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Family Policy Network A recent study shows that 53 million abortions have been performed in America since 1973. However, that figure does NOT include the countless millions of unborn lives that have been extinguished as a result of chemical abortions occurring due to the birth control pill or the morning-after pill. The total number of abortions is probably in the hundreds of millions. Read FPN’s policy paper on the morning-after pill:



REASON 1: Because the MAP destroys tiny human lives Even though the primary purpose of the MAP is to prevent conception by preventing ovulation, a secondary effect of the drug is to prevent an already-fertilized egg from attaching itself to the uterine wall. This secondary effect constitutes an abor

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November 30 at 3:45pm

Family Policy Network A state senate vote on a marriage amendment in Iowa may be blocked by just one senator:

Click here to read FPN’s policy paper on the need for strong marriage amendments:

State Marriage Amendments

Since that time, pro-family lawmakers and citizens have amended most state constitutions in order to preserve the centuries-old definition of marriage between one man and one woman. Some of those states adopted amendments that define the term “marriage” AND ban counterfeits like civil unions and dom

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November 27 at 3:45pm

Family Policy Network The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery will be featuring an exhibit meant to chronicle the impact (and progressive legitimization) of immorality on the arts, specifically in the area of photography. – – And they’re using your money to do it.

National Portrait Gallery | Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture

According to the exhibit website, the exhibit is meant to explore the “role of sexual difference in depicting modern America; how artists explored the fluidity of sexuality and gender; how major themes in modern art—especially abstraction—were influenced by social marginalization; and how art reflec… 457 Impressions · 0% Feedback November 26 at 5:08pm

Family Policy Network Homosexual activists worry that time will run out for a DADT repeal:

Will time run out for ‘Don’t Ask’ repeal? : Washington Blade – Gay News

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November 26 at 3:15pm

Family Policy Network Happy Thanksgiving from Family Policy Network!

Read about the Christian history of Thanksgiving in America on FPN’s website:

The Christian History of Thanksgiving in America

The first recorded Christian Thanksgiving in America occurred in Texas on May 23, 1541 when Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado led 1,500 men in a thanksgiving celebration at the Palo Duro Canyon.

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November 25 at 9:09am

Family Policy Network A recent letter to the editor published in a Virginia newspaper takes issue with a so-called “gay-straight alliance” formed at a local school. The citizen author points out that recent stories on “gay bullying” provide openings for pro-homosexual groups like the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) to infiltrate schools under the guise of fostering tolerance among students.

However, groups like GLSEN are far less concerned with so-called “tolerance” than they are with encouraging young minds to experiment with deadly and sinful homosexual acts. They are not nearly as concerned with the problem of bullying as they are with ensuring that their student (whether homosexual or heterosexual) members are brainwashed into the belief that homosexual practice is totally healthy and normal. As the letter’s author rightly points out, “the issues of “bullying” and “safe schools” have provided those who seek
to normalize and promote homosexuality a way to infiltrate our schools.” Read the excellent letter to the editor here:

For more information, read Family Policy Network’s treatment of the issue of same-sex sodomy and school bullying at the link below.

Same-Sex Sodomy No More Christ-Like than Bullying

The recent news stories regarding “bullying” against homosexuals are being promoted by homosexuals in order to rally sympathy to their agenda. Openly-homosexual Congressman Barney Frank recently remarked that these recent stories will galvanize “straights” to support the homosexual agenda in much th 308 Impressions · 0.65% Feedback November 23 at 3:15pm

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Zane Brooks The Bible Is Against Homosexuality: November 24 at 12:36am

Family Policy Network ‎’Don’t ask, don’t tell’ study to be released day earlier than planned: #tcot #dadt


‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ study to be released day earlier than planned

Signaling the growing seriousness of the Obama administration’s commitment this year to ending the military’s ban on gays serving openly in the armed forces, the Defense Department said Sunday that it will release a long-awaited report on the matter earlier than planned because senators are eager… 316 Impressions · 0% Feedback November 23 at 2:58pm

Family Policy Network Lieberman promises DADT repeal has enough votes in the US Senate: #tcot #dadt

The end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? Joe Lieberman said Democrats will have 60 votes to repeal policy

After an embarrassing defeat in September, Senate Democrats are taking a second try at repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell – and promise they have enough votes to do it. 323 Impressions · 0% Feedback November 22 at 2:56pm

Family Policy Network Are you in the fight against breast cancer? Have you ever supported breast cancer cure organizations like the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation?

Part of the money you donate to the Susan G. Komen fund goes to fund Planned Parenthood. That’s right. An organization supposedly devoted to prolonging life is funding an organization whose main business is to slaughter life. This is a cause for great concern for any Christian who has donated to Susan G. Komen. A portion of those dollars is going to fund the largest abortion provider on the planet. So next time you consider donating to a group that says they’re dedicated to preserving women’s lives, be sure they aren’t using your money to bankroll a group dedicated to ending tiny women’s (and men’s) lives.

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November 20 at 2:45pm

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Kurt Rebel Feigel goes well with the conflicted driver I saw today who had a bumper with “It’s my right to abort an embryo” on one side and “NO death penalty” on the other.

November 20 at 3:58pm

Sanne Zimmermann And this is in addition to the fact that 15 medical studies show the link between abortion and breast cancer. November 20 at 5:18pm

Family Policy Network Rep. Mike Pence is urging his congressional colleagues against a neglect of social issues. Various public figures have called for the new Republican congress to have a “moratorium” on issues like abortion and gay marriage in order to concentrate solely on economic issues.

This would be extremely unwise. Many of the conservatives who voted in this month’s election are concerned about the economy, but they’re not sweeping their conservative social positions under the rug. Now is the time for the new US Congress to make bold moves to protect life and marriage in this country.

Pence: Don’t Forget Social Issues; Decision on Presidential Run ‘Sometime Early Next Year’ – The Not

Rep. Mike Pence this week left his post in House leadership, with the wide presumption that he’ll run for president or for governor of Indiana in 2012. The Note, authored by ABC News’ Rick Klein, covers politics, the White House, Congress, Democrats, Republicans, and all latest political campaigning 361 Impressions · 0.55% Feedback November 19 at 2:35pm

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Zane Brooks The Bible Is Against Abortion:
The Bible Is Against Homosexuality: November 24 at 12:40am ·

Family Policy Network Embryonic stem cells are over-hyped, says scientist: #escr #tcot #abortion #prolife #escr #tcot #abortion #prolife

Embronic stem cells are over-hyped, says scientist | News | The Christian Institute

Stem cell research that destroys human embryos is getting disproportionate funding because its controversial nature stirs up media hype, a scientist has warned. 452 Impressions · 0.22% Feedback November 18 at 2:06pm

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Family Policy Network Homosexual activists and their supporters are still determined to force open homosexuality on America’s armed forces. Sources indicate that the Senate will try to repeal the long-standing ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy that keeps homosexual servicemembers from openly flaunting their actions. Senate Democrats will surely try to repeal DADT during the lame-duck session, that is, the time between the November 2nd election and January 3rd of 2011 when the new Congress is sworn in.

The article below points out several pro-homosexual GOP senators who may try to enable the repeal of DADT.

The Plum Line – Yes, DADT repeal could still pass, Senate staffers say
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Noah Tickle Sodom and Gamorrah, yet remains.

November 18 at 3:04pm

Zane Brooks The Bible Is Against Homosexuality:

November 24 at 12:37am

Family Policy Network Virginians will DEEPLY REGRET Gov. McDonnell’s work to “privatize” liquor sales, if he is successful in passing it through the legislature. Watch this disturbing video for a glimpse at its impact on Kentucky:

WWBT-12 Richmond: Investigative Report on Impact of Private Liquor Sales

“The McDonnell administration is still writing a plan to sell, or privatize, Virginia’s liquor monopoly. We wanted to know what might happen if, one day, there is no more ABC. So, we hit the road: A 500 mile trip from Richmond, to Lexington, KY, where, unlike Virginia, the government does not contr…

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Michael Fletcher I spent four college years in Kentucky near Lexington and I visit the area frequently. That view of the city is distorted at best. Local zoning could control a lot of that. For example, Lexington is just north of Jessamine County. Jessamine remains a dry county. And anyone who would assert that private liquor stores are the only (or main) reason there are undesierable sections in a town hasn’t spent much time in Richmond. November 18 at 12:34pm

Casey Murray Kentucky allows their localities to vote on their own liquor regulations. And while Lexington is in a wet county it should be pointed out that there are actually more dry counties in KY than wet counties… why didn’t they choose a city in one of the more numerous dry counties for their “Investigative” Report? I think it’s obvious that Lexington was chosen to meet someone’s bias agenda rather than making an honest report.

Also my understanding of McDonnell’s plan (which I think was very poorly done) was that there would actually be fewer places selling liquor after the privatization than there are under our current government run monopoly. November 19 at 9:23am

Family Policy Network Homosexual activists flagrantly violate laws in order to show “unfairness” of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”


AFP: Gay activists chain themselves to White House gate

WASHINGTON — Gay rights activists briefly handcuffed themselves to the White House’s north gate on Monday, urging President Barack Obama to repeal a ban on homosexuals serving openly in the military. 443 Impressions · 0.23% Feedback November 16 at 4:03pm

Noah Tickle Sodom and Gomorrah at play here. November 16 at 7:11pm

Family Policy Network North Carolina is the only state in the Southeast without a marriage amendment. This was largely because of the Democrat-dominated state legislature, which, after this year’s elections is now controlled by Republicans.

Social conservatives are hoping that the new leadership in the legislature will make efforts to enshrine a one-man, one-woman marriage amendment into the state’s constitution. But any marriage amendment won’t do. There must be strong language that protects not only the word “marriage,” but also the institution of marriage by prohibiting marriage impostors like civil unions and domestic partnerships. Too many states have passed weak amendments that subsequently allow homosexual activists to undermine the institution of marriage by assigning the rights and benefits of marriage to other “unions.”

Click here to read FPN’s policy paper on the need for strong marriage amendments:

State Marriage Amendments

Since that time, pro-family lawmakers and citizens have amended most state constitutions in order to preserve the centuries-old definition of marriage between one man and one woman. Some of those states adopted amendments that define the term “marriage” AND ban counterfeits like civil unions and dom 423 Impressions · 0% Feedback November 15 at 3:20pm

Family Policy Network Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards has penned a commentary on “why women need Nancy Pelosi.” The irony is sickening. Since Roe vs. Wade, the ideology of both Pelosi and Richards has sent millions of women to a gruesome death. In reality, women DON’T need Nancy Pelosi (or Cecile Richards), ESPECIALLY if they’re unborn women.

Cecile Richards: Why Women Need Pelosi | Capitol Hill Blue

In the aftermath of the election, the circular firing squad within the Democratic Party has dominated this week’s news. As with any disaster, blaming those who are not responsible is a given — and the pack mentality begins. November 13 at 10:51am

Family Policy Network BLOOD MONEY: Planned Parenthood received nearly $350 million in taxpayer dollars in 2008, with $400,000 going to Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood’s president.


Planned Parenthood Got $349.6 Million in Taxdollars, Did 324,008 Abortions, Paid Its Pres. $385,163

Planned Parenthood received $349.6 million in tax dollars in its fiscal year that ended on June 30, 2008 and paid its president, Cecile Richards, $385,163, plus another $11,876 in benefits and deferred compensation. November 12 at 3:50pm

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Kay Watson When Govt’ subsidizes murder, you can know all lives are at risk! God help us! Friday at 7:35pm


Family Policy Network High court rejects plea to allow open homosexuality in the military, for now:

High court rejects plea to block gay military ban

The Supreme Court is refusing to block enforcement of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on gays in the military while a federal appeals court considers the issue. Friday at 3:37pm

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Family Policy Network Coral Ridge Ministries Senior Writer Robert Knight: “When you combine this with Obama’s later mentorship from 12 to 18 years of age under Frank Marshall Davis, the Communist Party member in Hawaii who was also a sex pervert and pornographer (he authored the book Sex Rebel), it brings to mind questions about Obama’s fervent devotion to the homosexual and pro-abortion political and cultural agenda. At least, it should.”

NEW YORK TIMES: Obama in Indonesia to See Change and Familiar Sights

“[Barry Obama’s] nanny was an openly gay man who .. carried on an affair with a local butcher, longtime residents said. The nanny later joined a group of transvestites called Fantastic Dolls, who .. entertained people by dancing and playing volleyball.” November 10 at 10:25am

Family Policy Network Hawaii, which passed a marriage amendment in 1998, is poised to allow homosexual civil unions. Hawaii’s amendment only protects the word “marriage.” That’s why homosexual civil unions, which have most of the same benefits and privileges of marriage, may soon be allowed in the state. Read FPN’s policy paper on the need for marriage amendments that protects the idea of marriage, not just the word:


The Need for Strong State Marriage Amendments

Since that time, pro-family lawmakers and citizens have amended most state constitutions in order to preserve the centuries-old definition of marriage between one man and one woman. Some of those states adopted amendments that define the term “marriage” AND ban counterfeits like civil unions and dom November 10 at 8:45am

Family Policy Network ‎”The abortion industry kills as many Black people every four days as the Klan killed in 150 years.” – John Piper November 9 at 4:18pm

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Jonathan Mainguy The Klan was a small group of racists that didnt kill or enslave even 1% of the people taken from Africa and enslaved. Furthermore last time I checked “Black” people preferred to be called “African American”, its ignorant comments like the one you just posted that makes me want to distance myself from any extreme organization even if I believe its core value, that being abortion is murder. November 9 at 4:56pm

Family Policy Network

The quote above is from Dr. John Piper. Here’s why FPN posted it:

Most Americans are offended and horrified at the actions of what “a small group of racists” did under the cover of white hoods and the darkness of night. How much more offended should Americans be at a multi-million dollar child-killing conglomerate that operates in white lab coats and broad daylight?!

Dr. Piper was trying to point out disconnect we make between the awful injustices committed against black people by the KKK and those committed by Planned Parenthood. BOTH groups are a scourge on American history.

P.S. The Associated Press Style Guide regards “black” as the preferred term for African-Americans. See the guide here:

November 9 at 5:40pm

Noah Tickle To Bad folks like to play with words rather than doing some thinking. November 9 at 11:49pm



Family Policy Network Hawaii, which passed a marriage amendment in 1998, is poised to allow homosexual civil unions: #tcot #hawaii #marriage

Hawaii Positioned to Pass Same-sex Civil Unions

Hawaii Positioned to Pass Same-sex Civil Unions November 9 at 2:10pm

Family Policy Network In an audacious display of disdain for life, many women on Twitter took their pro-abortion activism to a new level last week by tweeting about their abortion(s). The effort caused the hashtag #ihadanabortion to become a trending topic on Twitter for a time.Not only is the episode a case study in the desensitization of our culture, it is a testament to Scripture’s teaching regarding sin’s power to blind people. Though each and every one of these women knows abortion is wrong, they suppress the truth, choosing instead to glory in shame. According to Romans 1, “though they know God’s decree that those who practice such things
deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who
practice them.”


Broadsheet: Tweeting your abortion

Is the Twitter “#ihadanabortion” trend effective empowerment or needless provocation? November 9 at 9:22am



Family Policy Network Republicans attracted more homosexual votes last Tuesday than ever before. Could it be because of many Republicans’ efforts to campaign on economic issues while remaining silent on social issues like homosexual “marriage?”

PostPartisan – GOP: Gay Old Party? More gays voted Republican than in 2008

November 8 at 3:19pm

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Afa Michigan You mean “stealth candidates”? Here’s one openly homosexual Republican state House canidate in Michigan who didn’t fly in under the radar:

November 9 at 2:27am

Family Policy Network Virginia Delegate seeks end to HPV vaccine requirement: 7:00 AM Nov 5th


Byron seeks end to HPV vaccine requirement

Del. Kathy Byron wants to end Virginia’s requirement that sixth graders receive a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. November 8 at 10:11am

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Family Policy Network The effects are still being felt after Iowa’s voters this week fired three rogue judges who forced homosexual “marriage” on the state in 2009. Now a recent article details the efforts around the country that are inspired by voters’ actions in Iowa.

News from The Associated Press

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Emboldened by the success of a ballot initiative to oust Iowa judges who supported gay marriage, conservative activists are looking for new ways to use the power of the vote to strike back against the courts. November 6 at 3:40pm

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Family Policy Network Iowans push for marriage amendment. Read FPN’s policy paper on strong vs. weak marriage amendments here:


State Marriage Amendments

Since that time, pro-family lawmakers and citizens have amended most state constitutions in order to preserve the centuries-old definition of marriage between one man and one woman. Some of those states adopted amendments that define the term “marriage” AND ban counterfeits like civil unions and dom

November 5 at 4:35pm

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Family Policy Network Calls for an Iowa marriage amendment are growing louder after Tuesday’s election wherein three Iowa Supreme Court justices were thrown out for forcing homosexual marriage on that state. Pro-family activists are pushing state lawmakers to offer an amendment to the state’s constitution that would define marriage solely as between a man and a woman.


Judges’ removal boosts gay marriage foes – | News, Sports, Jobs, Community info…

DES MOINES — Emboldened by the removal of three Iowa Supreme Court justices, gay marriage foes said they plan to press Republicans who took over the…

November 5 at 3:21pm

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Family Policy Network Perhaps the most overlooked result of the 2010 election was the dismissal of three Iowa Supreme Court justices who forced homosexual “marriage” on that state in 2009. It sends a message to the courts in other states that judges have no right to make laws. November 3 at 3:15pm

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Family Policy Network Pro-life personhood amendment fails in Colorado: #personhood #tcot #abortion #prolife

Pro-Life Measure Voted Down in Colo.

Colorado voters on Tuesday rejected what was said to be the nation’s only pro-life amendment. Personhood Amendment 62, which would have given human rights to the unborn, was defeated by a nearly 3-to-1 margin. November 3 at 2:03pm