“Gay-Straight Alliance” Adult Leader Resigns Amid Pornography Allegations

The following are excerpts from an October 23, 2007 article appearing in Family News in Focus.

“GSA network board member resigns amid pornography allegations”
By Steve Jordahl, Family News in Focus – October 26, 2007

Mike Ensley was 17 and living in the gay lifestyle when Robertson asked him to pose nude.

“He identified himself as a photographer and just introduced himself as a friend, basically, and told me what he did and expressed interest in taking photographs.”

When Ensley said he was underage, Robertson asked him to call when he turned 18. Ensley has come out of the gay lifestyle and now works for Exodus International. He was astonished to see Roberson’s name on the Board of GSA Network.

“They would really have to not research who he was not to know, because it was pretty widely known. It wasn’t like a secret part of his life. Everybody knew that he took those kinds of photographs.”

Researcher Warren Throckmorton contacted Robertson via e-mail for answers.

“I asked him if he had told GSA Network about his work in porn, or if they had asked and if they knew. And instead of answering the question, he simply resigned.”

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