U.S. Senator Lied to Conservatives, Voted for ‘Hate Crimes’ Legislation

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For Immediate Release: June 23, 2004

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Hate Crimes vote breaks promise NOT to support ‘gay rights’ legislation

A Virginia-based pro-family organization is launching a major offensive against U.S. Senator George Allen (R-VA) this week for voting to add “sexual orientation” to the Federal Hate Crimes Act on June 15th. Allen, while campaigning for the U.S. Senate in 2000, pledged his opposition to pro-homosexual legislation with conservative Christians. Just halfway into his first term in office, Allen is breaking his promise.

Since joining the Senate in 2001, George Allen has frustrated conservative constituents by becoming more and more supportive of pro-homosexual causes, even recently lending his name and signature to pro-homosexual lobbying efforts among the legislators in the Virginia state capitol. Last week’s Hate Crimes vote in Washington is the latest in a string of actions by Allen that seems to solidify his status as one of the GOP’s most pro-homosexual legislators.

Joe Glover, President of the Family Policy Network (FPN), claims Allen is breaking a commitment he made to pro-family voters, having promised NOT to elevate sexual orientation to civil rights status.

Glover said, “As a candidate, George Allen made it perfectly clear that adding ‘sexual orientation’ to the list of federal hate crimes would elevate homosexuality to civil rights status.” He added, “He promised not to support any such legislation once he was elected. It’s obvious now that he can’t be trusted to keep his word, much less to defend our values.”

Announcing the beginning of what Glover called “long-term efforts” by FPN to educate pro-family Virginians and Americans of Allen’s betrayal, Glover said, “We counted on George Allen’s promise to defend our values in Washington. Now he can count on us to expose him as a conservative fraud.”

Nearly simultaneous to casting a vote to add ‘sexual orientation’ to the Hate Crimes Act, George Allen announced his support for the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA). Glover criticized the timing of Allen’s support for FMA by charging the Senator with manipulation, saying, “If George Allen has his way, murdering grandma for the money in her purse will be less of a crime than harming someone who commits same-sex sodomy. Should we believe he’s courageous simply because he’s supporting marriage between women and men? Our expectations shouldn’t have to be so low.”


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