Another Poll Reveals Growing Support for So-called “Gay Marriage”

A new CNN poll reveals that a slim majority of Americans think homosexual “marriage” should be legalized.

The poll, which was conducted among less than 1000 Americans, found that 51% support the legalization of so-called “gay marriage,” while 47% still support Biblical marriage. Even though the majority is within the margin of error, it is another in a series of polls over the past year that have indicated American support for God’s definition of marriage is faltering.

As American culture adopts more and more of the homosexual agenda, striving to positively portray homosexual behavior in every cultural venue, more and more of these polls will be released. Most likely, the margin of support for God’s idea of marriage will decrease with each new poll.

Most Americans, including some American Christians, have mistakenly bought into our postmodern culture’s lie that no one has a right to judge anyone else for their personal, private behavior. Those who dare to speak God’s truth on sexual morality are ridiculed as “bigots.”

Such mischaracterizations won’t stop. Christians must be prepared to stand firmly on God’s unchanging Word, even though it brings shame and reproach from the unbelieving world. Faithfulness will bring persecution. Christ promised it (Matt 10:16-39; Luke 21:12-17).


Poll: Majority supports gay marriage

Survey released during House fight over federal funding to protect the Defense of Marriage Act.

Matthew 10:32

“Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven.