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Female pro-abortion activists criticize pro-lifers of many things, but one of their favorite accusations is that of sexism. Nevermind that many pro-life activists are women, a fact that logically derails the sexism charge. In an age of political correctness, feminists know just how inflammatory and discrediting an accusation of sexism is, so they use it with gusto.

In a new blog post on The American Prospect website, author Jamelle Bouie decries the supposed sexism of pro-life activists. While admitting that rank-and-file pro-life voters may actually believe that the unborn child is human and deserving of protection, Bouie vehemently rails against pro-lifers who oppose both abortion and contraception.

These activists, she writes, “have dedicated the bulk of their efforts to restricting abortion and access to affordable contraception. The recent Planned Parenthood saga is an excellent example; federal funding to Planned Parenthood is spent on health and preventative services, including contraception. Anti-abortion activists shouldn’t have a problem with this; contraceptive sex is a highly reliable method of reducing unplanned pregnancies and as such, the incidence of abortion.”

Her statements show just how much she doesn’t understand the pro-life position. Many pro-lifers aren’t opposed to barrier methods of contraception, but all pro-lifers should be opposed to chemical birth control methods that interfere with the implantation of a newly-conceived human zygote. Since consistent pro-lifers reason that life begins at conception, they are in opposition not only to birth control methods that rip children from the womb (i.e., surgical abortion), but also to those methods that prevent newly-conceived children from ever getting there.

And that is what Ms. Bouie doesn’t understand. If she took time to understand the philosophical underpinnings of the pro-life position, she would realize why pro-lifers oppose their tax dollars being used to distribute “contraception” methods that can snuff out tiny lives.


Anti-abortion and anti-contraception views, however, are clear evidence of hostility to the sexual autonomy of women. When you’re opposed to the very tools of women’s liberation, it’s hard to read you as anything but a sexist.

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Exodus 20:13

“You shall not murder. (NKJV)