Greatest Threat of Violence Against Homosexuals Comes from Other Homosexuals

[FPN] – The call to add the term “sexual orientation” to the list of “hate crime” categories was been heralded as a means of reducing violent crimes against people who engage in homosexuality. Ironically, data from homosexual activists actually indicate the greatest potential for violence against homosexuals comes from homosexuals themselves – – rather than coming from people who oppose their immoral behavior. The evidence comes from a liberal special interest group called the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP).

The NCAVP is a self-described pro-homosexual organization that gathers statistics on same-sex domestic abuse and “hate crimes” against homosexuals. According to data compiled from the NCAVP, during the 1999-2003 period homosexuals were 244% more likely to be the perpetrators of violence against other homosexuals than were heterosexuals. Here’s the proof:

Same-Sex Domestic Violence vs. “Hate Crimes” Against Homosexuals
Each year during the 5-year period between 1999 and 2003, the number of same-sex domestic violence crimes was estimated by the NCAVP:

1999 3,120
2000 4,048
2001 5,046
2002 5,718
2003 6,523
  • According to the NCAVP, there were a total of 24,455 homosexual-on-homosexual domestic violence incidents during the 1999-2003 period.

Each year during the 5-year period between 1999 and 2003, the number of “hate crimes” motivated by a ‘bias’ against “sexual orientation” was also estimated by the NCAVP:

1999 1,965
2000 2,151
2001 1,887
2002 1,968
2003 2,051
    • According to the NCAVP, there were a total of 10,022 “hate crimes” committed against homosexuals during the 1999-2003 period.

Comparing the data:

  • For the year 2003 alone, homosexuals were 318% more likely to be victims of violence initiated by homosexuals.
  • The difference in the number of crimes against homosexuals (hetero-initiated vs. homo-initiated) for the 1999-2003 period is 14,433 incidents.

Over the 1999-2003 period, homosexuals were 244% more likely to be a victim of a homosexual than a heterosexual.

These statistics are significant because they reveal that homosexual activists are more concerned about vilifying Biblical teachings against sexual immorality than they are about protecting people from acts of violence. In their efforts to silence opposition to their perverted lifestyle, they ignore the true threat to a homosexual’s safety: other homosexuals. To be consistent in their demands for harsher sentencing of those who commit crimes against “gays”, homosexual activists need to understand that the proposed “hate crimes” legislation should result in the prosecutions of more homosexuals than heterosexuals.

*2003 is the most recent year for which same-sex domestic violence data is available from NCAVP.

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Prepared by FPN Policy Analyst Alexander Mason.