CA Christians Called to Oppose Ballot Measure that Would Decriminalize Prostitution

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“Legalized prostitution not the ‘help’ sex workers need” – September 11, 2008

Opposition is growing to a proposal on San Francisco’s November ballot that would, in effect, decriminalize prostitution. The proposal, Proposition K, would halt use of funds to enforce laws against prostitution, including the state ban.

Tony Nassif of Cedars Cultural and Educational Foundation understands how the issue ended up on the ballot. “We have a sexualization of society where standards of right and wrong are disintegrating, and moral paradigms are disintegrating as well,” Nassif contends.

According to Nassif, it is going to take a large number of Bible-believing Christians to reject the measure at the polls. “In God’s eyes, every Christian is voting in this election,” he adds. “We will vote by our ballot or by our silence; and if we vote by silence, we endorse the worst of the alternatives, for we’ve withheld our moral values.”

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