Best and Worst Advertisers Lists Released

The Parents Television Council has released its annual list of “Top Ten Best and Worst Advertisers” based on how they spend their ad dollars. According to the PTC, the “best” companies include those that “primarily sponsored shows with family-friendly themes,” while the “worst” companies on the list are those that most often sponsored programs “with harsh language, violence and sexual content.”

Based on this system, the PTC’s “Top Ten Best Advertisers” include 1) Ford; 2) Proctor and Gamble; 3) General Mills; 4) Nissan; 5) Wal-Mart; 6) Clorox; 7) CVS; 8) Chili’s; 9) Wendy’s; 10) S.C. Johnson and Coca Cola.

The PTC’s “Worst” advertiser list includes: 1) Yum; 2) Toyota; 3) Metro PCS; 4) Sprint; 5) Red Bull; 6) Target; 7) McDonalds; 8) Hardees; 9) PepsiCo; and 10) Apple.