Volunteers Wanted to Write Updates on State and Local Issues

Are you a blogger – or do you want to be a blogger – discussing pro-family battles and issues in your state and/or local government?

If so, we may have an opportunity for you.

Family Policy Network is currently looking for skilled writers to write about cultural and public policy issues in their state and local governments on a volunteer basis. While we are unable to post every article we receive, we are interested in posting professionally-written, journalistically-styled reports related to Family Policy Network’s mission- that are provided exclusively for our readers.

If you are interested in providing this kind of content for FPN’s exclusive use, please send us a brief description of your experience and reasons for interest. Prepare the following information and mailto:[email protected].

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Phone Number (along with best times to call)
  4. Mailing Address
  5. Your Area(s) of Expertise (and a brief explanation)
  6. Your Blog or website address (if you have one)
  7. A brief explanation of your public policy and/or ministry experience
  8. A brief description of your short term and long term goals in pro-family public policy
  9. Other information you feel would be helpful for us to know