Homosexual Activist Threatens Life of Pro-Family Advocate

Threat Posted on Popular Homosexual Blog Website

By Jim Brown and Jeff Johnson – February 12, 2007

( – Police in Durham, North Carolina, are investigating a death threat against Illinois family advocate Peter LaBarbera that was posted on a popular homosexual website.

Pro-family activist Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth has been the target of a death threat posted on a popular homosexual website.

The origin of the threat comes from “Pam’s House Blend,” a site operated by lesbian activist and Duke University Press employee Pam Spaulding. Not long after LaBarbera’s address was posted on the site, someone identified as “Barry G. Wick” posted a comment that read: “It’s across from a park in an area with cul de sacs. I’d bet it’s a residence … and across from a park. Snipers take note.”

“Wick” went on to justify violence against people like LaBarbera as a way to serve the larger homosexual cause. LaBarbera says he’s not ignoring the threat, which he describes as “over the top.”

“We have to take [the threat] seriously because some of the fringe elements and the nastier homosexual activists are consumed with hatred, unfortunately,” LaBarbera shares. “They hate Christians because they hate God’s norm of sexuality. Our family is [taking it seriously], and we just hope by exposing this, maybe this kind of extremism will fade away.”

LaBarbera has contacted the FBI and Durham, North Carolina police, who are investigating whether the threat constitutes an Internet crime. The family advocate wonders what the authorities’ response would be if the scenario were reversed.

“Imagine if a top Christian leader posted a homosexual leader’s address and then joked about sniper attacks against this homosexual activist,” he says. “You can imagine that the police would probably be on top of that like a hate crime, and that the person would be ostracized in the pro-family movement.” He adds: “There appears to be a double-standard.”

LaBarbera is urging Christians to pray for Spaulding and “Wick.” Spaulding, he notes, has items on her blog comparing black pastors who oppose homosexuality to mass suicide cultist Jim Jones.

According to WorldNetDaily, Spaulding has since banned the author of the threat from her blog.

By Jim Brown and Jeff Johnson, – Copyright, 2007. All Rights Reserved.


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