The Goal of Christian Activism is Not Moral Lives, But Gospel-Changed Lives

The purpose of Scripture is not to make people “better” or allow them to live “their best life now.” Likewise, the end goal of Christian opposition to homosexuality should not be to make people more “moral” or to stop homosexual “marriage.” The purpose of Scripture and the end goal of Christian opposition to sin is to bring people to Jesus Christ.

It is not enough when Christians use the Bible to convince others that homosexuality is deadly or unnatural. Christians must not shortchange the message of the Bible in order to convince people of the “rightness” of heterosexual behavior in marriage.

Christians MUST make the connection between each Scriptural passage condemning man’s sin and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on behalf of sinners. It is not Christian to only condemn sin. Opposition to sin is absolutely necessary, but the Gospel of Jesus Christ offers hope in the face of God’s wrath against sin.

Oppose sin. Fight sin. Hate sin.

But love those mired in it. Love them enough to call out their sin. Just as importantly, love them enough to offer the hope of Jesus Christ.

Anything less is not the Gospel.

Hope for Homosexuals

God’s love is not reserved for people who have always had everything “straight.” Instead, God desires to have a relationship with those who have gone astray. And while there is a great price to be paid for our sin; God has already paid it in full. Hope can be yours today if you will open your heart to Him.

Romans 3:23

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,(NKJV)