Governments Should Reward Biblical Marriage

Among Christians in America there is great interest in the subject of marriage. This interest has been greatly increased because of the cultural battle to legitimize so-called “gay marriage.” As a result, many Christians can easily describe what a marriage is not (e.g., homosexual unions, polygamist unions, etc.), but can they describe what marriage is from a Biblical perspective? The unbiblical idea pushed by homosexual activists that a family consists merely of two people who “love” each other could be the tool that God is using to guide His church into a cogent and clear position on what marriage actually should be.

Earthly marriage is, in one great sense, about neither the bride nor the groom. The purpose of marriage, when placed in the context of God’s redemptive plan, is more about making us holy than making us “happy.” It is a way in which God reveals Himself to us.

Marriage was created and defined by God from the beginning (Genesis 2:18-24). While it is a creation ordinance open to all humankind, it is nonetheless described in Scripture as a covenant commitment between one man, one woman, and God (Malachi 2:14). Even when the man and woman have no interest in God, He is no less a part of their marriage covenant. This is because every single human marriage reflects on the relationship between Christ and His Church, either for good or for evil.

The Apostle Paul, under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, told us that marriage between a man and woman is a beautiful metaphor for Christ’s relationship with His Church (Ephesians 5:22-33). The future heavenly marriage between Christ and the Church will not be about the Bride. All glory, honor and praise will be given to the Bridegroom for His selfless love in giving Himself up for Her in order to make Her holy and radiant, free of any blemish. If we grasp this truth, our concept of marriage becomes so much more beautiful and meaningful — it becomes a glorious pursuit of holiness in which we can learn to live out the very nature of Christ to our spouse. Through it, we learn how love as Christ loved us, even while we did not love Him.

In terms of the culture, Christians are called to stand firm on the truth of the Bible on this issue, but they are not given the same responsibilities God has given human governments. Christians can and should make robust and effective efforts to evangelize homosexuals with the life-changing Gospel of Christ, but God requires governments to simply restrict evil (Romans 13:4). Marriage impostors like homosexual “marriage” must be forbidden in society because they are evil.

But governments are also charged in Romans 13 with rewarding good, and marriage is most definitely good. Governments should reward a man and a woman who decide to covenant together for life. In doing so, governments carry out the will of God in society.

Hebrews 13:4

Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge.(NKJV)