Calif. Assisted Suicide Bill Dies of Natural Causes

Excerpts from “Calif. Assisted Suicide Bill Dies of Natural Causes”
A news article in the 6/11/07 Christian Post by Doug Huntington

[Sacramento] – A bill that could have legalized assisted suicide in California had a silent death this past Thursday after the bill’s major supporter shelved it, realizing it would not have enough Democratic votes to pass out of the Assembly.

Several pro-life groups have been celebrating the halt to Assembly Bill 374 (A.B. 374), which would have allowed physicians to euthanize terminally ill patients with less than six months to live.

Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez (D-Los Angeles) had been pushing for A.B. 374, which had been modeled after Oregon’s current assisted suicide bill, for four months before the last-minute pull out. Oregon is currently the only state that allows the practice, which gives a legal dose of medication to patients who wish to go through the procedure.

After informal polling by the two co-authors of the bill, Lloyd Levine (D-Van Nuys) and Patty Berg (D-Eureka), evidence showed that the bill lacked 41 of the 48 Democratic votes. Most of the assemblymen felt uncomfortable supporting a bill that could cost them California votes in the future. The bill was shelved until 2008 to protect these representatives until it could gain more support.

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