Virginia Conservatives Can Place Local Calls to Richmond, Washington, D.C.

Family Policy Network of Virginia is making it easier for pro-family Virginians to lobby their state and federal elected officials in Richmond and Washington. Pro-family citizens in Charlottesville, Hampton, Lynchburg, Norfolk, Northern Virginia, Richmond, Roanoke and Virginia Beach can express their opinions to their elected members of the Virginia House of Delegates and Senate in Richmond; members of the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate in Washington D.C.; and even to the President in the White House with one local phone number in every major Virginia city.

(NOTE: You don’t even need to know the names of your representatives – – Just provide your address, and the operator will forward your opinion to the right office!)

The numbers are reserved for pro-life and pro-family citizens who wish to express their concerns to elected representatives. Simply call any of these local numbers, free of charge:

– 434-326-4413 (extension 5) in Charlottesville

– 434-846-0500 (extension 5) in Lynchburg

– 757-353-4006 (extension 5) in Norfolk

– 202-656-5084 (extension 5) in Northern VA (some parts)

– 804-419-4483 (extension 5) in Richmond

– 540-904-1063 (extension 5) in Roanoke

– 757-353-4006 (extension 5) in Virginia Beach

– 202-656-5084 (extension 5) in Washington, D.C.

An automated menu will give you the option of being transferred directly to the “comment line” of Governor Tim Kaine’s office, your state Senator or Delegate’s office, the office of your U.S. Congressman or Senator(s), or the White House.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to be “salt and light” in the days ahead.

Marnie Deaton
(804) 419-4483, ext. 2

PS: Feel free to tell your conservative Christian friends in these local areas about this important resource.