TX Pro-Life Groups Challenges Popular Breast Cancer Foundation for Planned Parenthood Link

The following are excerpts from an March 26, 2008 article appearing on

Life News

“Texas Pro-Life Group’s Abortion-Breast Cancer Billboard Draws Newspaper’s Ire” – March 26, 2008

A pro-life group in Texas is drawing attention to the Abortion Breast Cancer link and Planned Parenthood’s relationship with the Susan G. Komen Foundation with a new billboard that raises serious questions — and is drawing fire.

Pro-Life Waco has set up a billboard on the 1700 block of Franklin Avenue that poses suggestive questions: “What? An abortion increases my risk for breast cancer? Why does the Komen Race grant $45,000 to Waco’s Planned Parenthood abortion provider?”

The billboard is also visible from the offices of the Waco Tribune-Herald, which has voiced support of Planned Parenthoods policies and agenda in the past.

An editorial in the March 23, 2008 edition of the paper called the billboard’s claims “false” and “specious.”

But John Pisciotta, Co-Director of Pro-Life Waco, tells the Waco paper is off base.

“Another Tribune editorial on Monday the 24th of March urged Planned Parenthood style sex (promiscuity) education to counter the nation’s STD epidemic effecting a quarter of American teen girls and half of African-American teens,” he said. “The editorials reveal that the Trib editorial board is closely aligned with ‘Planned Promiscuity’ of Waco.”

“Let’s continue to challenge the unholy alliance between the Central Texas Race of the Cure and Waco’s Planned Parenthood abortion provider,” added Pisciotta. “Planned Parenthood extinguishes the lives of about 1,200 unborn babies in Waco every year.”

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