Target Chooses Neutrality on Homosexual “Marriage,” But Don’t Get Excited

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Target Corp. said it is remaining “neutral” on Minnesota’s controversial marriage amendment, despite the company’s long history of policies friendly to gays and lesbians.

At its annual meeting today, Target chairman and CEO Gregg Steinhafel was asked about the company’s stance on the amendment, which would put a ban on same-sex marriage into the Minnesota constitution.

“Our position at this particular time is that we are going to be neutral on that particular issue, as we would be on other social issues that have polarizing points of view,” Steinhafel said.

Here’s some context:
Last year, Target gave $150,000 to MN Forward, a pro-business interest group supporting a Republican running for governor. When reports surfaced that the candidate was also a supporter of a Minnesota marriage amendment, homosexual activists unleashed their fury, starting petitions and public protests against Target.

Target eventually caved to their demands by apologizing to homosexuals for the donation. But when Target declined to make a $150,000 donation to a homosexual activist group as penance for their “wrong,” homosexual activists ramped up their game, initiating a nationwide boycott of the company, which is still in effect.

Now news reports show Target intends to remain “neutral” on the marriage amendment. But pro-family shoppers shouldn’t flock to Target just yet. Target has long been pro-homosexual with their company donations, workplace policies, and public statements. Just because they’re skittish about taking a position on the state’s marriage amendment (which is dangerously weak, anyway) doesn’t mean they’ve had a change of heart about the sinfulness of homosexuality. Their continued support of various pro-homosexual policies suggests otherwise.

According to a homosexual activist group that monitors company policies on so-called “LGBT rights,” Target’s workplace policies and benefits include:

  • A non-discrimination policy that includes so-called “sexual orientation”
  • Offers for sexual orientation “diversity training”
  • A non-discrimination policy that includes so-called “gender identity” and/or expression
  • Offers for “gender identity” diversity training
  • Supportive “gender transition” guidelines in place
  • So-called transgender “wellness” benefits
  • Company-provided homosexual “domestic partner” health insurance
  • So-called “appropriate and respectful” pro-homosexual advertising and marketing
  • Sponsorship of homosexual community events or organizations

These policies earned Target a score of 85 out of 100 for “gay-friendliness” from this homosexual advocacy group. The only reason Target didn’t get a perfect score was because they lost 15 points for their donation to MN Forward, for which they have since apologized profusely.

Target wants you to think they’re staying neutral on a state marriage amendment. But on the issue of homosexuality itself, they are anything but neutral.

Hebrews 13:4

Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge. (NKJV)