FPN Status Updates in July 2010

Family Policy Network Proposed House bill would ban federal abortion funding:

July 30 at 11:45am via HootSuite


Family Policy Network After homosexual activists threatened boycotts over Target’s political contribution to a GOP candidate, Target’s CEO was quick to distance the company from Biblical values, saying, “Let me be very clear, Target’s support for the GLBT community is unwavering, and inclusiveness remains a core value of our company.” Think about that next time you go shopping, Christian…



Target’s Contribution a Bullseye for Gay Boycott

Target and Best Buy are both being criticized by loyal customers and gay rights activists for contributed campaign money to MN Forward, a group that is supporting Tom Emmer for the Minnesota gubernatorial race this November. Emmer is a staunch opposer of gay marriage. July 29 at 11:59am via HootSuite ·


Family Policy Network A federal court has set an ominous precedent with a ruling that upholds the decision of a public university to expel a student over her belief that homosexuality is a sin.



Court Upholds Expulsion of Counseling Student Who Opposes Homosexuality

July 28 at 2:19pm via HootSuite ·

Larry Super This is a prime example of Good bing called evil and evil being called Good,hhmm,I think I remember that we were warned about that,oh about 2000 years ago. People wake up! July 29 at 3:50am


Family Policy Network Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has bypassed the state legislature to enact his own twisted idea on social policy. Nixon, probably aware the legislature would never agree to expand homosexual rights, has quietly issued an executive order that expands non-discrimination policy to protect “sexual orientation.”



Missouri governor sets new discrimination policy –

JEFFERSON CITY | Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has used an executive order to expand the state’s nondiscrimination policy. July 27 at 1:50pm via HootSuite ·


Family Policy Network It’s like liberals intended to fund abortions through the back door all along…



House liberals slam abortion limits in high-risk pools

A group of 21 liberal House Democrats on Friday warned the Obama administration that new limits on abortion coverage in high-risk pools will put vulnerable women in jeopardy of losing needed care.

July 24 at 2:01pm via HootSuite ·


Family Policy Network The ACLU is suing the state of Montana to allow domestic partnerships for homosexual “couples.” They just might win. It’s a perfect example of why some marriage amendments protect only the word “marriage,” but not the actual institution. Montana’s marriage amendment, passed in 2004, merely states that “Only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state.”

Though it may have been well-intentioned, Montana’s amendment does nothing to protect the benefits and privileges of marriage that are approximated by domestic partnerships or civil unions. Some state marriage amendments are very strong in guarding against any union that seeks to give the benefits of marriage, but many more states have weak amendments like Montana. In states where amendments only address the word “marriage”, rogue
courts and legislatures can circumvent those weak amendments by simply
“creating” another so-called union that has the same rights and benefits
as one-man, one-woman marriage. That may be what’s about to happen in Montana…

Read FPN’s policy paper on state marriage amendments here:

State Marriage Amendments

State marriage amendment proposals vary greatly across the country. This policy paper explains FPN’s positions on the various forms of these amendments and explains why the differences between them are so significant.

July 23 at 3:21pm ·


Family Policy Network Abortions for soldiers at US military bases? A new Christian Science Monitor editorial details the battle over an amendment to the 2011 National Defense Authorization Act that will provide taxpayer dollars to fund abortions on military bases.

The author somehow sympathizes with the amendment, calling it “well-intentioned.” Furthermore, his main reason for opposing the amendment is because it would allow women to get abortions away from their family members, who “would better serve as unbiased supporters of such an important decision.”

No. The amendment is NOT well-intentioned, and is an effort on the part of radical pro-aborts to extend America’s massacre into the taxpayer-funded realm. Doing so would only increase the possibility that taxpayers will fund other types of abortions later down the road.



Abortions for soldiers at US military bases? –

The so-called Burris amendment would allow pregnant servicewomen to get abortions at US military facilities. A US Army soldier says this move, while well-intentioned, would end up hurting women.

July 22 at 1:54pm ·

Bill Padgett Ugh July 22 at 5:47pm ·


Family Policy Network Homosexuality isn’t the harmless lifestyle our culture would have you believe it to be. Over the years, studies have shown it to be dangerous physically, emotionally, and psychologically. And now, a new study will strike at the heart of the pro-gay rhetoric that wants to convince you that homosexual “couples” are the same as heterosexual ones. The study shows that almost half of homosexual “couples” are in “open” relationships, meaning the media’s monogamous portrayals of homosexual “couples” is inaccurate. Read the study here:

Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality

Hoff, C. C., Beougher, S. C., Chakravarty, D., Darbes, L. A., & Neilands, T. (in press). Relationship characteristics and motivations behind agreements among gay male couples: Differences by agreement type and couple serostatus. AIDS Care. July 21 at 1:02 pm ·

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Jim Loucks While open relationships as a group are unhealthy, non-heteronormative open relationships are far more susceptible to health hazards. I also find it odd that some in a group set rules and conditions for when it’s okay to cheat, further opening that ever growing rift of health hazards. July 21 at 4:18pm

Earlene Rutledge Kinlaw only GOD’s will for us! July 22 at 4:00pm ·


Family Policy Network Apparently, legislative losses are only legitimate when pro-family advocates lose. After a gay marriage bill failed in NJ’s Senate, homosexuals will keep pushing for homosexual marriage: Pro, Anti gay marriage rallies today in Trenton

More than six months after the state Senate rejected a bill to legalize gay marriage in New Jersey, Trenton is once again set for a showdown over the hot-button social issue. July 20 at 1:34pm via HootSuite ·


Family Policy Network Herein lies the problem with most of these so called “conservative” groups: They are dangerously aligned with the man-centered ideology of libertarianism. In their single-minded focus on giving individuals total freedom, they set themselves against Scripture passages like Romans 13, in which Paul ascribes to governments the duty to promote righteousness and restrict evil.

Their concern for “states’ rights” may sound good in a soundbyte, but it is illogical from a policy standpoint. There has to be a federal standard for marriage. If not, varying state laws on homosexual adoption, homosexual custody rights, and tax benefits will always eventually clash in the courts.

Tea party groups choose to stand mute on same-sex marriage ruling

While many conservative organizations immediately decried a federal judge’s decision last week to invalidate the federal ban on recognizing gay marriages, tea party groups have been conspicuously silent on the issue.

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John Gress What America needs is a revival and a return to a Christ centered culture. That’s the only ‘silver bullet’ that will kill the beast – the prince of the air who now reigns in the heart’s of the vast majority. July 17 at 2:12pm ·

Roger Schweikert Following the logic of Judge Tauro and AG Coakley’s ruling and agruments, Massachueans should no be allowed to move out of state, because to do so would violate the tenth amendment right of every other state. July 17 at 10:16pm

Afa Michigan

No question where the Tea Party movement at the grassroots stands on marriage. I’ve spoken to half a dozen meetings or rallies, and I always identify myself as a co-author of Michigan’s Marriage Protection Amendment…one of my biggest applause lines.

To address the issue in the context of the Tea Party movement’s broadest priority (increased govt. spending and taxes), I quote the Wall Street Journal column by a Harvard professor who cited the Canadian government’s calculation that legalization of so-called homosexual “marriage” will “cost Canadian taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars” just to extend ONE govt. benefit — retroactive Social Security survivor benefits to the new class of beneficiaries (homosexual “spouses”) created as a result.

Homosexual activists claim that in the U.S., there are over 1,000 benefits provided by the federal government to married couples, which means that the price tag to American taxpayers of creating new categories of government beneficiaries by changing the legal definition of marriage would have LOTS of zeros.

Legalization of so-called homosexual “marriage” thus leads to increased government spending, which increases pressure to raise taxes. Result: bigger government, anathema to the Tea Party grassroots.

See Wall Street Journal, “For Better or Worse,” by Professor Mary Ann Glendon:,,SB107767097367738444-search,00.html?collection=autowire%2F30day&vql_string=%27Mary+Ann+Glendon%27%3Cin%3E%28article-body%29

Gary Glenn, President

July 17 at 11:22pm


Family Policy Network A recent media report fretted over the fate of sea turtles who may be killed by the effects of the oil spill in the Gulf. Here’s the irony: the sea turtles at issue are still in their eggs; they’re UNBORN.

That’s right. Our culture’s priorities are so perverted, so backward, so vicious that we ascribe more worth to sea turtle eggs than the 3,500 unborn children that are murdered each and every day! Shame on our decadence! In a civilized society, the strong are held responsible by God to help the weak and the government is ordained by God to protect human life, especially human life that cannot protect itself. If any civilization does not respect the obligation to protect innocent life, it doesn’t qualify as “civilized.”

Where are your priorities, Christian?

Sea Turtle Egg Evacuations Begin Along Oiled Gulf

PORT ST. JOE, Fla. — Biologist Lorna Patrick dug gingerly into the beach Friday, gently brushing away sand to reveal dozens of leathery, golfball-sized loggerhead sea turtle eggs. Patrick, of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, carefully plucked the eggs from the foot-deep hole and placed them one-… July 16 at 11:20am ·

Kari Smith Carlile unreal July 16 at 2:46pm ·

Roger Schweikert Good question, FPN. One place I’d start is passing a state personhood amendment in 2011.

July 17 at 10:09pm · 1 person


Family Policy Network According to The Atlantic, most advances for homosexual rights have occurred in courtrooms presided over by Republican-appointed judges. This is why Christians should never put their trust in ANY political party.

How the GOP is Saving Gay Marriage – Politics – The Atlantic

Last week, a U.S. District Court judge in Boston struck down a significant portion of the Defense…

July 15 at 2:25pm ·

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Mark Frechette The Constituion Party puts God first. The 1st sentence of their Preamble: “The Constitution Party gratefully acknowledges the blessing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as Creator, Preserver and Ruler of the Universe and of these United States.”

July 15 at 7:51pm

Nate Boyer As a(admittedly very low level) Republican party official, this makes me ill! God grant that some of us in this party leave a legacy we would dare acknowledge to our children!

July 15 at 10:04pm

Roger Schweikert Impeachment is not used enough. Federal judges should not serve lifetime appointments but after some time on the bench should have to be reelected to it.

July 17 at 10:26pm ·


Family Policy Network OUTRAGE: The Obama adminstration will fund the murder of unborn children through the recently passed health care bill, even after issuing an executive order promising funds would not go to pay for abortion.

Boehner: Obama Order Funds Abortions in Pennsylvania

Boehner: Obama Order Funds Abortions in Penn. July 14 at 4:33pm ·

Bill Stanek Obama, like his last few Democrat predecessors, is swift and dedicated in his efforts to ensure the death of more unborn children. July 14 at 10:41pm

Roger Schweikert It is still a job “above his paygrade.” July 17 at 10:27pm


Family Policy Network The Obama administration’s Office of National AIDS Policy recently published a strategy report detailing plans to reduce HIV incidence (part of which includes taxpayer-funded condom distribution). The report admits that no progress on AIDS can be made in America without “better addressing” the problem among homosexuals. HIV/AIDS has long been predominantly a homosexual problem, and now our government wants to spend your tax dollars to allay the results of homosexuality without addressing the root cause: sin.

Statistics included among the findings:
-Homosexual and bisexual men of all races are the only group in the United States where the estimated number of new HIV infections is rising annually.
-Homosexuals are 44 to 86 times more likely to become infected with HIV than other men, and 40 to 77 times more likely to become infected than women.
-Approximately one-half of the 1.1 million persons living with HIV in the United States are homosexual and bisexual men, and they account for the majority (53 percent) of new HIV infections each year.

National HIV/AIDS Strategy July 13 at 12:22pm ·

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Jim LoucksThe CDC (Center for Disease Control) has some additional statistics here:

I don’t think we should encourage such destructive behavior. Encouraging someone or a group to engage in such unhealthy behavior is senseless… I don’t know what motivates the enablers… For if you really cared for someone or a group you wouldn’t encourage their destructive behavior. At least that’s how I see it.

July 13 at 6:24pm · 1 person ·


Family Policy Network A recently-published study links abortion and breast cancer, fueling the long-held belief among pro-lifers that abortion does far more than kill the child. According to the findings, which were published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, abortion can triple a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer.

Cited in the findings is the statistic that breast cancer incidence has increased by 80 percent in Britain over the past forty years, which is about how long abortion has been legal in Britain.

Abortion ‘could triple risk of breast cancer’
| Mail Online

An abortion can triple a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer in later life, researchers have found.

July 12 at 2:45pm ·

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Catherine Crabill Enormously important information which, as usualy, is being completely ignored by the media. To supress this information is NOT SUPPORTIVE OF SO-CALLED “Women’s Rights”. July 12 at 2:54pm


Family Policy Network The homosexual jackboots have kicked down the first obstacle to
nationwide gay marriage. The Defense of Marriage Act was declared
unconstitutional this week.

The activist judge who declared DOMA as unconstitutional equated the law
with the unjust interracial marriage prohibitions of the 20th century. But don’t let anyone tell you laws against homosexual “marriage” are as
unfair as laws against interracial marriage. There’s a HUGE difference! Homosexuality is a chosen behavior. Race is
an inborn characteristic. Don’t equate skin color with sin’s squalor.



Judge declares US gay marriage ban is unconstitutional – Local News Updates – MetroDesk – The Boston

A federal district court judge in Boston today struck down the 1996 federal law that defines marriage as a union exclusively between a man and a woman. July 10 at 1:27pm ·


Family Policy Network Hope you saved room after breakfast! NBC will be force-feeding you homosexuality in the mornings. The Today Show has caved to homosexual activists and will now allow homosexual couples to win a wedding to be broadcast on air.

NBC to change Today wedding contest after protests
| Reuters

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – NBC has agreed to change the rules of a Today show wedding contest after receiving complaints from gay activists slamming the annual event as discriminatory. The morning

July 9 at 11:47am ·

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Robert Garber Want to wager which couple wins!!!!!!!!! It would be discrimination for the traditional couple to win and therefore a lawsuit would follow! July 12 at 12:48pm


Family Policy Network Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle vetoes the homosexual “civil unions” bill, saying it is essentially “marriage by another name.”

Read FPN’s policy paper on state marriage amendments:



Lingle vetoes civil-unions bill – Hawaii News –

POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Jul 07, 2010 July 8 at 12:55pm ·


Family Policy Network Angry that the new health care bill may force you to fund surgical abortions? Well, your tax dollars may end up funding chemical abortions, too! According to NPR, many feminists and pro-aborts are pushing for “contraception” to be funded by new health care plans in the wake of the recent health care overhaul.

Pro-aborts would like you to think otherwise, but “contraception” is a misnomer when dealing with methods such as the Pill or the Morning After Pill. They may prevent conception, but they are also designed to prevent IMPLANTATION of the newly formed human into the uterus. Since these methods can extinguish tiny lives, they are more accurately described as chemical abortifacients.

Read FPN’s policy paper on the abortifacient Morning After Pill here:



Health Law May Boost Contraceptive Prescriptions : NPR

Women’s health advocates say birth control prescriptions should be included in the free preventive care new health plans must offer. July 7 at 9:36am ·

Kurt Rebel Feigel This might be enough to push people to stop paying taxes. I know it is enough for our family. July 7 at 10:25am


Family Policy Network Here is the future of the abortion debate: Pro-aborts, under the crushing weight of modern science, will be forced to admit that the developing unborn embryo is indeed human life.

However, this won’t stop them from advocating murder of these tiny humans. Rather, they will “reframe” the debate in utilitarian terms. In other words, as this feminist writer proposes after admitting that life begins at conception, killing unborn children is a “lesser evil” than impeding a woman’s “right” to “control her fertility.”

Yes, Abortion is Killing

Antonia Senior, “Yes, Abortion is Killing. But It’s the Lesser Evil,” The Times {London], Wednesday, June 30, 2010. (requires registration) where she argues that life does begin at conception but suppressing women’s rights (to abort) is the greater evil. July 6 at 3:40pm ·

Bonnie Betts Amazes me why women who claim to be strong women and/or feminists, also claim they can’t be strong women as mothers. One of our basic abilities and I feel strengths is our ability to be mothers. It no longer ties us down to bear children. I never knew how much strength and endurance I had until I became a Mother. I call these women cowards. Either own up to motherhood is part of being a woman and a strong woman – or own up to being weak. And never do these women own up to the fact that they ALWAYS had control over their own fertility – they can say No! July 6 at 4:15pm · 4 people ·


Family Policy Network The White House gives money for pregnant women and calls it “common ground” on abortion. Guess what, Mr. President: There is NO “common ground” on abortion.

There’s no middle way. Abortion is either murder or it is not. If it is murder, it must be wholly stopped. If it is not murder, why seek common ground? Make a choice, Mr. President: choose life! A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.



White House ties new pregnancy assistance fund to ‘common ground’ abortion plan

The Health and Human Services Department announced Friday that it is making $25 million available to states to support pregnant women and teen parents, in an initiative that the White House is framing as a way to find common ground on abortion. July 3 at 11:13am ·

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Bonnie Betts Putting more people dependent on Big Gov. Focus on pregnant teens living on the dole rather than preventing single parenthood? What about funding initiatives to encourage responsible fathers? Until fathers are made to be responsible, you could give everything away free, but we will have more broken families and more institutionalize kids as they are raised in daycares while Momma works her job by day and tries to collect child support and dole money by night.

July 3 at 11:30am

Dallas Peschken Well said, indeed!! July 3 at 7:13pm


Family Policy Network Wis. & Hawaii latest marriage battlegrounds: Read FPN’s policy paper on state marriage amendments: July 2 at 2:18pm via HootSuite


Family Policy Network Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds state’s marriage amendment 7-0:

The Associated Press: Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds gay marriage ban

MADISON, Wis. — The Wisconsin Supreme Court has upheld the state’s constitutional ban on homosexual marriage and civil unions. July 1 at 12:52pm via HootSuite

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