Abortion Harms Women, Too

A recent study performed in Denmark challenged the notion that women who undergo an abortion experience serious mental health problems later in life. Pro-abortion advocates have been making much of the story, since it seems to contradict numerous other studies showing a link between abortion and mental health issues. But one post-abortive woman is taking issue with the validity of the study.

Georgette Forney, a co-founder of Silent No More Awareness Campaign, thinks the study doesn’t adequately address the number of women who don’t seek mental health treatment after an abortion, even though they experience serious issues.

According to the article: “Forney said many women who are not hospitalized for mental health issues feel shame or guilt.” Silent No More allows many of these post-abortive women to share their stories at rallies. Women who testify during rallies commonly reported feeling deep sorrow, remorse and regret. Those feelings, Forney stated, often keep women from seeking professional help. “I think it is a kind of self-punishment,” she remarked.

“Forney said of her own abortion that she felt she had to deal with the pain and emotion on her own since she had been the one who chose the procedure.”


Woman Who Had Abortion Finds Fault with Positive Abortion Study
The Christian Post

“The president of a post-abortive group disagreed with a study from Denmark that asserts that abortion does not increase the risk of metal health problems in women.

Georgette Forney, a co-founder of Silent No More Awareness Campaign, criticized the study for not going deeper to find the true mental health issues that result for abortion. “They didn’t address the women who may be feeling depressed but don’t go into a hospital,” said Forney, also the president of Anglicans for Life.”

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