘evangelize,’ which means we desire to share the good news of redemption through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins — regardless of how and where new believers in that good news will assimilate into the body of Christ.

If our goal was to ‘proselytize,’ it would mean we were ultimately attempting to assimilate converts into our own organization through membership or some other affiliation. However, FPN is not a membership organization, and we make no efforts to add new converts to our supporter list through this project. Instead, the goal of FPN’s ‘Hope Days’ project is to tell others about God’s offer of reconciliation through repentance and faith in His Son, Jesus Christ.”

Q: “Why should FPN concern itself with the immorality of others?”

A: “In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said His followers were to be “the salt of the earth” and the “light of the world.”

As “salt,” God’s people are to be a preservative for society and the individuals in it. As a Christian organization, FPN’s reason for objecting to immorality is to help protect people from the consequences of violating God’s natural order. Sometimes those objections seem to sting, just like salt stings flesh when it touches an open wound. Ultimately, though, the application of this “salt” is good for society and for the individuals in it.

In the case of “Project Hope Days,” FPN is acting on Christ’s directive to be ‘the light of the world.’ As such, it is sharing the light of the gospel, which is God’s plan of salvation for any who will repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. A person need not “fix” themselves by being “good” to accept this offer. Instead, the sincere confession of our sinfulness, and a heartfelt cry to God is the beginning to finding God’s forgiveness and healing power.”

Q: “Why is FPN’s ‘Hope Days’ project an important endeavor for FPN?”

A: “As a public policy organization, FPN regularly attempts to be the ‘salt’ Christ directed His followers to be. This work usually takes the form of opposition to various corporate and governmental policies that would otherwise sanction immoral behaviors like homosexuality. Also, it is vital to the health of the organization to seek out opportunities to be the ‘light’ Christ commanded us to be.”

Q: “Is FPN affiliated with a church or denomination?”

A: “No. Family Policy Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to informing Christians and confronting the culture on the moral issues of the day. Its officers and directors are members of churches in four different evangelical Christian denominations.


FPN is flying the “Hope” banner over as many Gay Day celebrations for which it can raise the necessary funds, beginning early in the so-called “gay pride month” of June. Hence, there is a direct correlation between contributions raised and the number of people the “Hope” banner can reach. No gift is too small. Yet, the larger the gift, the greater the impact.

Time is short. Therefore, interested donors and prospective sponsors are urged to get involved as soon as possible. Click here to contribute now or call 202-657-5384 on weekdays during business hours.


CLICK HERE to make a tax-deductible contribution to FPN.
Your gift will be used to accomplish FPN’s non-profit mission – – including the “Hope Days” project.