Calif. Court: Christian Doctors May Not Refuse to Artificially Inseminate Homosexuals

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“Calif. court: Homosexual rights trump religious freedom” – August 19, 2008

The same California Supreme Court that created a “right” to homosexual “marriage” earlier this year has now ruled that the state may force healthcare professionals to provide services that support an immoral and physically dangerous lifestyle.

California’s highest court was unanimous in its decision on Monday that Christian doctors may not refuse to perform artificial insemination for homosexual patients.

In the case in question, the Christian doctors refused to perform artificial insemination on a lesbian patient, but did refer her to another doctor who would perform the elective treatment.

“This is not about denying people services,” attorney Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute, argues. “This is, instead, about the ‘thought police’ attempting to censor Christian beliefs and Christian perspectives that don’t agree with homosexuality. We’re talking…about individuals being able to force doctors or other professionals to violate their faith in order to keep their job.” And that, he adds, is a clear violation of the rights of individuals to be able to practice their expertise and, at the same time, not to have to deny their faith.

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