Christian Colleges Should Offer Healing to Students Desiring Repentance from Sin

Lately, several news stories have detailed efforts by homosexual students to hijack their school’s moral stance on homosexuality at Christian colleges across the nation. Not all Christian schools are rolling over to their demands, however.

Oral Roberts University has recently released what it calls an “Amnesty and Restoration Policy,” which affirms the school’s Biblical stance on the immorality of homosexuality while simultaneously offering Biblical counsel to students who struggle with unwanted homosexual feelings.

The new policy does not exempt from penalties any student who is caught in violation of the code of conduct. However, students who are dealing with this issue may preemptively seek out counsel from the school in order to begin a Gospel-centered healing and restoration process.

ORU’s policy is exactly what it should be at a Christian university. There will always be students at Christian colleges who struggle with sexually immoral desires; the Bible makes clear that all people are sinful. But in Galatians 6:1, the Bible tells Christians that if someone is caught in a sin, those who are spiritual should restore them gently. Therefore, ORU’s policy embodies the grace-saturated model set out by Scripture for the restoration of Christians who struggle with sin.

However, where there is potential for error is in the application of ORU’s new policy. The school should offer grace and healing to students who want it, but they must enforce the honor code and its penalties with students who have no desire for repentance. Thankfully, the new policy seems to indicate they will do so.

If a student is caught in sin and refuses to repent, ORU is bound by Scripture to expel such a student. In I Corinthians 5:11, Christians are commanded not to associate with anyone who claims to be a Christian but is sexually immoral. Christians are told to not even eat with such people.

This is because the Bible’s clear prohibition is against associating with those who claim the mantle of Christ yet live contrary to His calling. But for anyone desiring repentance and healing from their sin, Christians should take joy in offering them the grace of Jesus Christ.

It is refreshing to encounter a Christian school that strives to dispense grace and healing to broken and hurting students while remaining firmly committed to Biblical orthodoxy on the immorality of homosexuality. ORU should be commended for its new policy.


Oral Roberts University students struggling with alcohol, drugs, homosexuality and other violations of the school’s honor code can get help – and not the boot – under a policy approved Thursday by the school’s board of trustees.
The Amnesty and Restoration Policy, which takes effect immediately, represents a major shift in university policy.
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