Popular ‘Conservative’ Columnist to Speak at Pro-homosexual Convention

Ann Coulter will soon be headlining a gathering of homosexuals organized by GOProud, a homosexual organization that touts itself as politically conservative.

The group’s leader, Jimmy LaSalvia, remarked on Coulter’s support of homosexuals: “I think that by virtue of her doing this event it speaks to what she thinks about gay people.”

Indeed it does.

According to NBC New York, LaSalvia stated, “We wanted to have a fun party, and we couldn’t think of anyone more fun than Ann.” He also added, “It’s not a policy event.”

The story also said LaSalvia asked Coulter to speak because she’s “hilarious and provocative.”



Ann Coulter To Speak at Gay Convention in NYC
NBC New York

Queen liberal-bashing Ann Coulter will be headlining “Homocon 2010″ in New York City this fall — the first annual convention of gay conservatives.

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