Town May Impose Heavy Restrictions, Moratorium on Adult Business

Excerpts from “Mayor proposes adult business moratorium”
By Bill Kerbin, The Daily Times – June 27, 2007

SNOW HILL — Mayor Stephen Mathews is suggesting the town impose its own two-year moratorium on adult entertainment businesses within town limits.

Officials want to consider ways to control adult businesses, should proposals make their way to the small, rural destination.

Snow Hill follows the recently passed emergency bill by the Worcester County Commissioners, which imposed zoning restrictions on adult businesses and a moratorium on permits until Dec. 31.

The county’s new law restricts adult businesses to specific industrial districts, and the zoning regulations under the law require adult-oriented businesses be separated by at least 1,000 feet. The business also has to be separated from other zoning districts by at least 1,000 feet if the other district existed before the adult business opened.

Also the businesses have to be separated from schools, churches or temples, public libraries and public parks or recreation facilities by at least 2,000 feet if they were there before the adult business.

No merchandise, material or performances can be visible from the outside of the building and the interiors have to be arranged so that employees can observe all areas open to customers.

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