Should New Jersey’s GOP Gov. Really be Considered Pro-Life?

By now you may have heard of NJ Gov. Christie’s veto that shut down a Planned Parenthood clinic in the state. At first glance, the news looks promising for Christie’s pro-life credentials.

However, further examination reveals that Gov. Christie’s actions are not as pro-life as some claim. First, the clinic being closed is not even one that performs abortions; it is a referral clinic. Second, Christie’s office has assured the media that the state will continue to fund abortion at the other clinics in the state.

Christie’s office has even made efforts to distance him from an ideological stance on abortion, citing purely financial reasons for the cutbacks. According to his press secretary, “From the beginning when we had to veto the $7.5 million funding restoration, it was purely on fiscal grounds. We just don’t have the money.”The staffer continued, “Women’s reproductive services, including abortions, will continue to be funded by a mix of state and federal funding.”

So much for a pro-life governor.



Read the news story here:

Chris Christie aborts Planned Parenthood, but state-funded abortion continues
Washington Examiner

Planned Parenthood is closing doors at its Cherry Hill center in Southern New Jersey as the result of Gov. Chris Christie’s line-item veto, which cut off $7.5 million in state taxpayer funding of the organization, according to However, the governor’s office has confirmed to The E…

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