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( – 4/28/11) – Proponents of a California law that upholds traditional marriage contend that an openly homosexual judge’s relationship with his partner gives grounds to overturn his rejection of the law.

Lawyers for Proposition 8 say Judge Vaughn Walker’s ten-year relationship with his same-sex partner creates too similar of a situation to that of the homosexual couples who have filed suit against the law that bans same-sex “marriage.” Attorneys argue that Walker should have recused himself from the case because of his direct interest in the fate of Proposition 8 and his personal desire to marry his partner.

“The fact that he is a homosexual to begin with is going to cast an extreme amount of bias on the situation, especially for the result that ended up with Prop 8,” contends Alex Mason, policy analyst with the Family Policy Network (FPN).

Mason believes Walker did not recuse himself from the case because he was given a chance to advance homosexuality.

“The man has an extreme bias toward the pro-homosexual agenda, and there’s no way that when he was presented with an opportunity to totally change American jurisprudence in a way that would be felt for generations, there was no way that he was going to recuse himself from that opportunity,” the FPN policy analyst suggests.

But lawyers who favor Proposition 8 are asking the judge who took on the case when Walker retired in February to reject the former judge’s decision to overturn the law.