FPN MODEL LEGISLATION: School Club Notification Bill

The following language is Family Policy Network’s model legislation to regulate school-based clubs (including so-called ‘gay-straight alliances’ and wiccan clubs) in order to create accountability and safeguard parents’ rights where some of the more controversial school-based clubs exist:

At the beginning of each school year, local school boards shall:

1. Notify the parents and guardians of

(i) the names of any and all available school clubs and organizations (abbreviations and acronyms must be explained);
(ii) the mission and objective(s) of each of the clubs and organizations;
(iii) a brief description of past (if any) and planned activities, including any activities not on school grounds;
(iv) the names of any and all faculty and other adult sponsors or facilitators of each of the clubs and organizations;
(v) the names of any and all local and/or national organizations with which each of the clubs and organizations are affiliated or associated;
(vi) a brief description of the source(s) of any pamphlets, books or any other related materials utilized;
(vii) any financial requirements, such as dues, for a student to join or participate in any way with each of the clubs and organizations;
(viii) the Internet address of any website or online forum which is used to either recruit new participants and/or to disseminate information related to each club and organization to students and/or the general public; and

2. Provide notice and an opportunity for a parent or legal guardian to opt his student out of participation in any school-sponsored club or organization.

3. If any non-academic clubs or organizations are formed or if any change is made in a club’s or organization’s reported details after annual notification is completed; an addendum shall be sent home to the parents of students who wish to participate in a newly formed or recently changed club or organization to notify parents of such changes to existing clubs and organizations and/or the existence of any and all new clubs and organizations, along with any other information required by this statute. In addition, the school board shall require written permission from a parent prior to the parent’s student’s participation in a newly formed or recently changed club or organization as defined in this subdivision.