Ohio Court Rejects Legislator’s Attempts to Stop Marriage-like Benefits for Homosexual “Partners”

Excerpts from “Same-sex benefits challenge tossed”
By Dan Horn, The Cincinnati Enquirer – August 28, 2007

Miami University’s practice of offering benefits to [homosexual] “domestic partners” of its employees [was upheld in court] on Tuesday, August 28.

The Ohio 12th District Court of Appeals ruled that State Rep. Tom Brinkman Jr., a Cincinnati Republican, did not have legal standing to sue the university over its “benefits” policy.

Brinkman had argued the same-sex “partnership” policy violates an Ohio constitutional ban on civil unions that went into effect in 2004.

As a taxpayer and the parent of two Miami students, Brinkman said he had a legal right to sue.

The appeals court, however, upheld a lower court decision last year that dismissed Brinkman’s lawsuit.

Miami began offering benefits to homosexual “domestic partners” of employees in July 2004. School officials have said about 30 people have the benefits at a total cost of [about] $100,000.

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