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(– 8/26/11) –One California region is being criticized for showing bigotry toward the homosexual community by removing rainbow flags, and one conservative activist isn’t surprised.

Organizers of the Antelope Valley Fair removed dozens of rainbow flags after receiving an anonymous complaint about the message of approval for alternate lifestyles they conveyed. The city reportedly did not know that rainbow flags are associated with the lesbian, “gay,” bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community, and it assures that it does not want to send a political message.

“It’s sad that we live in a point in time where the rainbow has been basically hijacked by homosexual activists and that you can’t go anywhere without being bombarded with the pro-homosexual double meaning of the rainbow,” laments Alex Mason, policy analyst for the Family Policy Network.

After the flags were removed, Lancaster’s Outreach Center criticized fair organizers for showing intolerance toward the LGBT community.

“Well, that’s not surprising,” Mason admits. “Anything that is remotely used by homosexual activists as in opposition to their lifestyle and to the approval of their lifestyle is going to be immediately decried as bigotry.”

The fair’s general manager told NBC LA that the flags were an “honest mistake,” and that organizers did not know the flags endorsed “gay pride.”